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The Big Bang Theory Quotes From "The Friendship Contraction"

Has Sheldon gone too far this time?  Leonard has had enough and the friendship may be over.  Wolowtiz is also trying to pick out his astronaut nickname.

Sheldon: Pick a catastrope any catastrophe

Sheldon: Put on your hard hat and safety vest!

Leonard: I get to spend the next couple hours in front of our apartment dressed like one of the Village People.

Howard: This is going right in my synagogue's newsletter.

Raj: Mine would be Brown Dynamite.

Sheldon: I thought I got on a bus, but i got on a booze cruise to Mexico.

Leonard: I'm sick of the roommate agreement.

Sheldon: Clause 209 ceases our friendship.

Sheldon: You have not got a friend in me.

Bernadette: He's going to learn to poop in space.

Amy: I've got a lab full of alcoholic monkeys.

Sheldon: Titled, "You're Welcome Mankind"

Sheldon: Supercuts?

Sheldon: Who wants to spend the day with me at Ikea?

Sheldon: My penpal in Somalia was just kidnapped by pirates.

Sheldon: Get on the short list for the #8 friend slot.

Raj: How about Howard "Buzz" Wolowitz?

Raj: How about Howard 'Crash" Wolowitz?

Raj: How about Rocketman?

Leonard: They ended up calling me sock mouth.

Raj: They don't call me Brown Dynamite for nothing.

Raj: Sock Mouth has got him on the ropes.

Sheldon: I'm sure some fool in the Donner Party said the snow would stop anytime now.

Penny: I've got wine at my place and some bubble wrap we can pop.

Sheldon: I'm making smores.

Sheldon: I'm going to have a smore by myself, them some smore..... by myself.

Sheldon: Took my a gallon of urine to make that water.

Sheldon: We could call it Leonard's Day.

Raj: They don't make you a knight for writing "Wake Me Up before I Go Go"

Massimino: No problem Fruit Loops!

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