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Rick on Fox Sports Radio 910am in Phoenix Talking Father's Day Gifts

What a day! Back on with a pseudo Wireless Wednesday and the one and only Mitch Evans.

Talking Father's Day tech gifts on Fox Sports Radio 910am in Phoenix.

Have a listen:

We talked:

1.  Cobra Irons - Smart Golf Clubs

Golf club manufacturers are expecting a big year in 2018, and one company, Cobra Golf, introduced the first ’smart’ set of clubs – the KING F8 AND F8+ line up featuring Cobra Connect Powered by Arccos. This is golf club engineering with next-level performance tracking. Your Cobra Connect clubs come standard with an Arccos sensor embedded in the grip end. This allows users to automatically track and analyze their performance with each club and across all game aspects. This is Cobra quality with Arccos technology collecting and disbursing that data golfers need and want at

2. GoGolf GPS

You have the clubs, now it's time to get around the course with the help of an $89 device. I've tried a lot of these, but this works best.  The GoGolf GPS should be your new golf partner! It is unlike other range finders, as it audibly/verbally announces the distance to the center of the green and can even call out the distance of your last shot, at the touch of a button. This Bluetooth unit connects directly to the innovative GoGolf GPS app on your smartphone, so you never have to worry about taking out your phone while you're in the fairway or stuck in the rough. With access to all the information needed for more than 30,000 global golf courses, you will always know your distance to the pin. For just $89.95

3. Wallaroo Hat Company

Serious sun protection with Wallaroo hats as they go far and beyond fashion-forward style — they are all specially designed around sun protection, in an effort to help eliminate the health threats of solar UV exposure. Also, with a Wallaroo hat you’re guaranteed long lasting and innovative protection and a secure fit thanks to an interior strap.  Hats for men, women and they pack and fold easily for travel. Prices start around $30.
4. Tervis Beer Pong VR Mug

Tervis has announced their new Beer Mug and they announced they have an AR version to play Beer Pong! It’s really cool. Great gift for Dad, right?
Bring this limited edition AR Beer Pong Beer Mug to life and enjoy your favorite brew and play a game or two. It’s all possible with the TervisAR app.
    Made in America & Lifetime Guarantee
    This tumbler is BPA free
    Great for both hot & cold
    Microwave & dishwasher safe (top rack only)
    Reduces condensation
    Printed wrap-around design (sealed between walls of tumbler)
    Personalization not available
    Fits all 16 oz. lids (travel, straw and shaker top)
    Tervis AR app available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.
5. The Edge Desk
$399 at

We know that “sitting disease” leads to metabolic syndrome and diabetes. And we also know, based on numerous scientific research studies, that sitting disease leads to an increased risk of cancer. In fact, according to Mayo Clinic, you can extend your life expectancy by two years just by cutting out three hours of television viewing time per day.
Launched on Kickstarter, The Edge Desk is the first desk-chair and easel all in one. Forget hours of assembly and hundreds of parts to manage, The Edge comes fully assembled right out of the box. Set up takes less than a minute and the ergonomic design provides for the most comfortable, productive work experience you’ve ever had. The patent-pending kneeling desk puts your back in a comfort first position removing pressure so work is fun!
The Edge Desk is the first kneeling desk ever created and is thought of as the “Most comfortable desk for productivity”! Kneeling desks improve posture, reduce lumbar pressure and lower back pain while increasing blood circulation.


6. AnySharpUSA Sharpeners line of sharpeners, including Knife Sharpeners, Smart Scissors, Pocket Knife Sharpener, Mini Chopper, Graters and there is even a sharpener for Dad with a green thumb , in the Multi-Tool Sharpener.
Check out the "World's Best" Knife Sharpener for $22, as it offers Dad the choice of colors to match his unique style, including Citrus Zest, Cream, Metal, Orange Zest, Pink Cream, Pistachio Cream, Racing Green, Royal Blue and Royal Red. For those that like to spend time in the kitchen, AnySharp also offers a Pro CHEF Sharpener for $30 that is recommended by Chef Jamie Oliver as a must-have and available in sleek colors of Brass, Copper and Wolf.

The Outdoor Dad will appreciate the Outdoors Knife Sharpener with Firestick ($24.99) - professional knife sharpener for any pocket knife or tactical knife with integrated firestick and striker to help light a fire or the Multi-Tool Sharpener ($18.00) a two-in-one sharpener that allows for rejuvenating almost any knife or tool, including gardening tools!  

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