Crowdfunding Corner: The Money Game
Thursday, February 7, 2019 at 8:08AM
Rick C.Limpert in Education, Events, Internet, The Money Game, app, dollars

A new app makes learning about money, fun and entertaining.


Learning how to improve your financial savviness is not supposed to be fun and games, especially in a sobering financial landscape where consumer debt is at an all-time high with foreclosures and bankruptcies on the rise.
However, a new app, The Money Game, is looking to change that. Think of it as finding out about dollars and sense in an enjoyable way.


The Money Game is a video game that can help consumers learn financial literacy through real-life illustrations. You have the option of putting your personal financial picture in the Money Game and play for real or fantasy. By putting your life in the Money Game and playing it to win, you can potentially improve your financial situation and change your life.

Doug Hughes, CEO and chairman of Productive Entertainment, ( ), a Los Angeles-based company that developed the game, was inspired to create the Money Game after watching a family member playing the popular game Farmville. He had a simple but powerful premise with the Money Game: how to make learning about financial matters engaging and fun unlike most of the financial apps on the market. It was his long-time experience with video games that provided the solution.

Productive Entertainment has launched an Indiegogo campaign,, to spread awareness about the Money Game app among consumers and the investment community.

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