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Ryan Newman's Spectacular Crash at Talladega

Ryan Newman went airborne with less than 5 laps remaining Sunday at Talladega.

Newman's Chevrolet was nudged by Marco Ambrose, then went airborne.  The car turned over numerous times before coming to rest upside down on the grass of the infield.  Newman eventually had to be cut out of the roof of the car.  Other than the finish, te race was pretty boring.  Get rid of the restrictor plates at Talladega and let them race.  As usual, too many commercials impedes the flow of the race on television.




Ewoks Gone Wild

The Today Show on NBC had everyone dress up in a Star Wars themed costumes on Friday.  Here's a clip of a segment they did on Halloween tips, and see how it goes a little out of control when a couple of Ewoks decide to steal the show.


Black Helmets Mean Black Saturday for Georgia

The black helmet gimmick didn't do a thing to help the Georgia Bulldogs on Saturday.

The Florida Gators went to 8-0 after drilling Georgia 41-17 in Jacksonville.

The Georgia players seemed to get a little extra energy early Saturday when coach Mark Richt surprised them in the locker room with black pants and black helmets, a different look for a team that usually wears white jerseys, silver pants and red helmets on the road. The Bulldogs had never worn black helmets.  It didn't make a difference in the end, Florida has better players this year and might be heading to play for another National Championship.  Georgia needs to regroup and put away the black for a while.



Is that a ferret in your pants, or are you just happy to see me?



 Police said a homeless man in north Florida had a stolen ferret hidden in his pants.  And he made it out the door before being challenged.

A 17-year-old witness confronted Bolton in the parking lot about the ferret  and was bitten by the animal after the man allegedly shoved it in the teen's face  It gets worse,  the ferret is a "special weapon" under Florida law. So Bolton also faces battery charges for dangerously waving the animal in the bystander's face.

The theif, Rodney Bolton, 38, was charged with theft over the $129 animal that police say he took from a pet store in Jacksonville Beach.

Ferrets are nocturnal, playful, curious & intelligent.  Many ferrets are sold as domestic pets.



PGA Tour Event in Mississippi Cancelled due to Rain

The PGA Tour's Viking Classic in Mississippi this week was cancelled this morning because the course is and will be unplayable for the near future.  Wit hall the football, pro and college going on this weekend, I'm not sure anyone outside of the players even cared.  Judging by the number of withdrawals in the tournament, many of the players didn't care either.

The event will not be made up.  The Viking Classic has been shortened due to weather nine times since its inception in 1968, including three times since moving to Annandale Golf Club. It was shortened in 1974, 1980, 1983, 1984, 1985 and 1989 when held in Hattiesburg, Miss., and 1994, 2002 and this year at Annandale Golf Club in Madison.

Maybe instead of cancelling the event, officials should have looked for 1 or 2 courses in the area that are or would be playable and have the event moved there.  Not sure if this possibility was even considered.