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Kindle Free Pick of the Week: A Christmas Carol

A free pick that is also a holiday classic.  A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.
It's a free public domain Kindle pick, so the version that I looked at on my Kindle had some minor formatting and spacing problems, but nothing too drastic.  This is the ultimate Christmas classic, and it will put you in the mood for Christmas. 
This is the original, get it for safe keeping on your Kindle.




Answer from Amazon on my inquiry

I received an answer today from Amazon on my inquiry on whether you will be able to buy Kindle books that are on Wish Lists.  A standard reply letter on a question they probably get all the time.

Here it is:


The purchase and download of digital content from, including content from the Kindle Store, is associated with the account used to make the original purchase. As a result, digital products cannot be given as gifts or added to a Wish List. I am sorry if this information is disappointing to you.

Thank you though for letting us know your interesting in gifting kindle content.

Strong customer feedback like yours helps us continue to improve the service we provide, and we're glad you took time to write to us. I'll send your comments to the Kindle team.

I hope this helps. Thanks for your interest in Kindle!


Melanie Oudin Doesn't Feel the Pressure

Ranked #49 in the world and thought by many to be the future of American women's tennis, 18 year old Melanie Oudin says "hard work and having fun are the keys to success in tennis", Oudin made an appearance for her racket sponsor Wilson today at the PGA Superstore in Roswell, GA.

Oudin greeted fans of all ages, many who have followed her career since she started playing, and sparred off against three lucky juniors on the indoor practice court at the Superstore.  Having practically grown up in Roswell, Oudin was at ease and comfortable answering questions about her U.S. Open run, the upcoming Australian Open, and her meeting Roger Federer.


 2010 will be Oudin's first year as a full-time pro, and she says she doesn't get nervous on the court, or doing talkshows, as she did following her loss to Caroline Wozniacki at The U.S. Open.  Where she did get nervous was her chance encounter with Roger Federer in New York.   She said wanted to ask him about his twins, but she froze up and could only muster a few words to him.

As for 2010, the 18 year old with the big inside out forehand is working on improving her serve, and maybe play some more doubles events, if her ranking can get her in some with partner Shenay Perry.  Despite her big wins over the likes of Sharapova, Jankovic, and Dementieva, Oudin says she prefers to stay quiet in the lockerooms on the tour.  She has enjoyed her offseason and playing some exhibitions recently.  She is excited about playing Serena Williams in an exhibition next week at The University of Georgia in Athens.

The future is indeed bright for this young American.  She won't be able to sneak up on the competition like she did in 2009.  She still has half a year to improve her world ranking before she has to start defending WTA points, then more and more will be expected of her.  She is still kind of in the shadow of Venus and Serena Williams, but it won't be long until the "future of American tennis" will be the present.




The Roku: The gift that will keep giving


I don't really know how to put this best, but get a Roku Player!  It may have been released back in 2008, but the Roku Box is now coming into it's own.

For those of you not familiar with this device, it is a simple $99 box that will bring you an endless stream of movies and television shows via Netflix, a wide variety of internet programming, and now Major League Baseball with a subscription based service from MLB.TV.

The Roku Player is a small box that will hook up to any TV, and whether your home of office is wired or wireless, the Roku will help your set it up with its on-screen instructions.  All you need a high-speed Internet connection with a speed of at least 1.2 Mbps (such as mid-level DSL). You may also need a wired or wireless router if you are unable to connect the player directly to your cable or DSL modem.

If you have an internet speed of 5 Mbps or more, and you can watch HD content with one of the Roku HD Players. 

Roku is proving it has no intention of resting on its laurels.  The recently released Roku Channel store makes it even easier to get free content from the likes of MediaFly, TWIT.TV, and let's you see your Facebook and flickr content right on your HDTV.

I can't tell your enough about this cutting edge device.  Roku is always running deals and has a lot more information on its site at


Inkmesh: The Ultimate Search Engine for Ebooks

I'm really starting to appreciate Inkmesh, a seach engine that is a great help in finding free ebooks and a place to compare the prices of various other ebooks.

Inkmesh searches among: Baen WebScriptions Barnes & Noble BooksOnBoard CyberRead Diesel eBooks Feedbooks Fictionwise HarperCollins Lulu eBooks MobileRead O'Reilly Ebooks Project Gutenberg Smashwords Sony eBook Store Steve Jordan Books The Internet Archive eBookMall eHarlequin

All you have to do is put in a title or author, and it will give you all the information you need. It will show you the devices this ebook can be read on, the cheapest price it is available for, and a quick review and summary of the book or the author's works.

In the far left column, you can also check for audiobooks, newspapers, etc, or refine your search by price or device right off the bat.

Play around with Inkmesh a little. You might discover the ebook you want is free somewhere, or an author you've been wanting to try has a deal right now on some of their past works. Inkmesh will sort out all the data for you.