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Kindle App Free for PC

The announcements from Amazon keep coming, this week they announced the "Kindle for PC" app.  Now PC users around the world can read books bought in the Kindle Store on their own PC's.

The Kindle for PC app will let you save and synchronize bookmarks and last page read across all Kindle devices.  Meaning you can read some on your PC, read some on your Kindle, and always pick up right where you left off.

With Kindle for PC, readers can take advantage of the following features:

* Purchase, download, and read hundreds of thousands of books available in the Kindle Store
* Access their entire library of previously purchased Kindle books stored on Amazon’s servers for free
* Choose from over 10 different font sizes and adjust words per line
* Add and automatically synchronize bookmarks and last page read
* View notes and highlights marked on Kindle and Kindle DX
* Zoom in and out of text with a pinch of the fingers (Windows 7 users only)
* Turn pages with a finger swipe (available in a future release for Windows 7 users)

The Kindle for PC app will also be compatible with Windows XP and Windows Vista.



A Victory 32 Years in the Making for Iowa State

A win is a win, and when you haven't beat Nebraska at Lincoln in 32 years you will take it anyway you can get it.

The Iowa State Cyclones beat Nebraska today on the road.  The final score was 9-7, and it wasn't pretty, but The Cyclones are now 5-3 and might be going to a bowl game under first year coach turned miracle worker Paul Rhoads.  Rhoads is an Iowa boy and there is no job he wanted more than The Iowa State job.  He let his emotions out after the game, as did Cyclone Fans.

The Cyclone defense forced 8 Cornhusker turnovers and committed none.

Oh, and by the way, Iowa State's starting quarterback and tailback were out today.  Way to step up!

Need to get to 6 wins for a bowl invitation of some sort, and we may get it next week at Texas A&M.  Go Cyclones!


Paul Shirley: Buy his Book, then Follow him on Twitter

If you are a sports fan, ok you don't have to be a sports fan; but if you want to root for a normal everyday guy who just happens to be 6'10" and plays basketball all over the world then Can I Keep My Jersey? by Paul Shirley is the book for you. 

I'm a little biased, I graduated from Iowa State where Paul played his college ball.  I followed Paul's career, and he was actually a little better player than he gives himself credit for.  He's been good enough to play for the Atlanta Hawks, Phoenix Suns and teams in Spain, Siberia and Greece.  He has kind of made a cottage industry out of being the 12th man on the NBA bench, the guy that comes in for clean up duty at the end of the game.

The other thing about Paul is he writes very well.  Whether it's in his book, his column on or his ramblings on Twitter (follow Paul - @paulthenshirley) he always has something to say, and usually it is quite funny.  He may be talking about music, traveling, or reporting from an estate sale at his parent's house as he has been for the past couple days.  I don't agree with everything Paul is saying, but I can relate to it.

Can I Keep My Jersey? has been compared to Jim Bouton’s Ball Four or John Feinstein’s A Season on the Brink, but it's not meant to be taken that seriously.

I couldn't put the book down, but that's just me.  I look forward to Paul's next tweet, whether I understand it or not.  I bet Paul has more tales to tell, and another book may be forthcoming, we'll just have to wait and see.

The book has been out for over a year now, so it's not new, but you can buy Paul's book here:


Christmas Music Before Halloween

It's October 24 and there are no radio stations in Atlanta playing Christmas music yet, but I'm sure it right around the corner.

A station in Philadelphia is playing Christmas music on one of its HD channels.   HD Radio allows broadcasters to air multiple streams of programming, but listeners need a radio capable of airing the HD Radio signal.

Last year many large markets started playing their holiday tunes on Halloween Night.  Can't we just get through Halloween first?




The Euros are Coming in Drag Racing

What do you think of when you hear the names Stig Neergaard, Lex Joon, Urs Erbacher, and Thomas Nataas?

The new pop music supergroup from Sweden?

The Norwegian Davis Cup Tennis Team?

or a law firm outside of Helsinki?

No, it's none of the above, but they are 4 European drag racers that have for the time being set up shop in The United States and will race in the final 2 NHRA races of the year on the West Coast.

It's great worldwide exposure for NHRA Drag Racing, and all four are successful drag racers across the pond.  Not sure how they will do at Vegas and Pomona, but they do have a little experience here in America, and are looking to possibly make the jump to the NHRA.

It would be great for the NHRA and the sport if they can be competitive this time around

Here's Erbacher, from Switzerland in action.