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The Lost Symbol a Hit on Kindle

The eagerly awaited arrival of Dan Brown's new thriller, The Lost Symbol took the Kimble Store by storm minutes after it's launch.  Almost immediately, The Lost Symbol was number 1 on the bestseller list, and the Kindle Edition was number 1 as well. 

 The Lost Symbol is expected to remain on top of the bestsellers list throughout the rest of the year, including the important holiday season.  What makes the Kindle edition so attractive is its $9.99 price.  That is 67% off the regular hardcover price of $29.99, and delivery is immediate to your Kindle as soon as you order it.

 Amazon has promised Kindle owners the $9.99 price for bestsellers and they kept to their word with this release. 
Kindle expert Stephen Windwalker of makes the claim that the Kindle Edition of The Last Symbol is outselling the print edition on Amazon.
This doesn't surprise me at all.  Owners of The Kindle and popular devices like the iPhone and iPod Touch would be prime candidates to download a release like The Last Symbol soon after release.  I agree with Windwalker that print sales will catch up to and ultimately pass Kindle edition sales as we get into the holiday buying season.  Still, it's quite a coup for ebooks, the Kindle, and continued $9.99 new releases in the Kindle Store.

Forbes Column Wrong about Netbooks

Forbes' columnist Lee Gomes dedicated his recent column to taking netbooks to task.  I don't know anyone who goes netbook shopping and doesn't know what to expect.  Yes, the Atom processor is slow, and won't run Windows Vista, but I don't know anyone trying to use Vista on it.  It will run Windows XP fine, and as a bonus it will run Windows 7 beautifully.

A netbook should be easy to carry around, quick to boot up and have sufficient battery life.  That is all I expect out of my netbook.  It doesn't need to play games, or be able to edit video.  Mr. Gomes maybe doesn't know what netbooks are primarily used for.  The #$300-500 cost is justified, and with millions and millions of netbook users, manufacturers are doing something right.


Serious Questions to Answer as NHRA Enters Final Stretch

It is called The Countdown to 1, and it begins this week in Charlotte.  The four major championships will be decided in two months, but racers will try to get off to good starts that they hope will propel them to titles.

Top Fuel:  It's being marketed as Antron Brown vs. Tony Schumacher, and I can't disagree with that.  This is developing into a legitimate rivalry with Brown holding a slight edge so far this season.  Schumacher has won many championships and doesn't want to give up his title.  Antron has to watch it, if he blinks, Schumacher could blow right past him, as Schumacher is as clutch as it gets.

Funny Car:  John Force and Tony Pedregon have gotten all the press recently with their squabble and war of words in Indy.  A Force has a great chance at the title, and it is Ashley.  John appears to be taking some of the pressure off of Ashley with his antics.  Tim Wilkerson is ready for the stretch, he finished second last year.  Tony Pedregon will try to hold off the competition while on his limited budget the rest of the way. He has struggles all year, but if Robert Hight can get really hot, watch out.

Pro Stock:  it appears to be the Jeg show.  Jeg Coughlin looks to be the favorite over Mike Edwards and Jason Line.  Edwards might have the best car, but Jeg is in the right place at the right time.  Greg Anderson has struggled this year, but he is too good not to be a factor at the end.

Pro Stock Motorcycle:  A wide open field.  I wouldn' count anyone in the top 10 out.  Doug Horne is dangerous, Hector Arana is tough to beat, and The Screaming Eagles of Hines and Krawiec will be there too.

Should be a action packed 2 months.


Amazon Now Selling Kindle 1 for $149.99 has lowered the price of the reading device that has started it all, the original Kindle.  The like-new refurbished models are selling for $149.99. (Link:

The Kindle 1 gives you a high resolution screen to read your books.  Access to the Amazon Kindle Store with over 400,000 books, magazines, newspapers and blogs to read.  Free wireless internet for life with Sprint Whispernet, and more...


A 30 day return policy is in effect.


A great deal



Teen Tennis Player Goes Hollywood

New on the scene tennis player Melanie Oudin is spending the first part of the week in L.A. doing the talk show circuit.  Fresh off her quarterfinal appearance at The U.S. Open. Oudin will appear on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" followed by a date with Conan O'Brien on "The Tonight Show with Conan O"Brien".  Other guests on with Conan tonight include Jennifer Aniston.

Oudin pulled out of the WTA tournament in Canada this week citing her injury from The U.S. Open.  She is expected back in action at the end of the month when the Asian swing starts. Oudin signed a lucrative endorsement deal with data mining company BackOffice while still competing in New York.  More endorsement deals are expected soon.

Oudin's world ranking has climbed this week to a career high of 44, up from 70 before the U.S. Open.