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A Night of Fine Dining at Burger King

Burger King is rolling out a new look at 12,000 of it's restaurants.  This is good news and bad news.  The good news is the make overs will bring rotating red-flame chandeliers, new brilliant TV screen menus, and corrugated metal and brick walls.  The improvements cost franchise owners up to 600,000 depending on the size of their restaurant.  The company says that so far restaurants that have been remodeled are showing a 12-15% rise in sales.

The bad news is that there appears to be no plans to change the awful, hard potato-like sticks they try to pawn off to us as french fries.

This is NOT the new Burger King makeover


International Kindle debuts next week

The rumors were true and it's going to roll out on a grand scale.  Amazon's Kindle will starting shipping to more than one hundred countries beginning October 19.

The books initially, will be available only in English.  Books in other languages will be available soon states Amazon.

The international Kindle will be the same as the Kindle 2 that is available in the States.  Internationally it will download books and newspapers via a 3G wireless network from AT&T and its partners.

One other surprise, Amazon lowered the price of the Kindle 2 in the U.S. $40, it is now priced at $259 through Amazon.



AT&T introduces iPhone App


Reflecting the growing trend among job seekers to use the INTERNET and mobile devices to look for jobs, AT&T today introduced the AT&T jobs app for iPhone users.


This, combined with the fact that 80% of companies plan to use social networking to attract candidates should be a boon to Georgia job seekers. 

The app is focused on all aspects of the AT&T job search through AT&T, including local event information, current career opportunities, and recommendations to family and friends that are job seeking.

Specifically the app can:

1) Forward open positions to family and friends by e-mail

2) Locate and attend career fairs with AT&T personnel

3) Identify local openings at AT&T

4) Customize job search with your areas of expertise

5) Watch online videos of various roles at AT&T

The app is available for free for the iPhone in the App Store.  For more information you can go to:



Twins or Tigers?

Less than a half hour from the one game playoff between the Twins and Tigers and it should be a great match up.

The Twins send Scott Baker to the mound.  Baker is a 15 game winner this season.  The Tigers counter with Rick Porcello a rookie 14 game winner. 

The difference?  Twins are at home, and they are good in the Dome in the post season.  Take the Twins.  Score 5-3.


Wilkerson Crash Demonstrates Safety of Funny Cars

Daniel Wilkerson's horrific crash on Monday at The NHRA Mid South Nationals in Memphis shows how far we have come in making NHRA Top Fuel Dragsters and Funny Cars as safe as they can be.

Wilkerson hit the wall head on after crossing into opponent Ron Capps' lane destroying his car, but getting out of the car once it stopped and barely having a scratch or bruise.  The fact is these cars are about as safe as they can be for a car traveling over 300mph in the span of about 4 seconds.  The car took the brunt of the crash leaving the driver protected and unharmed.

Improvements made since the crash of Eric Medlen are working, and data from this crash I'm sure will be studied and analyzed so any possible changes can be made and shared with the other racers and teams.