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Chip Caray is "Going, Going... Gone"

Chip Caray was let go today as an announcer for TBS and the Atlanta Braves  The Grandson of legendary broadcaster Harry Caray, and the son of the late Braves broadcaster Skip, Chip could not overcome mistakes made during the 2009 Postseason to keep his job.

Caray, 44 had three years remaining on his contract.  Caray joined the Braves broadcast team in 2005 after 7 years with the Chicago Cubs.  Chip never totally adjusted to his duties when he started working for the network.

I always thought Chip could've been the best of he Caray broadcasters.  He seemed a natural early in his career.  Caray admits he is at his best when he covers one team every day. 

The mistakes Chip made were clearly terrible errors.  He called a line out a base hit, and a call he made  in a Twins-New York Yankees American League Division Series game: "A quality at-bat for (Minnesota shortstop) Orlando Cabrera."

But Cabrera struck out with two men on, his team down 6-2 to end the top of the seventh inning and batting champion Joe Mauer on deck.

Fans started watching the games to see how Caray would screw up next.  I wouldn't be surprised if MLB put pressure on TBS to get rid of Caray.

Maybe Caray will resurface back in Chicago with another of his Grandfather's former teams, The White Sox.


Buy Your Coffee at Starbucks Dec 1, Help Fight AIDS in Africa


Tomorrow, December 1 - Starbucks will donate 5 cents to fight AIDS in Africa for every beverage bought.

In the last year, Starbucks has donated enough contributions to fund 6 million days of medicine for people with AIDS in Africa.

Your purchase on Tuesday will help them increase thier contribution to the Global Fund.

Head to to help out.



AT&T With a 1 Cent Cyber Monday Sale

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AT&T has a deal for you on Cyber Monday. 

Cyber Monday: 1 Cent Sale

Purchase for only one penny the Nokia e71x, Sony Cybershot, Curve 8900, Pantech Reveal, or Samsung Jack. Device offers rotate every three hours. Two-year service agreement required.


Kindle Free Pick of the Week: Not Your Mother's Slow Cooker Recipes for Entertaining 

It's not your typical sit down and curl up with a book reading experience, but it's currently #1 in the Kindle Store, so it's worth a mention.
Julie Kaufmann gives us 300 new recipes specially created to serve a group, proving that the slow cooker is the perfect tool for effortless entertaining on weekends or for your family on weeknights.
Here we get recipes for appetizers, drinks, soups, sauces, entrees, desserts.  Try a Fondue with Sparkling Apple Cider, or slow cooker favorite's like Red Bean Stew and Rice, or Paniolo Beef Stew.  The recipes are easy to follow and you'll be amazed with what you can do with a slow cooker.
Free in the Kindle Store



Adding Kindle Books to Your Amazon Wish List

I've been pleased and puzzled with the Wish List you can create as part of your Amazon account.  Pleased that Amazon has this feature so that potential holiday gift givers can go to a place and see items that you want, and the giver can easily complete a payment transaction and the ordeal is over.

Puzzled because as a Kindle owner, I couldn't figure out how to add Kindle book selections to my wish list.  At first, when I didn't see the "add to wish list" button for Kindle books I thought, oh it just wouldn't work, how would they know what Kindle to deliver the books to.  Then I thought a little more, and realized it's my wish list, they would know to deliver it to Rick's Kindle if I set up the wish list.  But still I couldn't figure out how this could be done.  It even got to the point where I told my parents just to get me an Amazon gift card and I'll get the books myself.

Then I figured out how to do it.  One extra step is all it takes, but it isn't easy to find.  You first must scroll down o customer reviews and click the place where it says # of customer reviews.


Then it will take you to the next page, and a button for adding  the Kindle selection to your wish list.


Now the Kindle books you desire don't have to feel left out of not being able to be included on wish lists.

And for those out there with cheap relatives like my brother, free Kindle selections can be added to a wish list as well.  So my brother could gift me a free copy of Treason by Don Brown.