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Kindle Free Pick of the Week: The Templar Legacy



Get it while it's free.  This is my first weekly installment on what you can get that is free from your Amazon Kindle.  This was Steve Berry's  third novel when it was released in 2006.

Trying to capialize of the popularity of books like The Da Vinci Code, this thriller takes place throughout Europe and involves the religious order The Knights of Templar, which an ex-U.S. Dept. of Justice official named Cotton Malone is introduced to.  Malone is on a quest to find the archives of Templar and all hell breaks loose on his journey. 

The thriller has lots of twists and turns, food for thought and religious conspiracies.  What more could you ask for in a free kindle selection.

The Templar Legacy is currently #2 in the Kindle Store, mainly because it's free.  Get it!



School Officials want Bowden out After 2009

Off to their worst start since Coach Bobby Bowden's first year in 1976, Florida State appears ready to move on without Bowden after 2009.

The Seminoles are 2-3 in the Atlantic Coast Conference.  In the conference they are 0-2 with a game against ranked Georgia Tech this coming weekend.  Jimbo Fisher, the offensive coordinator and coach in waiting might or might not take over.

Bowden has three fewer wins than Joe Paterno on the all time wins list.  He commented Saturday that he has no plans to retire.  Among the higher ups frustrated with Bowden and Fisher are the Board of Trustees.

The Trustees themselves cannot hire or fire coaches, but they have significant influence over the school president.


Will Facebook be Bigger than Google?

I don't think so, but this is an interesting read.


Facebook is going to try to be your one stop shopping on the internet.  I personally don't want to trust Facebook with that much of my personal information.


Atlanta Rainfall Amounts not as Heavy as First Thought

Looks like Metro Atlanta dodged a bullet as the rain that started Sunday is not going to be as heavy as forecasters predicted.

The temps will be cool and in the 60's on Monday as the rain tapers off.  Tuesday's high is about 74.



Zombieland - Filmed in Atlanta is #1

Earning $25 million, Zombieland, which was filmed all over Metro Atlanta and Georgia topped the box office this weekend.


Zombieland stars Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, and Abigail Breslin.