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Extreme Makeover: Sammy Sosa

Appearing at the Latin Grammy Awards, Sammy Sosa looks like he has enlisted Michael Jackson's doctor as he shows off he new light skin tone.

A friend of Sosa's said he is going through a skin rejuvenation process and his skin appears lighter than it should.  The friend also said it looks weird in photos.  Well, onlookers at the awards show said it look weird in person as well.

See for yourself:



Kindle Free Pick of the Week: By Reason of Insanity

Randy Singer (Direct Verdict, and False Witness) is known for writing emotional books that push the limits of reality.  he does it again with By Reason of Insanity. 

In By Reason of Insanity,Catherine O'Rourke, the reporter who covers trials for Norfolk, Virginia's The Tidewater Times is having a hard time covering the latest sexual abuse trial. It brings up memories of her past.  Are her memories true?  She then becomes a lead suspect in a serial killer case, where she, herself is unaware of her guilt or innocence.  Lots of plot twists and turns and interesting characters.  This story promises to keep you guessing until the very end.

By Reason of Insanity is number one in the Kindle Store, and a must have for free.  Get it now!


"Lopez Tonight" begins Tonight


George Lopez is the new face on late night televison with his new talkshow "Lopez Tonight". Lopez promises a show aimed at younger audiences. Not since "Arsenio Hall" has a talkshow succeeded focusing on this demographic.

The show will air at 11pm on TBS. This is TBS' first attempt at the late night talkshow market. At best, i think Lopez can grab a large Hispanic-American audience, whether he can keep them remains to be seen.


Nook Shipments Delayed

if you pre-ordered a Nook e-book reader expecting a November delivery, you'll have to wait a little longer.

Customers are now being told to expect shipment around December 11.  This was reported on  Barnes & Noble knows they are up against it since the holiday season is coming fast.  This may hurt additional pre-orders as customers may not want to chance having the item to give as a holiday gift. 

Amazon's Kindle is expected to increase its market share, and a setback like this could help Amazon even more.


Kindles for Breakfast

Was kind of surprised to hear some Kindle news involving the travel industry.  Turns out The Four Seasons Hotel in Washington D.C. is offering its guests something a little more than the local paper to read during breakfast each morning. 

Each guest now has the option to go high-tech as each are offered Kindles that are stocked with newspapers from all over the world.  if you want to read a foreign paper that costs an extra fee, The Four Seasons will take care of it for you.

Kudos to The Four Seasons for the forward thinking and the perks it continues to offer its guests.  The competition for the business traveler in the hotel industry is brutal.  Little extras like allowing the use of a Kindle would mean something to me, even if i was bringing my own Kindle along for the meal.  The Four Seasons really is the standard in luxury accommodations for the business and upscale leisure traveler.

I'm sure this will be an excellent cross promotion tool for Amazon as well.  I don't know one business type who after an introduction and trial session with the Kindle wasn't impressed enough to consider ordering one for themselves.