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Free Christmas MP3's from Amazon


How about some free Christmas Music? You can't go wrong with this 7 song sampler available as a free MP3 download on

Here's the link to get some Christmas classics like "Deck the Halls", "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing", and an alltime fave, Frank Sinatra's "It Came Upon a Midnight Clear", all on "Sampler Claus".


Not sure how long this will be free on Amazon, but here's your chance to add some Christmas tunes to you iPod of MP# player for free.



Good Timing: Golf Digest Cover of Tiger and Obama

Golf Digestsays it is not pulling it's cover and feature on Tiger Woods and President Obama in the wake of "The Tiger Woods Affair(s)."

The magazine is already on newsstands in some places and features articles that offer “10 Tips Obama Can Take From Tiger”.    Reports are the issue is already selling briskly.  The magazine went to press exactly two weeks ago, so there was no chance to pull it from release.






Michaele Salahi also posed as a Redskin's Cheerleader

The Washington Post sum it all up in this article:

We now know that Michaele Salahi crashed another event posing as an Washington Redskin Alum cheerleader and performed at FedEx field while real cheerleaders wondered who she was.

What other events did Salahi get into that she shouldn't have been at? 

Because of her White House crashing three uniformed officers have been put on administrative leave, and will probably be demoted of fired. Plus a  House Homeland Security Committee is holding hearings on what The Salahi's did, costing taxpayers who knows how much.  I hope she and her husband feel good about that.

The producers of "The Real Housewives of D.C." need to make a statement that under no conditions will Salahi be a part of the show if it somehow comes to fruition.  It's hard to believe, but Salahi is making "Real Housewives of Atlanta" cast members look good.


You can now Order Tim Donaghy's Book "Personal Foul"

We all know what is coming, and now we can read it in Tim Donaghy's book "Personal Foul" that is about to be released.

The disgraced former NBA ref will unleash all sorts of dirt on the NBA, and how he made money sharing information with a gambler on likely outcomes of games.

The book is available here:

The problem is, based on Donaghy's reputation being so spotty who knows what to believe and not to believe.  The NBA is cringing at the thought of this coming out, it should be an interesting read nontheless.


Podcast Profile: Cranky Geeks Podcast


Put three tech pundits together in one room, add the crankiest talking head in tech journalism; John C. Dvorak, and what do you have? How about the Cranky Geeks podcast.

You can listen to this as an audio podcast, but you can also watch the video that is recorded live each week on Wednesday at 12:30 pm Pacific Time. None of the guys on here are going to win People Magazine's Sexiest Man of the Year, but it's fun to watch the facial expressions and every once in a while a female joins the panel. Molly Wood, Vanessa Fox, and Natali Del Conte have been guests, and they are much easier on the eyes than John C., or David Spark for that matter.

Sebastian Rupley from is usually one of the pannelists each week, so he has earned the title Co-Crank from John C. and that is saying something. Rupley is a younger version of Dvorak and is prepared each week, but always put in his place by John C.

The podcast may start out a little slow, but as they move through the topics they get more animated. I'm not sure if it's the topics or the fact they are stuck sitting at a desk with Dvorak for thirty minutes. Carlos Rodela, Jim Louderback of Revision3, and Tom Merritt are worthy guests. The ads are the usual podcast ads:, Squarespace, and the like, but the weird, scratchy violin music that is played as bumper music needs to go.

But the real star of the show is John C. Dvorak, and he knows it. The show moves at a pace controlled by Dvorak; in and out of the topics and the breaks for ads. If it seems like Dvorak has been around forever, you're not wrong, he has. The increase in popularity of podcasting has kind of been a rebirth for Dvorak. He appears on, or has a part in about a half dozen podcasts, including The Tech Grouch, and Leo Laporte's This Week in Technology. When Dvorak, who has written for just about every computer publication and major newspaper goes on one of his famous rants the guests sometimes cannot contain themselves. One week it may be on Windows 7, the next on the FCC, and anytime "Cloud Computing" is brought up listeners hold their breath to see how quickly it will take Dvorak to dismiss "The Cloud" as a fraud. The truth is Dvorak and his guests have a great knowledge about the world of technology and opinions to go with it.

Head on over to each week to watch live or download the podcast, you never know what you might hear.