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MLB Playoffs Right Around the Corner

I haven't been following it that closely, but we are about a week away from the MLB Playoffs starting.

Let's take a quick look at the American and National Leagues.





Colorado - Magic number is 1




Red Sox


Tigers or Twins


For some reason I see the Cardinals and Yankees might be matching up in The World Series.

Possible spoilers might be Dodgers and Angels.  What are the chances of an all So Cal series?


The Mighty Wallet is Mighty Cool

Looking for something durable, safe, and different looking for a wallet; well, look no further than The Mighty Wallet by Dinomighty Design, Inc.

They have this tear resistant, indestructible wallet in many cool designs.  I bought the Dot Matrix Pi Mighty Wallet a few weeks ago and it has lived up to its billing.  It does look like a folded piece of dot matrix printer paper, but its sleek design feels comfortable in your pocket.


The secret is that the wallet is made from Tyvek, as in indestructible express mailing envelopes.  The wallet is slim, but will easily expand to fit your storage needs.  It is recyclable and water resistant, I've tested it.  I find it will hold about 12 credit cards easily, and a few business cards.  I love it so far, and  the looks it gets when I pull it out are priceless.



Kindle-like Peek Pronto offers Free Text, Email and More

A great new offer on the Peek Pronto mobile device from Amazon will offer customers services and no monthly fee.

Buy a Pronto from Amazon right now ( and you will get a lifetime of free text messaging, email, GPS, and internet applications like Facebook for the one time only fee of $299.95.

The Pronto is a smartphone without the phone service.  It's a Kindle without the book reading ability.  It's an interesting little device and the no monthly fee could be a preview of things to come for more devices.

There is also no activation fee or contract to sign.  Peek promises the Pronto will be upgradable to future generations of software.  Battery life appears to be strong with 4-5 days before a charge is needed.  The mobile service is nationwide and the screen is color with a small keyboard under the screen.

If anyone has one, leave a comment and let us know your experiences.  They look like they are selling fast as there is already a wait to get one.



ABC's "Shark Tank" Treading Water

ABC is looking to give their Tuesday Night lineup another boost as they insert Shark Tank into the 8pm slot right ahead of Dancing With the Stars.

I was a little late to catch on to Shark Tank, but I caught it one night and my wife and I liked it.  It's a little staged, but what reality show isn't.  But the premise is interesting.  The show features entrepreneurs showcasing their product or idea to five investors/venture capitalists.

If the product or idea shows potential or interests one of the panel they can invest, partner up with, or make an offer to buy a portion or the whole company or idea.

I feel it's must watch television for those looking to start their own business or have an idea for a product or invention.

The ratings for the show are modest at best.  On Tuesday they will go up against Hell's Kitchen, which I also like.  Four more episodes are expected to run in the Fall, and more are slated for Spring  2010.

Give it a chance, it's not great, it's not bad, and it moves quickly as they have 4-5 different contestants/entrepreneurs on each show.


Could Boise St. Play for National Title?

One quarter of the way into the season and don't look now but Boise St. is up to #5 in the country.

Boise sits behind Florida, Texas, Alabama, and LSU. 

We will know more once the BCS standings come out, but it doesn't appear Boise St. is going to lose to anyone.  How many points will they put on UC Davis this weekend?