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A Super Sunday of Tennis

  • Day Session: 12:00 PM Start Time
  • 1. Rafael Nadal (ESP)[3] v. Juan Martin del Potro (ARG)[6]
  • Not Before 4:30 PM Start Time
  • 1. Roger Federer (SUI)[1] v. Novak Djokovic (SRB)[4]
  • 2. Caroline Wozniacki (DEN)[9] v. Kim Clijsters BEL

  • Mixed in with all the football games today is some supurb tennis.  All could be great matches, but I like Nadal, Federer, and Wozniacki today.  Weather look to be improved as well.


    ePublish by Steve Weber


    Wow, what a great read from Steve Weber.  The author of such helpful books like eBay 101 and Sell on Amazonnow gives us the definitive guide on self publishing on Kindle, iPhone and other mobile devices.

    It's a quick but informative read.  Aimed at those of us with old manuscripts, collections of poetry, or almost finished novels lying around that with a little work can be seamlessly and easily self published electronically.

    He gives basic tips of getting exposure for your book, to how to price it, and turn your books into money makers away from the actual sales of the books.  With well over 1 million Kindles in use, and the iPhone becoming a popular eReader as well, you can't go wrong with Weber's effort.

    There are cheaper books dealing with this same topic, but no better.  Weber is a true marketing wiz when it comes to online marketing and sales.  It's available in the Kindle store for $10.99.  Link:



    Saturday's Weather Looks "iffy" for U.S. Open

    As of Satuday Morning it is not raining, but the forecast looks intimitading.

    Need to get some tennis in today.


    Guitar Hero 5: Headbanger's Ball

    Metal is what it is all about when it comes to Guitar Hero 5.

    With tracks like 2 Minutes to Midnight by Iron Maiden, Shout Out Loud by KISS, and Jailbreakby Thin Lizzy, GH5 has everything a metal fan could want.  GH5 now sets the standard for a multiplayer music game.

    Flexibility is a word of the day now.  Players can double up on instruments, drop in and out of songs, switch instruments and difficulty levels if you start getting bored. All the tracks are now available once you start and you now have the ability to set up a "Rockfest" of challenges that even the seasoned Guitar Hero fanatics will find captivating.  A whopping 85 new tracks to jam to.


    Small in a Good Way: Verbatim's Tuff-N-Tiny USB Drive

    I thought I had seen small until I received a Verbatim Tuff-N-Tiny USB Drive.  Now I know what small is.  It is really only small in size as the USB drive comes in sizes from 2GB to 8GB. 

    This small drive, with the thickness of a coin will fit in your wallet without you even noticing it.  Because of the SIP technology which these drive possess they are durable and resistant to dirt, water, and static electricity. 

    For those of you that like keeping a USB drive on your key chain, there is a key ring lanyard included.  For those seeking privacy, there is a private area that is password protected on the drive for storing your sensitive data.  They work the same as your old USB drive except you load it upside down.  It may take a time or two to get used to this, but they work beautifully.  They range in price from about $20 up to about $50.  Get one and try it out, and experience what small is, at least in a USB drive.