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Use Brizzly to enhance your Twitter experience

Sick of searching through mounds and mounds of third party apps that are supposed to make Twitter easier to use?  Look no further than Brizzly.

Brizzy launched in July 2009, by Thing Labs, Inc.  It is still currently in Beta, and you need an invitation to join, but they aren't that difficult to come by.  Brizzly, which also works with Facebook allows inline media like photos, videos, and maps to show up in the direct feed.  It also will allow you to put followers in groups, and to mute ones you don't want to hear from right now. 

Brizzly to me. makes the Twitter experience much more enjoyable. One other plus, have you ever looked at the trending topics on Twitter and thought "huh"?  Well, on Brizzly the trending topics have a "why?" link next to the topic and clicking it will tell you what it's a trending topic.

You can get a Brizzly invite from people currently using Brizzly, or on other various websites.  Try it, and Brizzly will become your Twitter.



Redskins ban signs at FedEx Field citing Safety, Yea Right

Citing safety reasons, the Washington Redskins are now banning all sign and banners at FedEx Field.

This is now an entry in the FedEx Field Stadium Guide:


Banners of any size are not permitted at FedEx Field.

Apparently this also will include signs that wives have that send well wishes to their husbands in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Redskins officials also have said fans with signs block the view of the game from other fans.  Have you seen the Redskins play this year?  If your view was obstructed by a sign for a few plays you didn't miss anything.

Sports fans aren't stupid.  The reason the Redskins' organization is banning signs is because they are about to get negative opinions on Daniel Snyder, Vinny Cerrato, Jim Zorn, and Jason Campbell among others spelled out on colored cardboard paper, and visible on national television.

The Redskins deserve it.  Fans will now find a way to smuggle in signs about the banning of signs.  I say to Snyder and Cerrato, "if you can stand the heat, get out of the kitchen".  Although they are probably more qualified to be in a kitchen that in a NFL front office.


The New MSI Wind Top AE2220 is a Winner

MSI's new nettop is the Wind Top AE2220, it's one of many new PC releases tied in with the release of Windows 7.  The advantage of a nettop is that is saves space on your desk, but many times a nettop lacks the power and many of the features you get with a traditional desktop PC.

Not so in this case, this nettop is loaded.  Your good for multimedia tasks, video editing, and gaming with this unit.

Here are the standard features of the AE2220:

Intel Core 2 Duo T6600/Pentium dual core T4300 Processor

21.6" (16:9), 1920 x 1080, Full-HD Multi-Touch Panel

4GB RAM 640GB hard drive

NVIDIA GeForce 9300 integrated graphicswith 256MB VRAM

HDMI connectivity

E-SATA support One Touch OSD Controller

Wireless keyboard/mouse combo

 This is truly a great all-in-one, versatile PC.


CNN Ratings in the Tank

CNN has hit a new ratings low with its performance so far in October.


CNN was not only beat out by Fox News and MSNBC for the 7-11pm time slots, it also trailed its sister network HLN, formerly called Headline News.

 It's time maybe to do something else with Anderson Cooper, who was to be the prime time savior for CNN.  He not only is getting killed by Greta Van Susteren on Fox, but by Keith Olbermann on MSNBC and Nancy Grace on HLN.  This would be bad enough, but it's worse because Olbermann and Grace's shows are both repeats of shows that aired 2 hours earlier.

CNN continues to blame its poor performance on a slow news period.  The fact is CNN is getting beat in all time slots and by all demographic groups.  Unless aliens decide to land in Central Park, I don't expect CNN's rating to rebound anytime soon. 





Should you scan or x-ray your Halloween Candy?

Who can you trust?

No one. It was never a good idea to leave the well-being of your children to the mercy of strangers. But the dangers have increased exponentially since Nine-Eleven. That innocent-looking apartment or trailer home may not contain a nest of sleeper-cell terrorists, but it may contain some sicko looking to pull a prank on you or your kids.

Should you have your kid's candy scanned or x-rayed?

Definitely. Many communities offer a free CAT scan of your kiddie's Halloween stash. A dangerous syringe was once concealed in a Twinkie.

For example, Patient ONE Medical Center in Charleston, SC will be offering free candy X-ray imaging to all trick-or-treaters this Halloween season.  Experts say an adult should inspect the candy or goodies first.  Any questionable items should be discarded immediately.  The rest should then be examined at your hospital or local medical center that is offering this service for residents.

While many of the Halloween candy tampering stories are urban legend, there are enough true ones to keep you on guard.

Halloween Candy Safety Tips Summary:

If anything tastes "funny" spit it out and save it for any evidence that may be needed.

Limit your trick-or treating to the early hours.

Do not eat any candy or treats until it's been thoroughly examined.

Do not eat anything that has loose or open wrappers.

Do not eat anything that has not been store wrapped.

Take advantage of the hospitals offering their x-ray machines for detecting foreign objects.