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Get a Jump on Cyber Monday

Amazon has their Cyber Monday deals starting on Sunday.  Take advantage of some of these deals.





How about a 1TB SSD for just over $3,000?

To spend over $3000 for a 1TB SSD you have desire a drive that is top of the line in both speed and storage. OCZ Technology recently released its Colossus Series SSD's including one that has a terabyte of storage.

Specs off OCZ's site include:


Read: Up to 260MB/s


Write: Up to 260MB/s


Sustained Write: 220MB/s


Max IOPS: 13,350 (4K random)

The drive right now goes for over $3000, but will surely drop in the next 12 months or so.

Order it off of Amazon here:




Amazon Deal of the Day: Arcos 5 250GB Internet Media Tablet for $199

Save $250 on the Arcos 5 Media Tablet.  Comes with 250GB capacity. Get 22 hours of battery life.  Included in package is: Archos 5, headphones, Archos USB cable, DVR Station adapter (DVR Station is sold separately), screen cleaning cloth, quick start guide, legal and safety notice.

Buy it here, while it's this cheap.




Want to travel the globe? Play college Basketball

I used to look forward to the Maui Classic college basketball tournament, held Thanksgiving week each year from the beautiful island paradise of Maui.  That holiday tournament along with The Great Alaska Shootout and a Preseason NIT affair in New York were about as exotic it got for college basketball athletes.

Now, in addition to those long running events, there are tournaments in such locales as Puerto Rico, The U.S. Virgin Islands, South Padre Island, Las Vegas and Disney World.  Oh and let's throw that hotbed of college basketball, Cancun into the mix. too.

To fill out these tournaments teams like South Dakota St., Longwood, and Presbyterian were invited to play in these prestigious events.

As long as television wants to cover these games and chambers of commerce want to hold them, expect to see more and more of these events popping up in warm weather outposts, where alumni can tan on the beaches and wives can hit the duty free shops.


Nets Can't Find the Bottom of the Net

The NBA's New Jersey Nets look like they will set the record for futility to start the season when they take on the World Champion Lakers Sunday at the Staples Center.

The Nets currently stand at 0-16 and are showing no signs of life whatsoever.   Coach Lawrence Frank at this point is at a loss for words. 

Outside of Devin Harris, the Nets roster contains such names as Tony Battie, Bobby Simmons, and Trenton Hassell.  Add the services of Rafer Alston and what do you get?  0-16.

If the Nets don't get a win Dec. 4 vs. Charlotte, or Dec. 6 vs. The Knicks, they may have to wait until Dec 23. when the play Minnessota.