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Guerrilla 2.0.: Wage an Effective Publicity Campaign... by Mike Levine


I agree with Dick Morris, that this book, which is an update of an earlier effort is one ofthe most important books of the year.

The new media and the old media are completely different and sometimes are at war.  This book will guide you through the maze of old vs. new media.

•  In the old media, repetition was the key to advertising.  In the new media, it is deadly and causes people to turn off.

•  In the old media, the sound bite was everything.  If you couldn't say it in seven seconds, it wouldn't run on the news.  In the new media, where people browse web sites for hours, elaboration is key and condensation is a big mistake.

•  In the old media, you could count on corralling viewers involuntarily since they were all watching the same shows.  In the new media, you need to make them want to watch you since the options are so pluralistic.

•  In the old media, you had to make it with a few established organs or you would be shut out.  In the new media, you can present your case to your audience in any number of ways and through any number of media, all of which Levine explains.

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Colorado Boy on the Loose in Experimental Aircraft *UPDATED!

A 6 year old Colorado boy was on his parent's experimental aircraft/hot air balloon today when it launched up into the air.

Rescuers are following and tracking the homemade aircraft over Ft. Collins, Colorado.

It is not clear what will be the best way to get the boy down.  FAA officials are tracking the aircraft with help of news helicopters and radar at Denver International Airport.

--Updates to follow

Update;  Balloon touches down softly, boy was not onboard.


Update:  Boy found safe at home,  a big hoax.



Jimmie Johnson Primed for Another Championship

The fat lady isn't quite singing yet, but she is starting to warm up.  Warm up because Jimmie Johnson is in position for a his fourth NASCAR Sprint Cup Championship in a row.

Johnson is coming off an impressive victory and heads into the big race this weekend in Charlotte with a 12 point lead over Mark Martin.  Usually at this point in the season when Johnson gets the lead, it's like trying to get a piece of cake out of a fat kid's hands to get him to relinquish it.

Johnson gets stronger as the season goes on, and it's no wonder the next two tracks are two of Johnson's favorites in Charlotte and Martinsville.  Give equal credit to Johnson, his crew chief Chad Knaus and the rest of his crew.  A fourth title is within reach.  After that the focus will switch to the fifth.  One at a time, that is how Johnson takes it, race by race, championship by championship.



ABC's Wednesday Night Lineup has me Laughing

I wasn't sure what to make of the four new shows ABC launched this Fall on Wednesday nights.  I've been pleasantly surprised.  I gave all four a chance and for the most part, Hank, The Middle, Modern Family, and Cougar Town have not disappointed.

I would rank The Middle and Modern Family as the best of the four.  Cougar Town has received the best ratings so far, but the other three are on the rise.  The Middle and Modern Family are comedy farses.  Dysfinctional families, idiot Dads, homosexual jokes, and the fact that you actually start to care about these characters are what has made the shows relateable and has me coming back to watch each and every week.

All four shows feature big name stars and television veterans.  From Kelsey Grammer, to Patricia Heaton, Ed O'Neill, and Courtney Cox; each are experience with sitcoms and mixed with other character actors and newcomers the shows are fresh and different from other cookie cutter shows that have preceded them.

The children on each show have agendas and minds of their own.  The children are the key to each of the shows and with the exception of Cougar Town, they all deliver.



Drew Carey adding Twitter Followers for a Cause

Drew Carey is asking you to follow him on Twitter.  For each follower Drew gets before the end of the year he will donate $1 to Livestrong up to 1 million.

A great idea and a great promotion.  You can help fight cancer and get Tweets from Drew Careyand The Price is Right.  Follow Drew at @DrewFromTV