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Kandle eReader Light


Are you frustrated by the clip-on light you are using  with your Kindle or other eReader?  Well, the Kandle will grip properly to the slim top of your Kindle, Sony Reader or Nook without wobbling loose.  This is great news for all of us who like to read in semi-dark conditions before falling asleep.

Buy the Kandle here:

The LED Kandle costs $40 (current sale price $25) and folds down into a small, white, pocket-sized pod. A glance a the photos shows that it casts the usual cold light that comes from LEDs, but the difference here is the Kandle has 2 lights.  That might just be the ticket for using my Kindle is less than full light conditions.


Kindle Free Pick of the Week: Treat Me Like a Customer by Louis Upkins


This free book in the Kindle Store has a long title, Treat Me Like a Customer: Using Lessons from Work to Succeed in Life , but it's a pretty quick read and it's not short on advice.

 It's currently the #1 Business selection in the Kindle Store, and since I have not yet read it, here's the synopsis:

Be As Successful at Home As You Are at Work So many professionals work non-stop to secure the next rung on the corporate ladder. Why then do they struggle to enjoy their success even at the peak of their career? According to entrepreneur Louis Upkins, by using a simple customer-service principle, you can learn how to be just as successful at home as you are at work. Fulfill your calling as a parent and spouse by treating those closest to you as well as you would treat your customers. Powerful stories and clear, practical teaching help leaders at every level reorder their priorities and bring their lives back into balance in this Treat Me Like a Customer eBook. You will learn: - How to balance the demands of work and home - What your loved ones really want - How to regain trust and build integrity - Why a good fight isn-t the end of the world - How to protect your family from competition By applying these and other tactics explained by Upkins, you will reconnect with your family and experience the same success at home that you enjoy at work.

There are no other reviews yet, so not sure what others have thought about it.  Give it a try.



Early Super Bowl Odds

Indianapolis is a little more of a favorite than I thought. 

-5 may be a little high, but I've heard it has gone to 6 in some places.  Experts must be looking at what Favre did tothe Saint's D, and think Peyton Manning must be salivating at the prospect of lighting them up.   The Colts do look like a Super Bowl winning team to me.

Also, the over/under is currently at 56.  Highest total amount for Super Bowl ever.


Mardi Gras Comes Early to New Orleans

So the New Orleans Saints are going to The Super Bowl for the first time.  I couldn't be happier for a team and a city, they deserve it.  Should be a great matchup in Miami.  I would guess The Colts might be favored by a smidge.


I was watching some of the many street cams they hace set up on the streets on New Orleans.  During the game the streets were basically empty.

At about 9:25 as Garrett Hartley kicked the winning field goal the scene out of the streets including Bourbon Street changed.  Crowds started coming out to celebrate in mass.


I don't think it will be a quiet Sunday night in New Orleans tonight.  A great game, and win for a whole city.



Kindle Not Competing With Apple Tablet

I came across a great article on by Tony Bradley.  (

The impending release of some sort of tablet device by Apple this week has many loyal Kindle users left to wonder if their Kindles are all of a sudden obsolete.  What the media is reporting and the hype surrounding the Apple announcement is particularly frustrating to the thousands and thousands, maybe millions of people who just became Kindle owners in the past couple months.

What Bradley stresses in his piece is that Kindle owners need not worry.  What the Kindle offers is a true "book reading" experience, and you don't need all the bells and whistles and an Apple price tag to do this. 

With the Amazon announcement this week that he Kindle platform is now open to app development, this furthers the worries of many.  While I think there may be a handful of apps that could benefit Kindle users, this is not going to be the main reason one decides to buy a Kindle, or any future generations of the Kindle.  With the exception of a Twitter app, a book and content file organization app, apps that might turn the Kindle into a notepad, play some basic games, possibly even Texas Hold Em poker, or expand the dictionary or thesaurus features I'm not sure what other apps could be popular right off the bat.  I love the long battery life of the Kindle, and don't want that to be compromised but junking the Kindle up with a bunch of apps that may be cool to have, but that I would never use. 

So Kindle owners, there is no need to panic or feel theatened by what Steve Jobs will have to say this week.  This Apple tablet may be an innovative and wothwhile device, and we all may want one, but it won't replace the feeling we have each time we book up our Kindles for a relaxing day or night of reading.