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Bloggers trying to get to bottom of Swedish Tennis Sex Scandal

The newspapers in Sweden, The United States and all over Europe and Canada have kind of dropped the ball on this one.

The two male ATP tennis players detained over the week for soliciting prostitutes in Stockholm remain a mystery.  Newspapers have pulled back from reporting on this story.  Not sure if it is because of pressure from the ATP or tournament organizers.

Thanks to the magic of the internet bloggers have been burning the midnight oil.  The tennis gossip blog; is on the trail, and you can check it out to see his theory that Ernests Gulbis is one of the players based on what reported on Swedish player Joachim Johansson's personal website.

The information and damaging statements have since been removed from Johansson's site.

HCFoo promises more investigative reporting on this story.


Ochocinco now has iPhone App

I guess that everyone may have their own iPhone app at some point.  At this point Chad Ochocinco now has his own. 

"If you can't fly here to chill with me you can with this app," Ochocinco informed fans through a post on his Twitter account.

 Jordan Palmer, the younger brother of Bengal's quarterback Carson Palmer, and two of his friends formed a company that creates apps for athletes and entertainers.  The Ochocinco app promises to follow the life of Chad on and off the field.

Up next for Palmer's app company is one starring Terrell Owens.  The Ochocinco app costs $4.99.


Weather Channel to Start Showing Movies


Atlanta-based The Weather Channel, which started showing documentaries to its basic bread-and-butter weather reports over the years, is now adding feature films for the first time.

They plan on buying older films that have weather or weather events as a part of the movie in some way.  The first one shown will be "The Perfect Storm" with George Clooney.

The network says if it works they will add more films to it's lineup.  Ok,  let's hear your weather related movies...  I'll start with "Twister" and "Groundhog Day", maybe someday "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs"  Got any more?


NBA Fans Can Keep Current with the NBA Widget

In a few days the NBA season will tip off, doesn't it seem like it just ended?  Well your team is looking to make a run in the playoffs this year and you can keep updated on the Lakers, Cavs, or your favorite NBA team's scores by downloading the NBA McDonald's Scoreboard Widget.

It's an easy install on your computer.  Just follow the instructions and download it here:

The latest scores, leading scorers and stats for you fantasy buffs.  It will be right on your desktop, it's fun and free.


Bjorn Free: ABBA's Bjorn Ulvaeus on Life and More...

Came across a random article in The Jakarta Post of all places on Bjorn Ulvaeus, the brains and one of the voices behind ABBA.

Bjorn talks about life after ABBA, what he and the rest of the group are up to, and his hometown of Stockholm.  Are there plans for an ABBA reunion, how do all the members of the group get along now, and is there another musical in the works?

Read the article here:

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