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Follett and CafeScribe offer a new way to learn 

For over 135 years, Follett Corp. has provided quality textbook and learning materials to students of all ages across the world.  Staying on the cutting edge, Follett now introduces CafeScribe, an innovative etextbook program that allows users to not only read the book, but gives them the ability to make notes in the software and share them with social networking tools.
CafeScribe can be run on either the PC or MAC platform, on netbooks and desktops, giving flexibility to students and peace of mind that CafeScribe will run on their system.  Your CafeScribe etextbooks can be purchased at Follett owned bookstores or on  Everything about your etextbook download will be identical to the print textbook, including page numbers and graphs.  CafeScribe is also slowly rolling out ebooks that will include works of fiction, classics,and lab manuals that may be required reading for courses; and down the road, books for leisure reading will also be offered.
Many major colleges and universities are offering and promoting Follett's innovative program.  CafeScribe is getting traction at such institutions as Brigham Young, Cal-Berkeley, George Washington, Georgetown, and The University of Georgia.  Disciplines in the science and business fields are proving to be popular in the use of CafeScribe.
MyScribe is the proprietary software that is your reader.  Users are allowed to read their books on three different computers, and a text-to-speech option is available for all etextbooks.
For added convenience, books can be used with a portable USB device by downloading MyScribe Portable.  Students can print up to 30% of their books on a printer, this may cause some concern, but you can print the 30% you need, and take it with you where you may or may not have computer access.
Follett Corp. appears to be following the lead of such companies like Amazon and Sony who are major players in the ebook revolution.  CafeScribe may do what the Kindle is doing for Amazon, but it is taking it a step further by seeing through social networking, a tool already popular with students,  encourages students to enjoy sharing and learning from others.  The affordability and ease of use along with the internet being the perfect place for this, the innovative approach of Follett needs to be complimented and taken advantage of.




The Universe of Ebooks in one Picture

This is from Eric Engleman's bog at Techflash.

Interesting to see the everchanging universe of ebooks.  in a few months this picture will get a bit more out of control.

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Flooded Six Flags Cautiously Optimistic

Keeping an eye on the receding water, Six Flags over Georgia still is trying to open its gates for this coming weekend.  Several rides appear to be lying in water, and the massive clean up has really just begun.

I still can't see how they can get it in shape to open to the public.  Officials are better off taking their time and taking no chances by rushing to open this Friday or Saturday.

October is an important month for Six Flags as Fright Fest begins leading up to Halloween.  Fright Fest always draws good crowds, and that should be the goal right now for the decision makers.  Interstate 20, which is the main highway leading to the park just reopened today after being closed for the better part of two days.

The picture shows rides still in water.  And these aren't the water rides.


Out of Control Dust Storms Hit Australia

The worst dust storms in 70 years hit Australia today including the largest city of Sydney. Airline flights were rerouted, and other transportation like passenger ferries were stopped because of the orange dust blowing in from The Outback.

Some residents were complaining of breathing difficulties, as an orange glow descended on cities and the countryside.  Officials told those with asthma and heart problems to remain inside.

Forecasters expect more normal conditions as the week goes on, but some parts of Australia have been hit with a severe early Spring heatwave which is also causing some wildfires.



Flooded Six Flags over Georgia to open this Weekend?



The Scream Machine is now a water ride.

Even though Six Flags over Georgia amusement park is currently under water, and the area where the park lies was one of the worst hit areas of Metro Atlanta, park officials say they will open for business this weekend.

Fall is a busy time for the park with Halloween activities and concerts, so it is important the park tries to ready itself, if not for this weekend, but as soon as possible. 

The weather dried out much of Tuesday, but I believe Six Flag's brass should be cautious and make sure everything is safe and clean for park goers.