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Notre Dame's Jimmy Clausen Punched in the Eye, Weis to get the boot

Following Saturday's defeat to UConn, Notre Dame quarterback Jimmy Clausen got punched in the eye outside a South Bend bar.

The punch happened early Sunday morning, and Clausen was spotted at practice today with a black eye.

Notre Dame has called off interviews for coaches and players leading up to this weekend's game at Stanford. 

Embattled Notre Dame coach Charlie Weis has been mum about his job situation.  Weis is expected to be relieved of his duties sometime next week.  Weis was going to leave the team after the game in California, but now has been ordered to return with the team to South Bend to meet with officials about his job.


WOW! Walmart will have $2 DVDs


All day Black Friday Walmart will be offering a good selection of DVDs for $2.  Not sure what all thye will have, but judging from the ad looks like you might be able to pick up decent movies for $2.

Get there early for the best selection.   


Black Friday External Hard Drive Deals: 1TB for $59.98

External hard drives need not feel left out of the Black Friday "dealfest" that will happening this Friday.   How does a Western Digital 1TB drive for $59.98 strike you? Or a 500GB portable Western Digital drive also for $59.98.  They are both available at Target when the Black Friday deals start at 5am.

OfficeMax is offering a Hitachi Mini 250GB Red Wine external drive for $49.99.  RadioShack has a nice Iomega 320GB portable drive also for $49.99.

Walmart is not one to be left out,  so they are offering a Western Digital My Passport 320GB drive for a flat $49. 

One other external drive to mention is Best Buy's deal for an external DVD drive.  It's a LG Slim and they have it listed for $49.99. One of the many deals at Best Buy.

One other avenue to persue when looking at external drives is check Amazon, New Egg and Dell all weekend.  They also will be going low with their items and you might be able to take advantage of free shipping offers. 

Remember, an external drive is a must in these times for backing up or storing pictures, video files, documents and music.  Don't run out of storage space or forget to make a backup.




Bears lose game and Devin Hester loses his pants

Luckily it happened after 9pm, so anyone offended would probably be asleep, but Devin Hester was tackled late in the game by having his pants pulled down. 

Cris Collinsworth and Al Michaels who are never short on words were quiet there for a few moments after it happened. 

And most Monday morning quarterbacks were saying that only Lovie Smith was caught with his pants down when talking about his team's preparation for games this season.

How about calling this picture "A Bear Butt" ?


Kindle Free Pick of the Week: Unleashing the Power of Rubber Bands

Here's kind of a different selection for a free pick.  Unleashing the Power of Rubber Bands by Nancy Ortberg.  This book is currently #1 in The Kindle Store under Business Management, Money & Values and Christian Living.
The book talks a lot about Christian values since Nancy has worked quite a bit with the church.  This may put some readers off, so take that into consideration if you want to give this one a try.
This free pick is about leadership.  Ms. Ortberg's style is non-linear, so in the book she talks about her mistakes, and gives insights into the world of leadership.  The stories she tells pull you in, and leaves you room to put yourself in the story to see how you would react. 
This book is inspirational, clear and concise.  Recommended for those who want to learn about leadership, and become better leaders in their church, community or profession.  It's free, so you can't really go wrong.