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Saturday's Match to Watch at The U.S. Open

 Melanie Oudin(USA) vs.   Maria Sharapova(RUS)[29]


Should start about 1pm Eastern time on Ashe Stadium.  Lot's of interest in this match.  Oudin comes in after posting the big upset.  Sharapova is improving in all aspects of her game other than her serve at this point of her comeback.

Oudin had been having some leg problems, but she is a relentless fighter, and her forehand is deceptive.  Sharapova won't take Oudin lightly, and Sharapova will win in two tiht sets.


Friday's Match to Watch at The U.S. Open


 Aleksandra Wozniak(CAN) vs.

  Flavia Pennetta(ITA)[10)


Get to the grounds at Flushing early so you don't miss this 11am start.  Wozniak, the Canadian is ranked 39th in the world and Pannetta recently cracked the top 10.

Wozniak like hitting with pace, Pannetta is consistent and solid on the ground.  Pannetta has had a great Summer, and looks focused heading into this third round encounter.  Pannetta reached the quarterfinals last year in New York, and is primed to get at least that far this year.  Pannetta is great to watch, and her game is technically sound.  Pannetta in straight sets.


Kindle Store Now With Almost 400,000 Items

Just received notification that Amazon's Kindle Store now has almost 400,000 items for purchase.  That's a far cry from when the Kindle Store opened.  Jeff Bezos has promised that every book published will be available for The Kindle and he appears well on his way to doing that. The almost 400,000 items includes, books, newspapers, magazines and blogs.


Thursday's Match to Watch at The U.S. Open

Robert Kendrick(USA) vs.   Tommy Haas(GER)[20]


Kicking off the action on Thursday on my favorite court, The Grandstand, American Robert Kendrick takes on veteran Tommy Haas.

Kendrick had a big game and a big serve.  Haas is a great hard court player and is the favorite.  This match could go back and forth.  Lots of aces, and outright winners will be hit.  Won't be many service breaks.  Winning this match would mean a lot to both players.  Haas with the slight edge.  Haas in 5 sets.


Some First Round Matches Still be to Played on Wednesday

Seems like there are more first round matches on the men's side remaining to be played on Wednesday than usual. Rafael Nadal takes to the court Wednesday afternoon.  The talk has been fairly quiet around Nadal.  I'm sure other men's players will be playing close attention to his match today.