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Indy ATP Event Will Move to Atlanta for 2010

The pro tennis event in Indianapolis will move to Atlanta for a possible three year run beginning in 2010.

The Atlanta event will kick off The U.S. Open Series.  Events in this slot have struggled to attract a field that excites fans, so Atlanta officials will have their work cut out for them.  The USTA can pull the event from Atlanta if certain expectations are not achieved.

If this event is going to make it, Atlanta is it's best option.  Atlanta is tennis crazy, at least participation wise, but some name players are going to have to join this field. 

Not sure where the event will take place, maybe some temporary digs at Atlantic Station like beach volleyball does, or could the Stone Mountain Olympic facility be brought back from the dead?  It might be too late for that.  I say keep it somewhere convenient to the North Suburbs of Atlanta, that is where all the tennis interest is.

Here are some other ideas for the event:

Get players with local ties to sign on early.  Robbie Ginepri, John Isner and some others will be ambassadors for the event.  Try hard to get a Roddick or Del Potro to come to Atlanta.  The tourney will need a name player or two, or three.  Make it a fan friendly event, and keep ticket prices modest, please.  Showcase doubles, having the Bryan Brothers would be nice, and Atlanta loves its doubles.  Most of all, make sure the whole City of Atlanta, and tennis fans in the South know they need to support this event to keep it going.  Sometimes putting the pressure on will make fans stand up and take notice.

Great to have ATP Tennis back in Atlanta.  And in July it is going to be hot.  Hope the action is hot, too.


Windy Winter Conditions

Windy Winter conditions swept across the country yesterday.  Parts of the Midwest has winds consistently clocked around 60mph.

The winds helped temperatures drop, with wind chills into the negative numbers.

Here in the South, we had a mild Wednesday, but it was windy.  Temps were in the 30's when I got up this morning.

Here's a video of a United Express regional jet pilot battling the wind while trying to land in Buffalo.



Amazon Now with Wish List Button for Kindle Books


Amazon has now made it easier to add a Kindle Book to your Amazon Wish List.  The button is now available without having to go search for it.   

The problem is people cannot gift you Kindle Books yet.  So adding Kindle Books to your Wish List is kind of wasted energy.

Amazon needs to fix this.  I think they are working on it.  The only way to give the gift of Kindle Books right now ir with an Amazon Gift Card.



Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me in Atlanta Tomorrow Night

National Public Radio's "Wait Wait ...Don't Tell Me" will be making a stop in Atlanta tomorrow at the Cobb Energy performing Arts Centre. 

Tickets were priced at 30 - $65 and sold out in mere moments.  The AJC's Rodney Ho has good piece with Peter Sagal today at

Panelists will include: Roy Blount Jr., Charlie Pierce and Amy Dickinson. The celebrity guest will be CNN's Rick Sanchez. 

Should be a fun event.


The Unboxing of a Nook Ebook Reader

Len Edgerly of The Kindle Chronicles Podcast shot an unboxing video of his new Nook ebook reader yesterday.

Looking forward to Len's impressions of the Nook on this weeks podcast.

In the meantime here's the unboxing and first impressions: