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Drew Carey adding Twitter Followers for a Cause

Drew Carey is asking you to follow him on Twitter.  For each follower Drew gets before the end of the year he will donate $1 to Livestrong up to 1 million.

A great idea and a great promotion.  You can help fight cancer and get Tweets from Drew Careyand The Price is Right.  Follow Drew at @DrewFromTV


Fantasy Football: WRs over RBs

When Fantasy Football really started becoming popular maybe 6-7 years ago you could never have enough running backs.  The likes of Marshall Faulk, Edgerrin James, and Larry Johnson were always number one on every team's wish list.

Now with the shortage of frontline running backs, team owners that made the switch last year to loading up on wide receivers are reaping benefits.  Teams banking on RBs like Willie Parker, Ryan Grant, and Tim Hightower are probably struggling while starting 3 WRs is becoming the "in" thing to do.

NFL teams have increasingly switched to a pass oriented offense, especially in the red zone.  Fantasy owners are realizing starting a Miles Austin, Johnny Knox, or Austin Collie are better options that a 2nd running back.  An example is the Pittsburgh Steelers who won last years Super Bowl ranked 23rd in the league in rushing last year.  Scour that waiver wire, there is a much better chance you can find a diamond in rough WR that can help you to fill a bye week opening or an injury than starting a short yardage running back and hope he gets a cheap touchdown.



Missing Thurman Thomas Statue Found in Canada

A chain saw carving weighing a half ton of former Buffalo Bills running back Thurman Thomas was found in Canada by an Ontario resident.

The carving was unveiled last week and immediately went missing.

There is no word if Thurman Thomas' lost helmet from Super Box XXVI was found anywhere near the statue, or why someone would carve a statue of a 4 time Super Bowl loser out of dozens of fallen trees.


Mike Neff's Richmond Paint Scheme is Rad

To honor his winning of the 2008 Auto Club Road to the Future Rookie of the year crown, Mike Neff broke out a special paint scheme on his Ford Mustang Funny Car this past weekend in Richmond.

The design featured a surfer theme and wood-paneled design on the Drive One Mustang.  The car looked sharp busting down the dragway at 300+ mph and earned Neff a semi final finish.

Neff, an avid surfer born and raised in Southern California helped design the paint scheme himself.  It features a caricature of Neff surfing on the side of the car.  A die-cast replica of the Mustang will be available for sale later in the year.


Who is the Worst Team in The NFL?

Usually there is one clear cut team that is the worst in the league, and most anyone can identify them.  This year you have a bevy of terrible teams to pick from.  I haven't heard a consensus of who is the worst, just an opinion that there hasn't ever been this many God awful team in the league at the same time.

Here are the suspects:

Buffalo Bills - 1-4 and not going anywhere.  Only scoring an anemic 15 points a game, TO has been invisible, and the team is based in Buffalo.

Cleveland Browns - 1-4  and got a win on Sunday.  QB went 2-17 in the 6-3 win.  The have averaged 11 points a game.

Tennessee Titans - 0-5 and experts say they aren't that bad.  Not looking good when you turn to Vince Young.

Kansas City Chiefs - 0-5 and not showing much life.  A new coach, but same results.  Lost a heart breaker to Dallas on Sunday.

Oakland Raiders - 1-4 and have lost 3 in a row.  Got drilled by the Giants on Sunday and were never in it.  Jamarcus Russell at QB is a disgrace.

Tampa Bay Bucs - 0-5 and going nowhere.  A young team, and a young coach.  In the same division as The Saints and Falcons.  A candidate to go 0-16.

St. Louis Rams - 0-5 and another potential 0-16 team.  Talk during the week about Rush Limbaugh buying the team.  Not much talk about the action on the field.