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Wikipedia to Test Editing Procedures

Wikipedia has announced that they will test editing procedures on articles of living people, and although anyone can still edit entries, they will first have to be approved by an experienced Wikipedia editor before they appear to the general public.

This comes on the wake of embarrasing entries made that prematurely announced the deaths of Senators Robert Byrd, and Edward Kennedy.

Wikipedia has come under attack for a while for being too loose with their editing policies.  In the past, one could become an "Experienced Editor" after only a few days of use.



U.S. Open iPhone App a Must Have

Less than a week before The U.S. Open Tennis Championships takes center stage in the sports world.

For all you with an Apple iPhone you need to download the U.S. Open iPhone app now.

Here's the link:

Keep track of your favorite players and live matches and results. Also tweets from the grounds at Flushing Meadows, and U.S. Open Radio.



Viking's Locker Room Already Divided Over Favre

Looks like things are getting a little tense in the Viking's locker room, and what a surprise, it has to do with Brett Favre.

Players feel too much attention has been focused on Favre.  When Favre apparently retired for the third or fourth time over the Summer, some players felt a wave of relief.  Now they have to answer questions every day about a quarterback they hardly know, and many of these current Vikings were in the corner of Tavaris Jackson and his pursuit to be the Viking's QB.

Favre is scheduled to play the entire first half of this week's preseason game.


Jerry Jones and His Scoreboard

While giving a tour of his new stadium in Arlinton, Jerry Jones could not have been prouder of his new $40 million scoreboard.  That was until a Tennessee reserve punter named A.J. Trapasso hit it in a 30-10 preseason loss to Dallas.

Now Cowboy's owner Jerry Jones is wiping he egg off his face, and providing damage control while deciding what to do about his low hanging scoreboard.  The NFL may end up telling him what to do.  There will be an emergency meeting of the NFL Competition Committee soon to talk about the problem, and how it might be fixed.


Fantasy Football Predictably Unpredictable

If you are like me you wait all year for fantasy football to rev up.  If you haven't had your league's draft yet, it is bound to be in the next week or so.  Mine is a week away and this year I'm more torn and confused than ever before.

Because there is one thing you can predict about fantasy football; it's as unpredictable as a North Korean Dictator. 

My number one question this year; is the running back as important as it once was?  High powered passing attacks have brought the value of quarterbacks and top wide receivers to consider them with your first and second round selections.

If you are like me, in a 16 team league every pick is important.  Looks like I'll have some more research to do before Sunday.