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Kindle Free Pick of the Week: Snowbound

In honor of the big storm that swept across and up the East this weekend. 

A romance novel from Janice Kay Johnson, Snowbound.

The tale of a teacher and her teenage students who get stranded at a lodge in Oregon when a massive blizzard hits.  I would assume the teacher hits it off with the owner of the lodge and the story keeps developing from there. 

It's the #1 Romance book in the Kindle store.  Get it and give a read when the snow is piling up outside.



Under $10 Gifts You Can Give to the Frequent Traveler


Buying a holiday gift for a frequent traveler is hard, but finding one for under $10 is mission impossible. I searched high and low to find some trinkets that can be had by budget shoppers.

Portable Luggage Scale - Magellan's portable Luggage Scale can potentially save you hundreds of dollars in airline surcharges. Purchases made while away can quickly add extra pounds to your luggage, resulting in overweight fees on the trip home. Avoid expensive surprises by weighing your luggage before you get to the airport. This lightweight scale weighs luggage up to 75 lbs. And I've found it to be very reliable.

Austin House Mini Alarm Clock - This mini alarm clock has a luminated dial and good alarm. The snooze button will give you another 5 minutes. One nice feature is the alarm will get progressively loud the longer it rings. Available from Handsome Bear.

Laundry Soap Sheets - My wife swears by these. In each pack there's enough detergent for 50 laundry washes tucked into this compact carry-on compliant container. Weighing less than one ounce, these biodegradable soap sheets are also easy to use. Drop a sheet into the sink for instant suds. 25 sheets per pkg. Also from Magellan's.

Note Pad/Journal -You don't have to be a writer or aspiring artist enjoy a blank journal or sketch pad, but anyone can use a new notebook for doodling during a history lecture or jotting down grocery lists. Find a blank book with a pretty picture, funky quote, or embroidered cover, or if you're feeling creative, buy a plain notebook and decorate it with pictures and quotes of your own. The possibilities are endless. A nice notepad or journal can be found at an office supply or stationary store and the cost will be in the $5-$9 range. Affordable and useful. Gift Card - You won't make any enemies giving an Amazon gift card. A $10 gift card is not good enough, you say? Well, with a $10 Amazon gift card, your favorite traveler can buy a DVD, download 10 MP3s or a Kindle book to listen to, or start reading immediately.

$10 may not seem like much when it comes to buying a thoughtful gift these days, but there are a few items the frequent flyer you know will appreciate receiving.


Merry Christmas - Here's Your Nook "Holiday Certificate"

Barnes & Noble keeps pushing the delivery date for pre-ordered Nooks back, back, and back.  Realizing that many of the e-readers were purchased as Christmas gifts, they're sending a $100 "Holiday Certificate"  to the delivery addresses for pre-ordered Nooks that aren't slated to arrive by December 24th.

Here's part of an e-mail sent to future Nook owners or recipients with the apology.


The $100 certificate represents more than a third of the Nook's purchase price.

The Nook, which has received mixed reviews, with some critics citing the slow starttime and other glitches, is out of stock for the holidays. New orders won't ship until Feb. 1.  People that pre-ordered were told all along that that they would have them in plenty of time for Christmas. 

With the Nook have problems, in an announcement on Dec. 17 Amazon said in a release that December was already the "best month ever for Kindle sales." The retailer has never released specific sales figures for the Kindle. Forrester Research Inc. in October issued a report projecting e-book reader sales of 3 million units in 2009, with 30% of 2009 sales taking place during November and December.  Amazon has already said that December Kindle sales have been record setting as well.



Bowl Pick for Sunday Dec. 20

The New Orleans Bowl is tonight and this game should be up for grabs.

Sothern Miss Vs. Middle  Tenn. St.

I'll have to take Southern Miss.  I have seen them play this year, and know a little more about them. 

Everyone knows Brett Favre went to Southern Miss.  Anyone know who their most famous Alum is besides Brett?


Here's a clue:


Bowl record so far: 1-1




Free Two Day Shipping on Kindle Purchases

There is still time to gift or get your own Kindle for Christmas.

Amazon is offering free two-day shipping, so they'll have it in time by the big day.


Yes, you can actually order a Kindle, see if you can order a Nook right now and get it by Christmas...