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Kmart Promises a $119 Netbook for Black Friday

It's surely going to get some people in line before 6am, Kmart is advertising a $119 Netbook computer for one of it's Doorbusters for Black Friday 2009.  November 27th is the day, and in the ad leaked on the internet we find out it's a Dellstar 7" Netbook.

It's not a great unit, but for $119 what do you want.  It has wireless internet, but also a slow 400MHz ARM-based CPU, 128MB of RAM and 2 GB of flash storage.  This is not even close to what most netbooks sold by name brand companies have to offer.  It's really a disposable netbook.

If anyone buys it, let me know how you like it and if it fits your's or anyone's needs.



Danica Patrick Heading to NASCAR

It looks like he rumors may be coming true.  A two year deal is in the works to align IndyCar racer Danica Patrick, with Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s JR Motorsports.

This move is apparently happening because Brad Kesolowski just left for Penske Motors leaving room for Patrick.  The plan is for Patrick to run 10-12 Nationwide Races, but I think she might race more than that. 

Patrick would run a car in NASCAR as she does in IndyCar.  Proir to these negotiations, Patrick also talked with Rick Hendrick, Tony Stewart, and Michael Waltrip.

I'm sure bloggers and broadcasters will have a field day with "Women driving in NASCAR" jokes.  How about I get it rolling with one.

Q:  What can't Helen Keller drive?

A:  She's a woman.



Melanie Oudin Blogging from Federation Cup

Just about all the women's tennis is done for the year.  This week though, is the finals of The Federation Cup.  The U.S. vs. Italy.  No Williams' Sisters, no Sharapova, no Clijsters, who is going to watch?

Let's just say the results from Reggio Calbria won't be on the front page of your Sunday sports section.  Melanie  Oudin is playing, and it will be interesting to see how she does.  The U.S. has not won a Fed Cup title since 2000, and they appear to be underdogs this week.

Oudin will be blogging from Italy all week on  Link here:


Japanese Vending Machine Sells Homemade Burgers

This really gives meaning to the term "fast food".  The Japanese have done it again, a country known for sushi and vending machines that sell just about anything you can imagine now are selling an American favorite, a handmade hamburger out of a machine.

A brand new hamburger vending machine in Tokyo sells burgers one at a time.  Connected with an actual restaurant, insert a 100 Yen coin ($1.10) and you'll get a so-called burger.  A second machine next to it sells bigger burgers for 300 Yen.  The burgers are fresh, hot and come with lettuce on a bun.

The operator says right now it sells 20-30 burgers a day and sales and interest is growing.

The burgers in this machine have to be better than the soy bean burgers we have bought out of those rotating "sell all"  vending units where you have to warm the food in a microwave.  A good idea to bring to The States.


17th Ranked Tennis Player has Swine Flu

German tennis player Tommy Haas, the 17th ranked tennis player in the world has tested positive for the H1N1 swine flu virus. 

Haas pulled out of last week's tournament in Stockholm and this week's even in Basel, Switzerland.  He is to play next week in Paris, but that remains in doubt.  Haas, was looking to finish the season strongly after climbing back into the top 20.  Haas reached the semi-finals this year at Wimbledon.