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Open Letter to Viking's Fans; From a Packer Fan

Dear Viking's Fan:

Let me state first I am not a bitter Packer Fan because Brett Favre has now arrived at Vikings Training Camp and is no longer in retirement.  Yes, I am a Packer Fan, but I'm not bitter.

I grew tired of the whole "will he or won't he" situation with Brett Favre well over a year ago.  I am emotionally removed now from Favre Nation.

Viking's Fans, you are getting a player who puts himself and his own needs first.  He will make some great plays and bring excitement to the average team you have in The Twin Cities.  You have a geat player in Adrian Peterson, and initially he will make Favre look better than he really is.  He will tease and tempt you into thinking you may have a team than can go deep in the playoffs.  The truth is, he well past his prime.  He now is injury prone, a good bet is he lost some arm strength with his offseason surgery.  He will make bad reads an bad decisions.  He will then gripe about some of his teammates, question some of the play calling and lead a team that will end up at best 8-8.

He is not your savior.  He is an aged quarterback trying to hold on.  You would be better with Sage Rosenfels.  Be careful of what you wish for.   And by the way, get ready to witness many interceptions.  To be continued...


                                                                      A Packer Fan


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Want to Beat Tiger? Be a Nobody

 Looks like the blueprint is in place. If you want to beat Tiger Woods, especially in a Major, the best advice I can give you is to be a "No-Name".

Now with his victory at The PGA, put Y.E. Yang alongside Rich Beem, Michael Campbell, Trevor Immelman, and those that pushed Woods into playoffs in Majors; Bob May, Chris DiMarco, and Rocco Mediate. What is it with Tiger and these players that aren’t supposed to challenge the number one player in the world?

The fact is there is no pressure on these lesser players, and as Tiger lets titles slip away he seems to be getting a little tighter at each Major Championship. The truth is Yang played great, and Tiger was off his game just enough on Sunday to let Yang slip through. Tiger rarely lets a lead get away, but every once in a while he lets us see he is human.


Tennis Channel to Provide Wall to Wall Coverage at Cincy

The Tennis Channel has come a long way.  Tennis fans will have a chance to prep for The U.S. Open with extended coverage of The Masters Series Tournament in Cincinnati this week.  Starting Tuesday we'll be able to see early round matchups beginning at 1pm Eastern time.

ESPN2 will pick up more coverage later in the week.  Looks like a great week of tennis with Murray on a roll and a possible Federer/Roddick quarterfinal meeting.


Yang Victory at PGA a Milestone for Golf

With the improbable win of Y.E. Yang over Tiger Woods today at The PGA Championship the world of golf again reaches a milestone.  Yang became the first Asian born player to win a major championship.  If that wasn't enough, he became the first player to beat Tiger Woods in a major that entered the round railing.

The LPGA Tour has experienced a Korean invasion in recent years, and now expect the flood-gates to open for Korean Men to join Yang and K.J.Choi as impact players on the PGA Tour.

Take nothing away from Tiger, Yang won this title.  And while Tiger didn't play very well in the final round, no one else challenged Tiger, and he appears to make 2010 an important year in his quest for the most majors of all time.