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Kindle Free Pick of the Week: Unleashing the Power of Rubber Bands

Here's kind of a different selection for a free pick.  Unleashing the Power of Rubber Bands by Nancy Ortberg.  This book is currently #1 in The Kindle Store under Business Management, Money & Values and Christian Living.
The book talks a lot about Christian values since Nancy has worked quite a bit with the church.  This may put some readers off, so take that into consideration if you want to give this one a try.
This free pick is about leadership.  Ms. Ortberg's style is non-linear, so in the book she talks about her mistakes, and gives insights into the world of leadership.  The stories she tells pull you in, and leaves you room to put yourself in the story to see how you would react. 
This book is inspirational, clear and concise.  Recommended for those who want to learn about leadership, and become better leaders in their church, community or profession.  It's free, so you can't really go wrong.

Never Four in a Row

There have been many great streaks and records set in NASCAR over the years, but never has a driver won four championships in a row.  Jimmie Johnson accomplished that on Sunday.  But it really is earned all year long and in the offseason  when his team prepares better than any other.

Jimmie is more than the most consistant driver, he's the best driver.  He has the best team, and with little or no changes taking place heading into 2010 among the contending teams, Jimmie will be aiming for a fifth.  


New Moon Grosses $258 million Worldwide

The second installment of the Twilight saga, New Moon has grossed $258 million worldwide according to reports.  Totals in The U.S. come to about $140 million. 

The first movie grossed $69 million over the same time period.  New Moon now ranks in the top 10 movie  openings of all-time.

On Friday, "New Moon" set the all-time domestic high for opening day with $72.7 million, topping the previous record of $67.2 million by last year's The Dark Knight.  Because many of the fans of New Moon are teens, experts say they will go back and see the movie numerous times, so that will help pad gross totals over the coming weeks and months. 


Podcast Profile: The Adam Carolla Podcast

When most people think of Adam Carolla they know him for one of three things. Many people my age remember back to when Adam co-hosted The Man Show with Jimmy Kimmel. Generation X'ers recall Adam for his tenure on Love Lines with Dr. Drew. But buy far, many more people know Adam as the funny, loveable, but lacking any dancing ability on Dancing with the Stars where he partnered up with Julianne Hough.

But Adam's latest venture may be his best yet. This February, Adam launched a daily podcast featuring Adam with famous and not so famous guests. The podcast is available for download on iTunes or through his site at

From day one the podcast was a hit. The first episode was downloaded 250,000 times in its first 24 hours.It is not uncommon for the Carolla Podcast to have over 500,000 downloads. Amazing numbers for a podcast, it speaks volumes about Adam's loyal followers.

Adam's guests run the gamut from longtime friends like Dr.Drew and comedian Larry Miller. Adam mixes it up with musical guests like Michael Anthony of Van Halen and Dan Finnerty. But Adam may be at his best when he knows very little about his guests. I reference his September 4 podcast with up and coming actress Katy Mixon. Adam is honest about not knowing much about Mixon and her career, but he put her at ease and they talked like old friends for a good hour. Other great episodes include an interview with a wacked out Bai Ling and the always entertaining Paul Shaffer.

Branching out after the initial success of The Adam Carolla Podcast, Adam launched CarCast, a weekly podcast on Adam's favorite topic, cars. CarCast can be heard here: .

One other note to mention is Adam's loyalty and care for his friends. When Carolla friend and radio personality Bald Bryan was diagnosed with a brain tumor, Adam and his gang sprung into action to help raise money for his cause. To help Bald Bryan you can go to for more information.



Tennis is Back

After almost a two decade long decline in tennis participation and interest, a study by The USTA finds that the number of American playing tennis in 2009 will reach 30.1 million.  That's 12% over 2008 and 25% over 2003.

This is great news for American tennis, which if you haven't noticed has been struggling.  More great news is the number of Hispanics and Blacks playing the sport is going up as well.  There is a good chance the next crop of great American tennis players will have minorities in it.

A couple theories i have for the growth of tennis is the moving U.S. Open coverage to ESPN2 from USA.  Any sport that gets ESPN2 prime time coverage becomes a success.  Look at The World Series of Poker.  ESPN2 ratings were huge for the Grand Slam events, and their coverage for the most part was well done.

Another boost is what a young player like Melanie Oudin did in August and September.  She became the story of this years U.S. Open and people took notice.  Kids, adults, everyone was captivated by her run.  Andy Roddick's epic match with Roger Federer did the same for Wimbledon. 


Well, whatever the reason is for tennis' recent popularity, The USTA cannot sit around and celebrate.  They need to keep doing more of what they are doing, developing players, promoting events, and grass roots efforts.  It's good for everyone involved in tennis that is it healthy heading into a new decade.