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Mopar unveils their new NHRA Pro Stock Avenger

Mopar's big exhibit at SEMA this week will showcase Allen Johnson's new Dodge Avenger Pro Stocker.

A picture is available on at this link:

Allen Johnson plans to debut the Avenger at the 50th annual Kragen O’Reilly NHRA Winternationals in Pomona, Feb. 11-14, 2010.  The Avenger takes over for the Stratus body that has been used since 2003. 

In addition to being more aerodynamic, the 2010 Avenger exceeds all safety requirements, in the roll cage and access in case of an emergency.  It is not clear if any other drivers are going to be in an Avenger when the 2010 NHRA campaign kicks off next year.


Another Georgia Aquarium Beluga Whale Dies

One of the three beluga whales The Georgia Aquarium moved temporarily to Sea World San Antonio in early October during construction died suddenly on Saturday.

Nico, the Beluga Whale was estimated to be more than 25 years old.  Nico arrived at the Georgia Aquarium in October 2005, from a Mexico City amusement park where the conditions were said to be "awful".  Two other Beluga Whales died at the Aquarium in 2007,  Gasper due to bone disease and Marina from apparent complications of age.



PGA Player Suspended for Drugs and he Still Sucked

PGA player Doug Barron was suspended today for using performance enhancing drugs, this would be more newsworthy, except they didn't help his performance.  In fact, so far in 2009 he has yet to make a cut on the PGA or Nationwide Tour.

Barron has been suspended for a year, and he is the first player to be suspended under the tour's drug policy.  Barron did apologize for the negative perception this will cause, and he never did it to gain an unfair advantage.  His statement was released through the PGA Tour.  The PGA Tour started random drug tests in 2008 on both the PGA and Nationwide Tours.

Barron's best finish on the PGA Tour is a tie for third at The Byron Nelson in 2006. 



You may not be running a Hackintosh for long...

Were you the envy of all your geeky friends running the Snow Leopard OS on your $300 Atom powered netbook?  Well, you may not be for long.  Apple today announced that in the upcoming 10.6.2 release of Snow Leopard it will disable compatibility with Intel's Atom processor.

Apple appears in a hurry to shut down all "Hackintosh" users.  Could it be the release of an Apple netbook or tablet is near? 

Whatever the case, Apple is caught in a catch-22.  No company has encouraged software and application development like Apple.  Apple enthusiasts are so good it didn't take long for Hackintosh netbooks to appear in every coffee shop in America.


Kindle Free Pick of the Week - The Hunters  11/2/09

The Kindle free pick of the week for 11/2 comes courtesy of Jason Pinter.  The Hunters is currently #2 in the Kindle Store, but the #1 Action and Adventure book.

Two killers are on the move. They are brutal, calculating, and after tonight their decade's long plan will come to fruition.  The Hunters is the thrilling lead-in to THE DARKNESS.  It's page-turning work from Jason Pinter.  After reading you will want more from Pinter.  This one is free!