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AT&T's New Moon premiere and Justine Wachsberger

I had the pleasure of attending AT&T's Atlanta premiere of New Moon last night.  A VIP and media meet and greet was followed by a private screening before the midnight nationwide release.

The meet and greet was with Justine Wachsberger who plays Gianna in the movie.  She happily posed for pictures and talked to fans.  She also was in the movie Sorority Row, and with this part in New Moon she is now part of the Twilight Franchise and is hoping this is a springboard to bigger and better things.  While she is reading more scripts now than she has ever before, she is hoping to do some independent films and I feel a bigger role in future Twilight installments may be upcoming for Justine. There is no better movie franchise to be involved in for an up and coming actress than this series.

AT&T has some great tie ins with New Moon and I'll talk more about them later, but they include New Moon  graphics for your AT&T Phone and the ability to watch New Moon clips and trailers right on your AT&T phone.

I never saw the first movie, or have read any of the books, but I was able to follow the storey very easily in New Moon and it was a visually pleasing movie to watch, nice special effects and scenery.  The plot is a little cheesy to me since I'm not a 13 year old girl, but it kept my interest and kind of makes me want to see the next one.  There are too many slow motion sequences in the movie, and most of guys in the movies are shirtless for no apparent reason.  I'd give it 3 stars.   How about some pictures.









TV News Van Makes news by Hitting Powerline and Exploding

Two Atlanta television reporters for WSB TV survived a scary explosion yesterday.  While leaving a live remote from The Fulton County Jail in Atlanta they forget to lower the pole that lifts equipment on the roof of the truck and hit a powerline.

Stating the obvious, "The mast is supposed to be lowered when the vehicle is in motion", according to  The mast hit a Georgia Power high voltage line coming from a substation across the street carrying 115,000 volts of electricity.

The impact ofthe blast caused a brief, loud explosion, destroyed the truck and also left a large crater under the vehicle.

I know it was a slow news night, but manufacturing a story like this is going to far even for WSB TV.



Glitch at Atlanta Airport Delaying all Flights

Looks like they are getting ready for the holiday travel season as all departing flights at Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson and other airports are being delayed.

The problem is the pilots cannot retrieve their flight plans.  Flight plans now are currently being processed manually.  Airline spokesmen say they are trying to correct the problem.   I say this is a successful test run for what  will happen on peak travel dates in November and December.

This picture actually shows a plane departing, this is not happening at Hartsfield-Jackson right now.




Amazon's Deal of the Day

Perfect for the cold winter months ahead.  Just for today only or until the run out you can save 73% on eachand every Pike Street Down Comforter.  They come in a variety of colors. 

Amazon Comforters - By Pike Street "

They are covered with 100-percent-polyester microfiber, and filled with  25-ounce white down.

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Could Black Friday be "Blackberry Friday" at Walmart?

As the clock continues to tick and we approach Black Friday on November 27th some of the great deals on electronic gadgets and phones continue to leak.

Walmart is usually pretty tight lipped about their Black Friday sales until a couple days before Thanksgiving, but I could not pass up an opportunity to mention a couple Blackberry cell phone deals you might want to look closer at if your contract is nearing expiration, or you need a new phone.

Remember a 2 year contract is required to get these deals and possibly an activation fee.

The deals leaked appear to have the AT&T Curve 8310 for free and the Bold 9000 for $78.88. Sprint’s Curve 8330 will also be offered for free while T-Mobile’s Curve 8520 and the Pearl 8120 Black Emerald have a sale price tag of $28.88. 

The Verizon sales have the Blackberry Storm for $48.88 and the Blackberry Tour for $148.88

If you want to buy online, Amazon has matched some of these prices.