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Secure Your Gear with Safe Skies TSA Luggage Locks

Safe Skies bills its luggage locks as the "Luggage Locks Airport Security Won't Cut Off", and they are right on with their slogan.

With all the reports of luggage thefts and break ins at Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson, and many other airports nationwide you not only need these locks for your laptop bag, but the bags containing you clothing and essentials as well.

The secret is that the torch logo on your locks is a sign to TSA baggage screeners that they can open your bag using their TSA-supplied key and check contents rather than clip your lock and send your bag to your destination unlocked.  TSA screeners will then relock your Safe Skies lock and send your bag safely on its way.  If for some reason your Safe Skies lock gets clipped by accident, Safe Skies will replace it for you.

The heavy duty locks come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Travels experts say the best way for your bags to remain safe is to have a lock of some sort on them.  Safe Skies locks give your maximum protection and peace of mind.  More details can be found at .  Safe travels!




3 Women Busted in Prostitution Ring - One with Greatest Name Ever

I heard the joke on "Leno" last night and couldn't believe it, so I had to do a little research.  And it's true, a women with the name Mi Suk Yang was one of the women busted in a prostitution ring in North Georgia.

I don't even have to write the jokes to this story and picture, they just write themselves.  If you have any feel free to post your comments, i just can't make any comments at this point.

Here's the link to the full story:




The Windows 7 House Party Pack

Got home this evening and what was waiting for me.  The Windows 7 House Party Pack I was due to receive for being a Windows 7 Party Host.

It's a great pack.  it included tote bags, streamers, balloons, a poster and the crowned jewel of the load is a copy of Windows 7 Ultimate.  It's a special edition signed by Steve Ballmer himself, and both the 32 and 64 bit versions were included.  A nice haul.

Windows 7 is due to launch officially October 22.  Those who receive these party pack get a head start.



A Night of Fine Dining at Burger King

Burger King is rolling out a new look at 12,000 of it's restaurants.  This is good news and bad news.  The good news is the make overs will bring rotating red-flame chandeliers, new brilliant TV screen menus, and corrugated metal and brick walls.  The improvements cost franchise owners up to 600,000 depending on the size of their restaurant.  The company says that so far restaurants that have been remodeled are showing a 12-15% rise in sales.

The bad news is that there appears to be no plans to change the awful, hard potato-like sticks they try to pawn off to us as french fries.

This is NOT the new Burger King makeover


International Kindle debuts next week

The rumors were true and it's going to roll out on a grand scale.  Amazon's Kindle will starting shipping to more than one hundred countries beginning October 19.

The books initially, will be available only in English.  Books in other languages will be available soon states Amazon.

The international Kindle will be the same as the Kindle 2 that is available in the States.  Internationally it will download books and newspapers via a 3G wireless network from AT&T and its partners.

One other surprise, Amazon lowered the price of the Kindle 2 in the U.S. $40, it is now priced at $259 through Amazon.