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NHRA and Drag Racing Need to go "All In" With Force Girls


The World Series of Poker and NHRA Drag Racing are two of the many sports that are featured almost every week on ESPN2. The telecasts play up the stories behind the participants, something striking and unique hoping to draw more casual fans into viewing these exciting events.

As we head this week in the U.S. Nationals in Indianapolis, the most important NHRA event of the year, there are many story lines that will be covered to death.

Maybe the most important story as we look into the future is how stable and healthy drag racing and specifically the NHRA will be heading into the next decade.

It has started, and we will continue to be hit over the head with the story of The Family Force. Can an article be written that doesn't include a mention of the famous world champion father? Well I'm going to try.

What I am saying is that Ashley Force and Courtney Force will be the face of drag racing in the next decade, and the hype machine should start now and kick into high gear. First everyone should go and take a look at The USA Column that Courtney wrote for USA Today as she checked in with them each week and let readers in on her life and how racing appears to becoming a bigger and bigger part of it. It include an entry about her first National Event win in Seattle, her life as a racer, and her "other" life as a normal college student.

Coutney is the youngest Force Daughter, you can tell she is learning from Ashley's success, and her mistakes. She definitely has racing in her veins. I think eventually she has the potential to be bigger than Ashley. Even though she is still racing in the sportsman class, it's only a matter of time before she makes the jump to Top Fuel or Funny Car. She will have a good team and a good car no matter what class she races in, and she seem to be a faster learner than Ashley.

You can't turn ESPN2 on during an NHRA event and not see special attention focused on Funny Car driver Ashley Force. Ashley, the oldest of the three racing Force daughters is a contender for the 2009 Full Throttle Funny Car Championship. The camera crews are constantly following her around, she has a loyal legion of fans supporting her. Ashley is well spoken, a college graduate, nice to look at, and you just can't help rooting for her. Ashely may be the biggest draw now at NHRA events.

I don't want to forget the middle Force Daughter, Brittany. She races in the sportsman class too, but even she has admitted she has other interests and is not sure if drag racing is in her long term future.

If this was a poker game, the NHRA and drag racing in general have been dealt a full house with these girls. I believe it is time to ante up and go "all in".





Monday's Match to Watch at The U.S. Open

Viktoriya Kutuzova(UKR) vs.   Kim Clijsters(BEL


The first match on Arthur Ashe Stadium Court at 11am.  This match marks Kim Clijsters return back to New York and Grand Slam Tennis.

She has played well in lead up tournaments this Summer, and all eyes will be on Kim and her fans supporting her.

Look for Clijsters in an easy straight set win.


Finals Could be a Battle of The Andy's

Strange as it may have been a year ago to put Andy Roddick in a conversation about winning the 2009 U.S. Open, but Roddick is a popular pick to go a long way the event that starts Monday.

If he were to get to the finals on September 13th, a possible and probable opponent could be Andy Murray.  Murray has Nadal in his side of the draw, but Nadal even admits himself, that he isn't 100%.

An Andy vs. Andy matchup would be a popular final.  It would give one Andy a chance for redemption after a heartbreaking Wimbledon final, and the other Andy a chance for a first ever Grand Slam Title.


U.S. Open to Watch "Tweeting"

Friday, officials at the U.S. Open, scheduled to start Monday , sent down a strong directive to players, coaches, and members of their entourages  to be cautious about what the post on the website "Twitter".


Citing anti-corruption rules, officials are concered about information that may leak out on Twitter posts, and with tennis gambling issues for years this is a valid concern.  Signs were posted in the locker rooms with the headline, “Important. Player Notice. Twitter Warning.”

Frequent Tweeters include: Andy Roddick, Serena and Venus Williams, and Andy Murray.

Players and those close to the players apparently will be able to Tweet about random, non-inside information.  One example was a Twitter conversation taking place on Friday night between Roddick and Serena Willaims, who each threw out the first pitch in New York this week and Major League Baseball games.

Let's hope the little we will get from the players will be entertaining, and worthwhile.



Williams, Glatch in All American First Round

You could say they come from two different ends on the spectrum.  One is the defending champion and is regarded as the best player in the world.  The other needed a wildcard from the USTA to gain entry to the main draw.

Everybody knows Serena Williams and The Williams' Sisters.  The two could meet in the semi finals this year since they are seeded #2 and #3.

Alexa Glatch is a nineteen year old American from California who, for the last four years has been making her way back from a horrific car accident where she broke her wrist and elbow.  2009 has been her best year yet even though it really doesn't reflect in her ranking.  She happens to have 5 wins over top 50 players so far this year.

The pair met in Key Biscayne earlier in 2009 with Serena winning the second round match.  Look for Glatch to be able to match Serena in the pace department, feed off the energy of the crowd, and try to wear Serena down.