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Tiger Woods Driving is Erratic both on the Course and Off

Tiger Woods ranked tied for 86th in driving accuracy this year on The PGA Tour.  He was tied with Tom Pernice Jr. and behind such notables as Todd Hamilton and Ciff Kresge.

It's another kind of driving that Tiger does that has people talking today.  Driving his SUV, Woods hit a fire hydrant and a tree early Friday morning.  Woods was seen to have cuts on his lips and blood around his mouth.  He was transported by fire rescue to the hospital, where he was later released.

Woods' wife, Elin Nordegren apparently had to use a golf club to smash out the back window out of the SUV when she came outside. Woods was laying in the street with his wife hovering over him.

Strange story indeed.  Can't wait to hear of charges are filed and what else may come out of this.


The Christmas Shopping Season Begins...

And I was payed an early visit from Santa.  Wonder if I've been naughty or nice?


Twitter Promises to be an Important Black Friday Tool

Don't be surprised to see "Black Friday" or Black Friday products as trending topics all day on Twitter tomorrow and the rest of the weekend.

Retailers and consumers both will be using Twitter as a valuable tool all weekend.  Retailers are looking to reach out and spread information to customers, and consumers will be sharing information about product availability, and crowds and traffic situations all day long. 

Many stores will be opening at 4 and 5am, so look for Twitter to start buzzing early.  Twitter activity should be extremely high in big cities as more and more people make the day after Thanksgiving a shopping tradition for great deals and a chance to secure that hot item before it may be out of stock.

Tomorrow should be a real test for Twitter, and used in the right capacity it should help many a crazed shopper.




Happy Thanksgiving

A Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

Special thanks to U.S. Armed Forces serving at home and abroad.


Target's $3 Kitchen Appliances

Target has 4 Chef Mate kitchen appliances Black Friday for $3.  Yes, $3!

You have a choice of a toaster, slow cooker, coffeemaker or even a sandwich maker.

It's a doorbuster, so get there early to have a chance at getting one of these.