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New Year's Eve "Drops"

New Year's Eve.  A time to reflect on the year that passed and to make those resolutions for the next one. 

It's also a time for cities across the country to copy New York City and have a "drop" of some type to ring in the beginning of the new year.

We all know about New York City dropping the crystal ball, and here in Atlanta they of course drop a giant peach.  Now take a gander at what some other cities across the good ole USA are dropping.

Fayetteville, AR - A hog

Key West, FL - A conch shell

Miami and Orlando, FL - An orange

Eastport, Maine - A sardine

Raleigh, NC - An acorn

Beavertown, PA - A beaver, of course

Hershey, PA - A giant Hershey Kiss

Nashville, TN - A guitar

Plymouth, WI - An 80-pound decorated cheese wedge

Mobile, AL - A giant electric Moon Pie is raised

and Panama Ciy, FL - A giant beach ball


Zombies Take Over New York During Rush Hour

As if a normal New York City rush hour isn't enough, add some wandering zombies to the equation, and you have a morning to remember.

Dozens of actors dressed as the living dead hit The Big Apple as a promotion for AMC's new series, 'Walking Dead.'


Some zombies hit Times Square — while another group worked their way across the Brooklyn Bridge, much to the delight/horror/indifference/dismay of people on their way to work. 

This was all part of an international campaign in 26 cities to promote AMC's new original series, "Walking Dead." Taipei, Hong Kong, Buenos Aires and Los Angeles were among the other cities targeted by the flesh-eating monsters. 

For those not familiar with this new show, it's based on a series of comic books by Robert Kirkman. In a nutshell, the story revolves around a small town sheriff who gets shot, loses consciousness, and when he wakes, learns that the dead have returned to life and his family is missing.
The show was is filmed in and around the Atlanta area.

Southwest Buying AirTran, Coming to Atlanta


Many Atlanta travelers are thrilled that Southwest Airlines will soon be coming to Atlanta.  They are buying AirTran Airways for $1.4 billion, and hopefully bringing lower costs with them.

Southwest said the deal includes “significant opportunities to and from Atlanta, the busiest airport in the U.S. and the largest domestic market we do not serve.”

Southwest’s service in Atlanta can potentially stimulate more than 2 million new passengers and more than $200 million in consumer savings annually, Southwest said, citing an economic analysis by Campbell-Hill Aviation Group LLP.

AirTran chief executive Bob Fornaro said in a written statement that the deal with Southwest will give AirTran opportunities to grow “both professionally as individuals and as a group, in ways that simply would not be possible without this agreement.”

Under the deal, AirTran and Southwest would operate as independent companies until the deal closes, then Fornaro would continue work on the integration of the two companies.  But I have to believe it will all become Southwest sooner than later.

AirTran has 2,500 employees based in Atlanta. Southwest currently does not fly out of Atlanta.

Southwest and AirTran said the new airline will operate from more than 100 airports and serve more than 100 million customers.


Everyone Who Thinks They are Going to Take the GA 400 Toll Away, Take One Step Forward


Officials are meeting this week to determine wheter they will keep the toll booths on GA 400 in North Metro Atlanta when the bonds are paid off in 2011.

When the toll booths were installed almost twenty years ago I remember telling a friend of mine they will never take those booths down, even though by law they are supposed to in 2011.

Now they say they needto keep the tolls going because there are other road projects to do, many of which have nothing to do with GA 400 and its use.

Why should those that use GA 400 be forced to pay for projects all over Fulton County?  The toll booths should come down in 2011, or at the very least a vote should be put to the people to see if they want the toll money to be used for future road projects.  And if approved they should be used for projects that help make GA 400 a better highway and take away some of the congestion that plagues this road every day.



Kid Rock's Atlanta Trial Goes to Jury

A jury of 11 will deliberate the Kid Rock Waffle House fight case beginning Friday morning in Atlanta.

The Decatur man suing the musician said Kid Rock and his five co-defendants attacked him without warning during a fight nearly three years ago at a Buford Highway Waffle House.

Harlen Akins, 41, is the man who says he was punched and kicked repeatedly by the rocker's crew and feared for his life.

Kid Rock said his crew was in defense mode, portraying Akins as an eager agitator. "We didn't beat up [Akins]," the singer testified.

The musician stopped at the restaurant following an October 2007 performance at The Tabernacle in Atlanta. He pleaded guilty in March 2008 to a misdemeanor charge of simple battery.

Akins is seeking restitution of roughly $6,000 in medical costs plus an unspecified amount for pain and suffering. The former music promoter followed Kid Rock on the stand as testimony concluded in the three-day-long civil trial.

 "Independent eyewitnesses, not once, but twice said Kid Rock started the fight," the plaintiff's attorney said. "[Kid Rock] told you if someone insults him, he'll punch him. All you have to do is be in at the wrong place at the wrong time and say the wrong thing."