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Kindle Free Pick of the Week - Heal Your Eye Problems with Herbs, Minerals and Vitamins

This New Zealand book was written by Max Crarer of Wairoa while in his mid-70's. It tells the true story of how several years earlier he accidentally healed his Glaucoma (of 12 years standing) by the use of minerals and vitamins. Max was well known to listeners of Radio Pacific and shared his story with them before writing this book. There appears to be no other book like this in the world. Max Crarer's combination of herbs, vitamins and minerals have helped thousands. Following his healing, Max researched eye healings by studying the findings of eye researchers from all around the world. Since then, through his own experience and the numerous personal experiences of others and his Radio Pacific listeners, he has discovered a combination of herbs, minerals and vitamins that have helped thousands of NZ sufferers of various eye complaints. He calls this natural course of treatment 'Triple Therapy' as it combines the three effects of herbs, minerals and vitamins. This book reveals the full Triple Therapy treatment.


Kindle Free Pick of the Week - Black Flagged

Book One of the Black Flagged series.

A graduate of the Department of Defense's experimental Black Flag program, Daniel Petrovich carries secrets he'd rather keep buried. Secrets his government has hidden in the deepest vaults of the Pentagon. Unfortunately for Daniel, someone is trying to raise Black Flag from the dead and bring Daniel back with it. Someone who knows all of his darkest secrets.

In exchange for the promise of a clean slate and a chance to keep the life he has built with the woman he loves, he agrees to carry out one final mission.

Daniel's life is about to disintegrate, as he becomes the focus of a relentless FBI manhunt and the target of a vengeful CIA agent. To survive, he'll be forced to release a dark side he fought for years to keep suppressed. A dark side with few boundaries, and even fewer loyalties.

Black Flagged lays the foundation for a gritty, unapologetic series exploring the often unceremoniously brutal world of covert operatives and government agency politics.

"Thinking Anew" Is Worth a Look

I'll be talking with one of the authors of this self-help work book tomorrow.

Looking forward to hearing the insight of Richard Quis.

Give this book a look.


Kindle Free Pick of the Week - Guide to Healing Chronic Pain, A Holistic Approach

This week's free pick may help you feel better.

Have you been diagnosed with a so-called incurable pain condition like herniated discs, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, migraine, nerve damage or fibromyalgia?

This free guide can help you:

  1. Discover cutting edge, natural pain relief tools and therapies you can use to heal your pain with or without your doctor's consent
  2. Use inexpensive infra-red acupuncture patches to reduce and eliminate pain symptoms within seconds or minutes
  3. Reduce and reverse the inflammation to your body caused by stress, toxins, trauma and drugs
  4. Re-wire your brain and nervous system to get your body's self-healing mechanisms up and running again
  5. Harness the Law of Attraction and the power of the Mind to remove obstacles to healing
  6. Eliminate negative thoughts and emotional baggage associated with your chronic pain
  7. Reconnect with your Spirit and Higher Self so that your healing can be a joyous journey of self-discovery
  8. Rally the "right" support team to help you heal

Kindle Free Pick of the Week - Cycling's Greatest Misadventures

Cycling's Greatest Misadventures presents twenty-seven true stories which cross the spectrum from terrifying to comical to downright bizarre. In these pages both everyday riders and pros tell their stories of freak accidents, animal attacks, sabotage, idiotic decisions, eerie or unexplained incidents, and other jaw dropping, adrenalin-pumping calamities. These stories bring to life the strange things possibilities that await, once we step on the pedals of our road, mountain, or commuter bikes.

A sampling of misadventures in this collection includes the stories of:

* the mountain biker who follows a bull and then gets gored by it

* the twenty African Americans who pioneered cycle touring by completing a Transamerica ride in 1897, with rifles

* the large rat that leapt on top of a woman's bike and slapped her repeatedly with its tail