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Each week, Rick joins his buddy Sully to talk tech on the Limpert Tech "SullyCast on ALT 105.7, formerly TalkRadio 640 WGST


Limpert Tech "SullyCast" on ALT 105.7 and iHeartRadio 9/13/19 - Guy Harvey of Guy Harvey Apparel

A special episode of LimpertTech this week as Rick is joined by Guy Harvey of Guy Harvey Apparel for the entire segment.

Have a listen:

Guy Harvey of

Rick and Guy talk about his background and what’s coming in 2020. Harvey’s iconic ocean-inspired artwork which serves as the backdrop for the Spring 2020 launch. The Spring 2020 collection focuses on Guy’s original artwork showcased on versatile and durable clothing designed to perform from the day’s first cast, to the night’s last catch. This collection of wearable works of art feature high performance fishing apparel as well as casual lifestyle pieces. It includes tees, shorts, head wear, sportswear, swim, and layering pieces. Customers will also find boating and coastal casual footwear including sandals, boat shoes and casual canvas shoes.

“We are very excited about our new sportfishing lifestyle apparel and footwear collection,” said Dr. Harvey. “Through our diverse partnerships, we have created high-quality, functional, fashionable sportfishing apparel and footwear that fit every season and is designed especially for today’s active lifestyle.”

As with all Guy Harvey apparel and merchandise, a portion of proceeds from sales support scientific research and educational initiatives through the non-profit Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation (GHOF).

The Guy Harvey story begins on Jamaica’s south coast where a young boy and his parents enjoyed many hours fishing and diving, as well as beach excursions with the entire family. Growing up in this idyllic setting, this boy knew that his life would forever be focused on the ocean and all its offerings.

Today this young boy is the man we know as Guy Harvey—the embodiment of everything having to do with the water. He is a unique blend of artist, conservationist, diver, angler, scientist and explorer, fiercely devoted to his family and his love of the ocean.

A 10th generation Jamaican of English heritage, his passion for marine life started to grow from that tranquil childhood backdrop and he began drawing pictures of the many different fish he observed. From his early inspirations, Guy’s natural gift to recreate the underwater realm has propelled him from Professor of Marine Biology to Wildlife Artist and Photographer.

See more at


Limpert Tech "SullyCast" on ALT 105.7 and iHeartRadio 9/6/19 - Rick Back from the UP of Michigan, Club Champion

Rick was back last week in the UP (Upper Peninsula) of Michigan. At the beautiful, Island Resort and Casino, with a new feel and playing a new golf course, Sage Run along with some of the other courses in the UP.


Have a listen:

Now just over a year old, Sage Run is the newest 18-hole course in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Like our other well regarded course, Sweetgrass, the eminent Paul Albanese, ASGCA of Albanese and Lutzke Golf Course Design, designed this course. Intended to compliment Sweetgrass, it provides a unique opportunity for golfers of all skill levels to experience perfection in golf course design on two diverse courses.

About the Course

Sage Run features a large drumlin, which is a long, sloping ridge. It runs throughout the course in different directions, challenging players to interact and move along the course with it. Each hole has a unique character and feel.
Part of a new breed of golf courses

The course takes golfers through pine scrub areas, open areas and partially wooded area. The architect appreciated the expansive site that was full of natural features. It's tough, challenging, but fun to play.

1. The Island Resort and Casino Mobile app

Rick was able to use on his trip.
Island Resort app is FREE to download, rewarding, fun, and provides access to your Island Club account. Here are just some of the things you will be able to do with the new Island Resort app:
-View account balances and Tier status
- Check out promotions and upcoming entertainment events
- Receive exclusive mobile only offers and rewards
- Challenge yourself with in app Achievements
- Receive near real time updates on all of the fun at Island Resort and Casino
- Get general information and directions to our properties

Download the free Island Resort app today and start enjoy additional exclusive benefits to your already great Island Club account!

All Island information will be accessible at your fingertips when using our app, from our monthly promotions and events with dates, times and location to our dining options with our full menu and specials menu as well as casino game information complete with an INTERACTIVE SLOT MACHINE MAP and so much more!

2. Online Room Reservations

AVAILABILITY CALENDAR is onlone. Please select your location and dates, then "Check Availability" to the right.

3. Promotions listed Online

Cash, bingo and casino promotions now all in one spot online.

4. Online Virtual Casino
Play games online and more..

5. Rick has been trying his new custom fit putter from Club Champion.

At Club Champion, the fitting process is easy and they offer every manufacturer and product.
Club Champion now offers a brand new 18-month special financing program. Customers will pay NO interest if the promotional balance is paid in full in 18 months -- meaning our customers can break up the cost of new clubs and work within a budget.

Rick is loving his new custom putter. As with everything at Club Champion, the place is designed to improve your golf game.


Limpert Tech "SullyCast" on ALT 105.7 and iHeartRadio 8/30/19 - Tips for Buying a Budget Laptop

If money is a concern when looking to purchase a new laptop, consider these factors in this order of importance:

We are talking maybe $250-500.

Have a listen:


Full-HD (1920 x 1080) Screen: Most budget laptops are saddled with low-res, 1366 x 768 displays that allow you to fit a lot of text on the screen at once. If you can find a laptop with a screen that has a 1920 x 1080 resolution, you'll be able to see more of your favorite web pages, emails, social media feeds and documents, without scrolling. You'll also get much sharper images and videos.

SSD or eMMC Memory: Most sub-$500 laptops use mechanical hard drives, but if you can get one with a solid-state drive or eMMC storage, another form of solid-state memory, you'll speed up your  boot and application open times.

Good build quality: If you see a laptop with a soft-touch finish or real aluminum on any of its surfaces ― especially the deck and lid ―that's a sign of good design. However, in this price range, you'll likely have to settle for plastic.

Pick the right CPU: A Core i3 processor is pretty good for this price range. Intel Pentium and Celeron CPUs are serviceable, but not particularly speedy. A Chromebook generally requires less processing power than a Windows machine.

Optical Media: If you need to use CDs or DVDs, we've even found a couple of laptops with DVD drives that won't break the bank.
Your buying decision may come down to whether you need a full-fledged PC, or would prefer the simplicity of a Chromebook.

You'll want a Windows 10-based machine if there are applications  you depend upon, such as Adobe or Microsoft's suites of apps. Yes, Chrome OS machines can run the Android versions of those apps with Google Play emulation, but those apps are often incomplete, and give you a bare minimum when it comes to features.

Chromebooks will be best, though, if you live inside the Chrome browser, and prefer a system that takes care of itself. With a Chromebook, you'll never need antivirus software, and system updates are automatically performed. Chromebooks are also more web-dependent, as offline modes are still not as widely available.



Limpert Tech "SullyCast" on ALT 105.7 and iHeartRadio 8/24/19 - Tailgating Gadgets and Tech

It's not just football season it's "Tailgating Season"


46% of football fans tailgate 6-10 times a season
42% of tailgaters spend over $500 a season on food and supplies
51% set-up 3-4 hours before the game
95% of our Tailgaters prepare their food at the stadium
59% Use a combination of grills, stoves, and smokers to cook

Rick has some great tailgating gadgets and tech for the 2019 season.

Have a listen:

1.  IG Charcoal BBQ Grill


Be the King of the Tailgate with this grill!

This new Santa Maria Style grill offers a unique grilling experience. The IG Charcoal  BBQ is a stainless steel charcoal barbecue grill  that has a rotating charcoal handle for temperature control, folding side trays, bottom storage rack, easy sliding ash tray collector, two wheels for mobility, and a grill top. The grill offers a large cooking area that makes it great for catering at events. The cooking area is 18 X 34 inches.  

State of the Art Charcoal BBQ
Stainless Steel Construction
Large Grill Top
Perfect for Grilling Skewers and Kebabs
Adjustable Heat Control with Lifting Mechanism
Easy Assembly and Wheel Installation / Removal
Foldable Side Trays
Easy Clean with Ash Collector


2. Meater Products

MEATER by Apption Labs

World’s first truly wireless leave-in meat thermometer with internal and external temperature sensors to ensure perfectly prepared meat for any meal.

MEATER Probe / $69

Stainless steel construction for maximum durability
Water-resistant design to prevent rusting of components and allow for seamless clean up
Bluetooth LE connection and reach of up to 30 feet to monitor meat in any area of the home
WIFI enabled cloud technology designed for monitoring cook at greater distance
Patented MEATER Sense™ two sensor probe measures internal temperature (up to 212°F) and external temperature of meat (up to 527°F) to estimate the resting temperature of the meat
Rechargeable AAA battery enclosed in packaging and powers 24 hours of continuous cooking between charges
Companion app available for iOS and Android provides recommendations for meat preparation, tracks finish and resting time and saves cook history
MEATER+ / $99

Charger includes built-in Bluetooth repeater allowing the range to extend up to 165ft
Available Oct. 2

Smooth wood grain construct encases MEATER Probe and matches any kitchen or outdoor decor
Charges MEATER probe using rechargeable AAA battery for up to 100 times of meat preparation
·         Built-in LED indicator offers visual cue for charging and pairing status

·         Magnetic backing to adhere to any metallic surface for high-visibility storage

3.  Vizio TVs

TV’s from VIZIO will certainly step-up your viewing experience and make you feel like you’re right on the field, all without overpaying for your beer and hotdog.

VIZIO P-Series Quantum
(Starting at $1,399.99)

With up to 115% more color and 4x brighter than standard 4K TVs, the VIZIO P-Series Quantum has Chromecast and Apple AirPlay 2 built in with SmartCast 3.0, 4K UHD + Dolby Vision HDR, plus UltraBright 1200 with up to 240 local dimming zones.
Voice control and extraordinary color give viewers the ultimate game day experience so you can sit on the couch – or get up and yell at your TV – and feel like you’re right in the center of the action. Available in 65” and 75” at, Best Buy, Target, Sam’s Club, etc.


4.  UMA Siren Megaphone

Get your tailgate revved up with the UMA Siren Megaphone

Clear sound and long range.

Ergonomic grip and light-weight.

Multi-functions supported.

Siren alarm tone simply activated by one button press.

Compact design and affordable price.

Multiple colors


5. Soundcore Anker Rave Mini Speaker


A wireless Bluetooth speaker that can accomodate your tailgate.

Rave Mini electrifies the air, sending the bass surging through the crowd.
The light show glows, ebbs, and flows along with the beat. It conquers water,
has outrageous playtime, and brings the party along for the ride.
And it all starts when you press play.

Feel the full force of Rave Mini as it delivers 80W of mind-blowing music via a 5.25-inch woofer,
2-inch tweeter, and 5.25-inch passive radiator. Our exclusive BassUp™ technology takes the body-shaking bass
and exaggerates it in real-time—intensifying every single song.

Start your day with a tailgate before the big game, then go to the after-party—Rave Mini’s got you covered with 18 hours of party-proof beats and lights.



Limpert Tech "SullyCast" on ALT 105.7 and iHeartRadio 8/18/19 - Tech for the College Student

It's Back to School time for most college students around the country.

What's new and hot when it comes to gadgets and tech?

Rick and Axel discuss...

Have a listen:

1.  Sprint - HTC 5G Hotspot

Harness 5G speeds for home, business, and at school with the world's first smart hub.

Command the rapid speeds of the future with the HTC 5G Hub. Designed for ease of use in both home and office environments, this versatile device enables smooth 4K video streaming, low-latency gaming, and faster networks.

With long-lasting power and Android™ 9 Pie support, the HTC 5G Hub is also made for a wide array of on-the-go situations, harnessing 5G speeds that are dramatically faster than 4G LTE networks.

The HTC 5G Hub maximizes 5G speeds to stream 4K videos to a second screen and deliver your favorite content in fluid clarity. It also replaces your Wi-Fi router and removes unnecessary cables for an easy plug-and-play setup.

*Wired connection required. USB-C adaptor and streaming apps used could impact 4K streaming performance.

Voice and Remote Control
Quickly and easily manage your entertainment needs with intuitive voice command and remote control features.

PC gaming and remote control via smartphone and Android apps. Actual function and performance may vary.

Big Screen, Big Time Gaming
Enjoy ultra-low-latency, 60fps, and 4K resolution—gaming at its finest—with the HTC 5G Hub.

2.  Cricket Wireless

Lots going on with Cricket...

Wins JD Power award

Atlanta-based and fastest-growing prepaid provider,  Cricket Wireless.that Cricket is a stand-alone provider of non-contract wireless services (often referred to as prepaid) as part of AT&T’s prepaid business headquartered here in Atlanta.

J.D. Power announced the winners of the Customer Care Non-Contract category, and for the second time in a row Cricket Wireless won for Customer Care. We’ve come a long way since Cricket was a regional prepaid wireless provider and since AT&T’s acquisition and the launch of the new Cricket in 2014, we’ve been on a tremendous growth trajectory.

 LG Stylo 5 which launched at Cricket on June 28th and we were the first carrier to sale the Stylo 5 in the US. The device comes in Blonde Rose (Exclusive to Cricket) and Platinum Gray. This is a great device with premium features without the price tag of other top-tier devices and perfect for the on-the-go entrepreneur, budget savvy techie, or multitasking student.


3. myCharge Power Lumens  or other mycharge portable chargers

Portable chargers are a convenient item to have for around the house when all the wall outlets are taken as well as traveling, work and school. Finding one that has double the benefits can make your life even easier, like the new Power Lumens from myCharge. Available in either 10,000mAh or 20,000mAh, the Power Lumens features two USB-A ports as well as a built-in light that features four levels of brightness and six different settings. The powerbank features a convenient easel for propping it up and directing the light where it is needed. The Power Lumens is ideal for camping, photoshoots, working in the garage and bedside tables.

4.  Kensington Wellview Monitor Stand


Kensington has done it again  a new ergonomic monitor stand with adjustable temperature and air flow via a fan that keeps your body feeling good, even after long hours gaming or working.

Kensington monitor stands combine ergonomic benefits of raising your monitor height and the wellness benefits of personal temperature and air filtration control.  

I've been using Kensington products for a decade and they are truly designed with the user in mind. Each Kensington WellView ergonomic monitor stand serves multiple purposes.

Ergonomic Design: steel base promotes a healthy posture by elevating your monitor to an optimal viewing height.

Interchangeable Modules: exchange the detachable cooling fan, ceramic heater, and air purifier to accommodate different seasons, environments, or personal preferences.

Stylish & Durable: fits well with either a home office or modern business environment, and supports monitors and all-in-one PC’s up to 27".

5. Pixel Eyewear - New Styles for Computer Glasses

Pixel Eyewear provides breakthrough lens technology that filters 50 percent of blue light and up to 95 percent at the strongest wavelengths, without the yellow tint. Lenses also contain nanotechnology that reduces smudges and repel water and dust. For comfort, each lens has an anti-reflective coating, eliminating computer glare and reducing the stress on your eyes.

Our eyes are not designed to be exposed to blue light emitted by computer screens, phones, and television constantly. Symptoms of overexposure include eye fatigue, dry eyes, blurred vision, headaches. Blue light can impair your sleep cycle as well as disrupting the circadian rhythm that prevents us from falling and staying asleep.

Right now for $75

6.  Wakey Bedside Bluetooth Speaker and Charging Station from Soundcore

The first bluetooth speaker/alarm clock/wireless charger combo; this device combines all your need into one convenient package.

It seamlessly combines well-known, Qi-certified, Anker PowerIQ™ fast charging technology with Soundcore’s clear sound quality for a perfect alarm clock for any bedroom nightstand or dresser.
Wireless Fast-Charging Technology

In addition to getting you up on time, the Wakey all-in-one supports 10W for Qi-certified Samsung devices and 7.5W for iPhone fast wireless charging with Anker’s proprietary PowerIQ™ technology, which charges devices up to 2x faster than a standard charger. Compatible with the latest Apple and Android devices to always start the day off with fully powered devices.
Crystal Clear  Sound

The Wakey’s dual 5W drivers produce clear, balancing stereo sound to fill the room with soothing wind down music before bed and white noise to help you sleep.  It connects to most devices via Bluetooth 5.0 to play music, audiobooks and podcasts. This all-in-one also features FM Radio for an easy listening experience.
Thoughtful Design

It’s sleek minimalist design comfortably fits any bedroom decor, while the intuitive Touch Bar design is easy to reach from beneath the covers to snooze, change the music or turn on the built-in white noise generator.  Sparing no detail, the Wakey has an adjustable LED Display for in-room ambience and the Soundcore app quickly syncs time for worry-free time changes and super convenient alarm clock setting.

Available for $99.99 on Amazon and via select retailers.  For more information on Wakey, visit

7.  6 New OttLite Wellness desk lamps

These could make a great addition to any dorm room or home office. OttLite lamps feature exclusive Clear Sun LED technology, which is as close to natural sunlight as you can get. The patent-pending Clear Sun lighting reduces eyestrain up to 51 percent, and the energy efficient LEDs last up to 40,000 hours. In addition to being healthy, OttLite lamps are also full of convenient tech features like: wireless charging stations, touch controls, and voice assistant for Google Home and Alexa.