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Each week, Rick joins his buddy Sully to talk tech on the Limpert Tech "SullyCast on ALT 105.7, formerly TalkRadio 640 WGST


Limpert Tech "SullyCast" on ALT 105.7 and iHeartRadio - BB&T Atlanta Open and Tennis Tech

It's that time of the year! Rick is in Midtown for the next 10 or so days with the BB&T Atlanta Open tennis tournament. Rick is the media director and follows tennis all year long, so he gets to see the latest tennis tech up close.

And some new tech is being put in play at the tournament this week at the BB&T.
Have a listen:

1.  BB&T Atlanta Open debuts an app
For Apple and Android

The official app of the BB&T Atlanta Open lets you follow all the tennis action both at and away from the tournament.

Get News, Featured Articles, Draws, Schedules, Stats, and more! Plus access the entire "In the Stadium" fan experience upon entering the tournament grounds where you can instantly interact with other fans, special team content, trivia, and unique fan challenges.

Earn points as you participate and make your way up the leaderboard to become the number one BB&T Atlanta Open Superfan!

2.  Electronic Line Calling to be Used on Every Court at 2018 US Open

The US Open will become the first Grand Slam tournament to use electronic line calling on every court this summer, when its use of the technology is expanded to cover all 16 courts.

The move will ensure consistency and fairness for all players, while keeping the US Open at the forefront of technological innovations.

Last year, electronic line calling had a dedicated in-stadium presence on the four main courts – Arthur Ashe Stadium, Louis Armstrong Stadium, Grandstand and Court 17. It was also used to provide video reviews on Courts 5, 10 and 13, which were served via a dedicated replay room inside Arthur Ashe Stadium, rather than at the court itself. Based on the success of this expanded trial on the three field courts, the decision was made to roll out the technology across the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center.

As a result, electronic line calling cameras will be present on all 16 competition courts when the US Open main draw begins on Aug. 27, with the initial plan to use the technology in men's and women's singles, doubles and mixed doubles matches.

3. Wimbledon Streamed in Ultra HD to fans

Wimbledon has come a long way!

NextVR team filmed tennis in ultra-high resolution stereoscopic 3D for the first time ever. Matches were streamed over free Wi-Fi to fans waiting in line to get onto the grounds. Spectators can point their phones at stadium plaques to trigger augmented reality experiences. “Our grander ambition is to make sure we are keeping Wimbledon relevant through the use of technology,”

4. NetCam was a smash at Wimbledon

NetCam is the next evolution of their Globecam unit – a world leader in live, point-of-view miniature camera solutions that specialise in live sport. NetCam will be deployed on each side of the net to deliver audiences an unprecedented panorama of Wimbledon’s Centre and No.1 Courts during match play.
In addition to improving the fan’s viewing-experience, the miniature camera technology also provides players and officials with a unique, live net’s eye view of the on-court action.


5. New Nike Shoe debuting for US Open in August - The Zoom Zero

With the US Open—the final Grand Slam tournament of the year—fast approaching, Nike Tennis has readied a brand-new sneaker just in time for the United States’ most prestigious tournament. The Zoom Zero is a truly unique example of tennis footwear: a shoe that features New York-inspired detailing, and boasts a brand-new take on Zoom cushioning technology.

Most sneakers that utilize Zoom feature two seperate cushioning units: one in the heel, and one in the forefoot. The Zoom Zero turns this conventional cushioning method on its head by offering a single curved Zoom Air unit that stretches all the way from heel to toe, offering both impact protection on a player’s heel strike and a springy feel when a player is on their toes ready for a volley. A rigid rubber toe offers impact protection, and bright pops of color on the tongue and heel add a little extra flair. For a NYC-inspired touch, the shoe also features “New York” signed in different languages from the midsole’s peak on the midfoot all the way up to the heel. The Zoom Zero is set to release in both black and white on, so enjoy images (and original design sketches) of the shoe below while you wait, and get ready to hit the tennis court in this futuristic sneaker this summer.

6. Weekly "Bird" update

During an Atlanta City Council work session Friday, local lawmakers declared Bird and its multiple dock-free vehicle-sharing competitors a crucial part of evolving Atlanta into a more multimodal (and less car-dependant) city. But they say some regulation is needed...
A city ordinance proposal drafted by Councilmembers Michael Bond, Jennifer Ide, Dustin Hillis, Matt Westmoreland, and Andre Dickens seeks to ensure Bird scooters and other small shareable vehicles are used in an “obstruction free” fashion.
Bird users, evidently, are not the only offenders. Vehicle-sharing companies have been sprouting like weeds recently, and options such as Lime bikes and scooters and Muving mopeds have also been found idle, crowding sidewalks and obstructing public rights of way.

- The BB&T Atlanta Open starts this weekend... tickets and more info at


Limpert Tech "SullyCast" on ALT 105.7 and iHeartRadio - New Kitchen Tech

Some people spend more time in their kitchen than any other room in their house. So how about some new tech for our kitchen?

Rick and Sully take a look at what's new for the kitchen:

1.  Swiss Diamond Classic Non Stick Grill

Turn your stove top into a grill. Developed for the ultimate grill and tailgate enthusiast, simply pull out this pan to transform your stove top into an indoor grill, ready to please even the deepest of grill lovers. The new and enhanced Swiss Diamond XD nonstick coating is what truly revolutionizes the excellent design that measures 17 x 11 inches. This nonstick double-burner grill pan provides ample room to cook a variety of foods, including chicken, steak, pork chops, vegetables and anything else for your gameday celebration.

2. Capsulier LITE’s the mess free capsule maker

Right now a crowdfunding campaign
Capsulier observes the selection of espresso capsule is very limited. Besides, the coffee capsule is at least packed for six months or even more stacking in a grocery shop. In addition, it has been ages about coffee capsule waste has become a serious environmental pollution. Capsulier recognizes this prevailing problem that threatens to anyone like us.

The team persist to develop an innovative product that can make a slightly change to live smart, and stay healthy. It turns out freshly brewed, wider capsule coffee selection and also cost effective are the key factors to coffee lovers. Capsulier LITE is the one stop, simple to use, mess free, Capsulier Packaging Machine. Capsulier redefines the standard of capsule coffee.
Capsulier gives the coffee-consumer the ability to integrate their personal preferences into their coffee, beyond the stereotypical flavors pushed by brand names and conglomerate companies. The capsule packaging gadget makes custom-blend in seconds, pops easily into espresso machines, and creates any kind of blend a coffee-lover can dream of.

Nespresso Compatible: After custom freshly blend, CAPSI is put into Nespresso Lattissima One, a cup of your own blended is freshly made.

3.  Roidmi F8

The perfect vacuum for the kitchen. Wrapping up a crowdfunding campaign. The lighest and most powerful vacuum, and perfect for use in the kitchen.

4.  YETI Tundra Haul

YETI asked and the fans answered. The first-ever YETI cooler on wheels is the answer to taking Tundra's® legendary toughness and unmatched insulation power the extra mile. And nothing was sacrificed in the making of this cold-holding powerhouse, ensuring the Haul™ lives up to the Tundra name. The Tundra® Haul™ is now the toughest cooler on two wheels.

5. Tervis

Tervis currently offers insulated tumblers in numerous sizes, water bottles, sippy cups and wine glasses. There are 1000s of original and licensed designs and emblems and a full complement of accessories to go along with the drinkware. Tumblers and cups with your favorite team's logo.come in high quality stainless steel and other materials that a BPA free, microwave/dishwasher safe and carry a lifetime guarantee. Tervis keeps drinks hot or cold longer while you cheer on your favorite team at

6. Perfect Bake Pro

The centerpiece of the Perfect Bake Pro is a simple, stainless steel digital Bluetooth scale. It has only four buttons—Timer, Bluetooth Pairing, On/Up, and Off/Down—to keep things stress-free, and a backlit display so you can easily follow along even if the light isn't great in your kitchen. Also included are a set of three colorful nesting mixing bowls (you can use your own bowls, too), an oven thermometer, and a stand for holding your tablet or phone upright while you're working. Note that because the Perfect Bake Pro and the Perfect Drink Pro operate on the same principles, you can download the Perfect Drink app and follow its recipes, too—you'll just need to supply your own cocktail shaker.


Limpert Tech "SullyCast" on ALT 105.7 and iHeartRadio - Community Ride-Share Scooters and Bikes

Community-share scooters, bikes and transports are all the rage!

Rick and Sully seem to mention them every week. But this week, that is the focus and they go more in depth on what you may soon find as "short hop" options on your streets or neighborhoods.

Have a listen to see how you can use these services and how the trend is growing.

1.  Bird

The Bird system of dockless, electric, lightweight scooters is taking off in Atlanta as a means of travel that link commuters between transit and home—or to anywhere too far to walk, or too close to drive, to. It’s the California-based company’s first foray into the Southeast.

Initially, Atlantans have found Birds in Midtown, Tech Square, downtown, and south of Interstate 20 in West End, but it's speading even more than that as we are now in Summer.

Taking Bird “vehicles” is an app-based endeavor that costs $1 to start each ride, then 15 cents per minute afterwards.

Bird employees begin tracking them down, charging, and storing them overnight at 8 p.m. The scooters are returned to “nests” at 7 a.m. the following day.

Typically, three Birds roost at each nest. Some property owners agree to host more more, however.
Helmets (like drivers licenses) are required by law and are provided by Bird upon request. Each scooter’s scootin’ capabilities are capped at 15 mph, and they’ll fly about 15 miles per charge. Scooting about ATL for anyone under 18 years old is a no-no.

The company has pledged to remit $1 per scooter, per day, to city governments to help build permanent bike lanes, maintain infrastructure, and promote safety. Per Bird’s estimation, 40 percent of U.S. car trips are less than two miles long.

2.  Muving

Muving, an electric scooter company based in Spain, launched 75 scooters in Midtown around June 15. Riders can reserve and use a scooter through the Muving app but must have a drivers license and be at least 18 years old. The scooters can travel up to 45 miles and can reach speeds of 30 MPH.

The Metro Atlanta Chamber helped bring the company to the City of Atlanta, which has been supportive of the project. While the city has not passed any requirements yet dealing with shareable “dockless mobility devices,” they have drafted an ordinance, which Muving is working to follow. Unlike the Bird electric scooters that have taken over the city, Muving’s bikes cannot simply be parked on the street.
Rides cost 35 cents per minute or 15 cents per minute when the scooter is in standby mode. The scooters are available from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily, but if they are well received, they could end up running 24/7.

3. Relay Bike Share

Relay Bike Share has grown to include more than 500 bikes at 60-plus stations spanning from West End to Buckhead’s PATH 400.
The rentable sky-blue bikes have become ubiquitous around Atlanta. Try one!

4. Ofo Dockless Bikes

Ofo, founded in China in 2014, secured a business license with the city and launched in Midtown, Little Five Points, Inman Park and the Old Fourth Ward last Wednesday.

Company representatives said pricing will be $1 to start a ride and an additional $1 for every half hour ridden. Ofo will also be testing out a new drop-off model in Atlanta where the company is partnering with local businesses. Users will be required to start a trip and end a trip on the private property of one of those designated businesses.

5.  Uber and Lyft not far behind

Ride-hailing company Uber announced an agreement to acquire JUMP Bikes, “an electronic, dockless bike-sharing service,” giving Uber access to its 12,000 GPS-enabled bikes in 40 cities across six countries.
Lyft - has recently bought one of the one of the biggest bike-sharing companies in the US - Motivate
Motivate accounts for about 80 percent of bike-share trips in the US, also operates networks in Chicago; Boston; Washington, DC; Portland, Oregon; Columbus; and Minneapolis.

6. Product to get... to be safe...  for all these bikes and scooters... Morpher Folding Helmet
It folds as you squash it in from both sides – the Morpher packs down far smaller, making it a better option for those who really want to save on space in their bag. Make sure you opt for the version of the Morpher that meets your local safety standards if you order online. a little over $100, buy on



Limpert Tech for 6/30/18 on ALT 105.7 and iHeartRadio - Running and Peachtree RR Tech

The 4th of July marks the running of the biggest 10K in the world... The Peachtree Road Race
The 49th running of the AJC Peachtree Road Race will take place on Wednesday, July 4, 2018. It will be broadcast live in the Atlanta metro-area on WXIA-TV.  A tape-delayed broadcast will air on NBC Sports at 8 p.m. that evening. For more information, visit
You'll see all sorts of gadgets being used by runners in the Peachtree and runners in general. 
Rick and Sully talk about some cool and useful running gadgets and tech.
Have a listen:
1.  Cleer Earphones and Headphones
Why Cleer?
    Cleer ironless driver technology shuns the common, soft iron pole piece in favor of a ringed assembly of rare-earth magnets delivering: a perfectly-focused magnetic field, high-excursion with optimized voice-coil control, and exceptionally low distortion. The result is expressive and composed wide-band frequency response.
    Enjoying music to the fullest, ideally in a quiet and still background is not always easy nor realistic, especially when living life on-the-go. Enter Cleer hybrid noise canceling technology developed to deliver class-leading noise canceling capability along with superb audio response for immersive listening anytime and anywhere.
Rick has been tryimg the Cleer Edge Pulse and it's been wonderful. Cller makes earphones that are great for running and working out. There is also a heart-rate monitor built in.
2. Mizuno's exclusive Peachtree Road Race Shoe

Availalable in Atlanta, Mizuno makes a 2018 Limited Edition Peachtree custom shoe, although any of Mizuno's running shoes are great for pounding the pavement.
Inspired by the American flag first knitted by Betsy Ross, the design embodies a patriotic red, white and blue theme featuring the iconic race badge, and is the first release of WAVEKNIT® in the U.S. market.
Available at running specialty stores in the Atlanta area, the Mizuno Experience Center and online at
3. FlipBelt - $30

Ultimate stash belt for all your run-tech
The FlipBelt isn’t like a fanny pack with all its adjustable straps and buckles, it sits flush against your skin so that you don’t have to worry about it bouncing around. And the lack of zips or latches means there’s no chafing, and assuming you get the correct size – there are five to choose from, ranging from a 23- to 41-inch waist – it won’t ride up either.
You can even get water bottles designed to fit inside the belt and more.
4. Runvi Smart Insoles
On Kickstarter, order your pair now for the Fall
The wearable in-shoe sensor will provide a treasure trove of data and performance metrics for our running-crazed society. According to a statement from NWTNLabs, the insoles will combine “training science and leading-edge sensor and AI technology” to make it one of the most powerful fitness tracking and running apps on the market. But most importantly, according to NWTNLabs, the product doesn’t feature any bulky, visible clip-on gadgets.
5. Alchemi Labs Hats

Prices range $32 - $39 -
Alchemi Labs has created a one of a kind, ultimate sun protecting line of hats! Made from the same materials used by the space industry to protect astronauts from solar rays (!!!),  Alchemi Labs' hats are made of radiant barrier technology creating maximum sun protection. Used by athletes such as ultrathoners, beach lovers and everything in between, these hats are ideal for anyone who enjoys the outdoors.
Alchemi Labs' hats feature:
Radiant barrier technology born from the space industry!
Blocks 99.8% of skin damaging UV rays!
Reflects up to 80% of the sun’s heat waves!
Moisture wicking sweatband and aggressive ventilation aids in cooling!
Used by professional distance runners, beach lovers, gardeners, outdoor adventure seekers and more!
Unisex and 4 styles to choose from!
Designed to be the most protective sun hat on the market!
6. MYNT ES  Bluetooth Tracker - $15

Runners lose things, so how about a $15 Bluetooth tracker that actually works. Keep in your gym bag, attach to your keys or anything else you might lose.
Mynt ES brings the best of the Mynt Tracker with a new design, more sound and a lower price. $15 is about right for a Bluetooth tracker. Advances in AI and connectivity improvements have been made that simplify operation and offer a better overall experience..
Mynt’s smartphone app works with the smartphone’s GPS, keeping a record of the frequently-visited locations. If a user activates the search function, the app displays the item’s location on a map that is easy to read. The secret here may be a new Bluetooth inner chip that appears to be more durable and provides a secure connection between device and smartphone. A new generation of embedded anti-loss algorithms enable the Mynt ES to achieve 99 percent search accuracy indoors and outside.That's much better than any other tracker near this price point.


Limpert Tech "SullyCast" on ALT 105.7 - Georgia's Hands Free Law and Gadgets Allowed

An FYI, if you have been living under a rock.

Starting July 1, Georgia has adopted a "hands-free" law for drivers...

House Bill 673- “Hands Free Law”

House Bill 673 also known as the “Hands Free Law” was passed by the Georgia General Assembly and signed into law by Governor Nathan Deal.  The Hands Free Law will take effect on July 1, 2018.  The following is a brief description what the law states and some frequently asked questions.  A link to the complete law can be found at

A driver cannot have a phone in their hand or use any part of their body to support their phone.  Drivers can only use their phones to make or receive phone calls by using speakerphone, earpiece, wireless headphone, phone is connected to vehicle or an electronic watch.  GPS navigation devices are allowed.

Have a listen to Rick and Sully:

Headsets and earpieces can only be worn for communication purposes and not for listening to music or other entertainment.

    A driver may not send or read any text-based communication unless using voice-based communication that automatically converts message to a written text or is being used for navigation or GPS
    A driver may not write, send or read any text messages, e-mails, social media or internet data content
    A driver may not watch a video unless it is for navigation.
    A driver may not record a video (continuously running dash cams are exempt)
    Music streaming apps can be used provided the driver activates and programs them when they are parked. 

Drivers cannot touch their phones to do anything to their music apps when they are on the road.  Music streaming apps that include video also are not allowed since drivers cannot watch videos when on the road.  Drivers can listen to and program music streaming apps that are connected to and controlled through their vehicle's radio.

1.  Exceptions to the law (for now)

1.    Reporting a traffic crash, medical emergency, fire, criminal activity or hazardous road conditions.
2.    An employee or contractor of an utility service provider acting within the scope of their employment while responding to an utility
3.     A first responder (law enforcement, fire, EMS) during the performance of their official duties.
4.     When in a lawfully parked vehicle—this DOES NOT include vehicles stopped for traffic signals and stop signs on the public roadway.

2. Gadgets you might want to consider that comply with the new Georgia Law

a. Apple Watch - you can use the voice features of your Apple Watch while driving.

b. Ear piece - You can use a single ear piece with a device that is not in your hand.

c. Buy a Popsocket and mount - A Popsocket is a cellphone holder that can clip onto your car’s air conditioning vent or a mount on your dash
d. Handsfree Car Bluetooth® Speaker - make sure you use at reasonable volumes

e. The Law still allows for use of in-car navigation, communication and entertainment systems.

3. Also to remember:

As long as someone is legally parked, they are allowed to do these things. But “legally parked” does not mean at a stoplight or in gridlocked traffic. Also, law enforcement, emergency and utility workers are still allowed to use their phones.

13 of the 15 states that already have similar laws have seen at least a 16 percent decrease in traffic deaths. GDOT says that 1,549 people died on Georgia’s roads in 2017. If we all do our jobs and obey the Hands-Free Georgia Act, that number could decrease by almost 250 per year.

Penalties for breaking the law aren’t steep. First-time offenders get one point on their license and a $50 fine. The second offense is two points and $100 and the third is three points and $150.