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Each week, Rick joins his buddy Sully to talk tech on the Limpert Tech "SullyCast on ALT 105.7, formerly TalkRadio 640 WGST


My Appearance on WGST's "The Sully Show" 1/9/15 - CES

Rick has been at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week.  He's back to talk about what he did and saw...

This is the annual Consumer Electronics Show and is attended by nearly 160,000 people.  It runs through Friday.

Let's talk about CES

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1.  What is CES and what is it really like?
160,000 people. Long lines, expensive hotel rooms, for the most part. It takes over the city of Las Vegas each January.
Multiple convention centers. All the latest gadgets...

2.  CES Pre Show events

Officially, CES didn't kick off until Tuesday, but Rick already attended two pre show events- "Unveiled" and Pepcom's Digital Experience. These are "media only" events, where the press gets to see many of the new products ahead of time.
Rick went to both and both were crowded with new products and media.

3. Show floor is open Tues - Friday.
Miles and miles of aisles at LVCC< Sands Expo, and some of the convention centers in hotels.

4. Monday's Press Conferences

Many of the big companies have "press conferences" on Monday where they make new product announcements.  LG announced their new LG G Flex 2 phone and new washing machines and dryers.
Shaq was there for Monster audio and other celebs will be throughout the show...

What's Hot???

1. Wearable tech
2. Tech for the home
3. New Phones, laptops, micro chips, appliances and more..


My Appearance on WGST's "The Sully Show" 12/24/14 - The Fam Trip Field Guide and Christmas Eve

Rick joins Sully on Christmas Eve and Sully asks him about "The Fam Trip Field Guide" and some last minute Christmas gadget advice.

Sully asks some poignant questions about the book and travel writing.

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Get "The Fam Trip Field Guide"

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My Appearance on WGST's "The Sully Show" 12/19/14 - Last Minute Tech Stocking Stuffers

Rick and Sully talk about some last-minute gadget gift ideas... stocking stuffers, if you will

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1.  Tile

Tile tethers with your mobile phone to help you find lost items, and Osmo is a great interactive imaginative game for kids on the ipad -

Tile, with a $25 price point is a great as a stocking stuffer.

When you attach Tile to an item (like your keys), you're really tethering them both to your phone. So when your stuff gets lost, it has a buddy that knows what to do.

Tile casts a Bluetooth signal up to 100 feet, making short work of any haystacks you lose your needles in. And since every phone with Tile helps find your stuff, your search range is potentially limitless.

The app supports up to 8 Tiles.

Tile Works on iOS and Android Devices

2.  Polaroid Cube - $99

A tiny HD action camera that goes anywhere.

Splash-resistant, shockproof, mountable, and built to handle everything you can imagine. Packed with fun including 1080p HD video, 124° wide-angle lens, and built-in battery that records up to 90 minutes.

3.  Moov  -  Fitness tracker and fitness coach

Moov doesn't place calories or steps at the forefront of its tracking abilities; rather, it's a "wearable coach" that tries to make you better at exercising. The device is made of three sensors that form a nine-axis motion-sensing system that tracks not only the type of movement you're doing, but how you're doing it. The tracker's accelerometer and gyroscope detect movement in space and force of motion, while its magnetometer measures rotation.

It looks like a smartwatch. but Moov is only for exercise. This gadget doesn't pretend to be an all-day, everyday tracking device; it's meant to monitor your workout and help you get better at physical activity. This approach is limiting but also refreshing.

Moov goes on your body, be that around your ankle or on your wrist.

Moov's coaching voice kis cool. She leads you through the workout, monitoring and relaying your progress to you as you go. The Moov will tell you if your form is correct, or if you should, for example, slow down to meet you cadence goals or hit the ground with less force to avoid injuring yourself. Moov's voice coach is clear and direct with its instructions, and I could my coach while working out with my headphones in. I could also listen to music like I normally would while exercising; Moov's voice coach would lower the music volume automatically when it needed to update me on progress.
Download one or both of the available companion apps for iOS/Android to pair the device to your smartphone. Upon opening the app, you will be asked to make a Moov account, which you can do by connecting to your Facebook account or signing up with an email address. Then, you're asked to input basic information, including your age, gender, height and weight, and you can upload a photo of yourself to your profile.

Cost: $79.95 for one unit $149.95 for two

4. Esorun products...

Chinese manufacturer of cool smartphone and gadget accessories

Esorun provides Power banks,wireless hard drives,wireless chargers,iPhone battery case,portable chargers and keychain cable.
Their new product is the iStand - iPhone stand, battery case, etc

But the Bendy cable and Cute Key Cable are very useful.


And a look ahead to 2015....


My Appearance on WGST's "The Sully Show" 12/12/14 - Tech for the Sports Enthusiast

Rick checks in this week with some holiday gifts for the sports enthusiast

Have a listen to Rick and Sully on 640 am WGST in Atlanta

1. LifeStraw  Portable Water filter  $20-$35

For hikers, bikers, campers, anyone that needs clean water.

Simply place one end of the LifeStraw® tube into unfiltered water (a water bottle, river, or even a puddle) and suck clean water through the top of the straw. Follow the instructions provided for your first use.

2. Lamkin Golf Grips

Winter is the perfect time to change your golf grips.

Lamkin UTX models feature proprietary Tri-Layer Technology designed to optimize feel for enhanced shot-making and provide exceptional all-weather playability. The three functional layers include a foundation made of super tacky and soft ACE 3GEN material for enhanced comfort, a middle layer with a moisture-wicking fabric weave for traction and control in wet weather and a firm outer layer to limit torque and minimize shot dispersion. UTX grips ($8.99) are available in standard or midsize options in three distinct colors.  
“When it comes to selecting equipment, professional golfers are among the most discerning athletes in the world, which is why our premium grips are trusted by so many of the game’s elite,” says Bob Lamkin, President and CEO of Lamkin Grips. “We offer a tremendous variety of models to suit the preferences of all players, each specifically designed to maximize on-course performance.”
Offering the widest assortment of performance-enhancing golf grips, Lamkin has been an industry leader for nearly 90 years. The company’s famed products are preferred by PGA Tour superstars Justin Rose, Keegan Bradley, Brandt Snedeker, the legendary Arnold Palmer and many others.
Lamkin grips are unrivaled in quality thanks to world-class engineering, premium materials and handcrafted, repeatable production techniques. Among the popular lines offered by the company are UTX, Crossline, R.E.L ACE and i-Line, among others.
More information:


3.  Jack Nicklaus Golf Balls
Our goal: to simplify golf ball selection. In today's world, most golfers don't know which ball is the right ball for them. With Nicklaus Black, Nicklaus Blue, and Nicklaus White, all you need to know is the tee you play from. We have created three cutting edge balls to maximize feel and distance for different levels of play:

    Nicklaus White - For those who play from the forward tees
    Nicklaus Blue - For those who play from the middle tees
    Nicklaus Black - For those who play from the back tees

4. Tecnifibre tennis racquets

Quality tennis racquets from a high tech sports manufacturer.  Under the radar manufcturer of racquets and strings.
Great price points.
Tecnifibre is the official stringer of the French Open, a testament to their dedication to quality. Tecnifibre racquets feature a strong and lightweight material placed strategically in their racquets to increase stability, power, and comfort.

5. Jawbone UP Move

Get fit, lose weight, and have fun doing it. Jawbone's UP MOVE fitness tracker monitors steps taken, amount of exercise, calories burned, hours and quality of sleep, and food and drink intake. And it comes in several colors that you can mix and match with accessories. Just clip it on and wear it anywhere.



My Appearance on WGST's "The Sully Show" 12/5/14 - Tech for the Home

Rick checks in this week with some possible holiday gifts for the home... He's with Sully at Avalon

Two segments this week as they also talk smartphones


1.  Newertech NuGreen LED Desk Lamp

49.99 right now at

An energy-saving desk lamp that features light similar to natural daylight.

The only desk lamp that Rick Limpert uses.

A new high tech desk lamp.

The NuGreen LED Desk Lamp is an energy-efficient and eco-friendly, cool touch and flexible lamp. The light emitted really resembles natural daylight, using 50 LEDs for 45,000 hours of use.  

The NuGreen Lamo turns on with a simple finger touch and more good news in that the mercury-free bulbs can be recycled.  This lamp will save you money in the long run.

All at a price that won't give you "sticker shock"- $49.99.

 2. D-Link AC1900 Wi-Fi Router

An extremely powerful router for your home.

Give the gift of faster internet this holiday season.

At around $200, this is a high-end routers, and it very well could be the best D-Link has in affordable router for your home of small business.

It shouldn't with the D-Link AC1900. This router is ready to work right out of the box. Just screw in the three antennae and you are ready to go.
Per D-Link here are the specs on the D-Link AC1900 Wi-Fi Router (DIR-880L):

    11AC Wi-Fi Dual Band Connectivity – Speeds of up to 1300 Mbps on the 5GHz band and 600Mbps on the 2.4GHz band for maximum throughput with less Wi-Fi interference
    Gigabit Ethernet Ports – Four 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet ports provide high-speed wired connectivity
    Brand New GUI – New intuitive user interface for simple management of a wireless network; optimized for mobile devices with touch enabled controls and designed to give users quick access to status and management of their router and connected devices.
    Traffic Prioritization – Advanced QoS engine distributes traffic optimally across both wireless bands to guarantee the best performance
    Wi-Fi Protected Setup – Push button for easy connection to a wireless network
    Backward Compatible – Works with existing Wi-Fi devices (802.11n/g/b)
    Secure Wireless Encryption – Uses WPA™ or WPA2™ security
 3. Saffron Light Bulbs


Diff types of bulbs at diff price points

Saffron: LED Light Bulbs  - $9.95 each
Energy efficient LED bulbs that look and feel like traditional incandescent bulbs
* Minimalistic LED bulb resembles traditional incandescent bulb
* Cost-efficient at 1/8 the average cost to power
* Eco-friendly bulbs containing zero mercury
* 360° light diffusion for complete shadow-free illumination
* Cool touch bulbs ensure the user is never in danger of fire or burns
* Available in 3000K warm and warm white colors
* Each bulb features a 30,000 hour lifespan

Saffron: Sense Light Bulb
* Price: $24.95 (single); $76.95 (4-pack); $184.95 (10-pack)
Outdoor lighting system with sun-aware sensors that self-adjusts with sunrise and sunset
* Utilizing sun-aware sensors, bulbs automatically turn on at dusk and off at sunrise
* Features a plastic diffusing cap to protect against drops and bumps
* Cost-efficient with automatic on/off feature and 1/8 the average cost to power
* Cool touch feature allows Sense Light to run cooler than incandescent bulbs
* Anodized aluminum heat sink dissipates heat to maximize bulb's lifetime
* Utilizes a 2700K warm color temperature that will not attract bugs
* Provides added security by keeping outdoor lights on a normal schedule when user is away
* Equipped with a standard Edison socket to work with any standard light bulb base
* Each bulb features a 30,000+ hour lifespan
* Eco-friendly bulbs containing zero mercury

Saffron: Drift Light Bulb
* $34.95 (single); $129.00 (4-pack); $238.99 (10-pack)
Eco-friendly LED smart bulb gradually drifts from light to dark to help user rest easy
* Automatic dimming cycle of 37 minutes mimics a natural sunset
* Features a plastic diffusing cap to protect against drops and bumps
* Cool touch feature allows Drift Light to run cooler than incandescent bulbs
* Anodized aluminum heat sink dissipates heat to maximize bulb's lifetime
* Warm light color reduces amount of blue light emitted for increased melatonin and restful sleep
* High efficiency LED with 530 lumens give off a warm, relaxing light
* Patent-pending micro controller allows Drift Light to automatically dim
* Works directly with standard light switch
* Equipped with a standard Edison socket to replace 40W incandescent bulb
* Features Moonlight Mode for users or locations that need a small amount of light in the night; Midnight Mode that dims the light to off; and Daylight Mode that functions like a standard bulb
* Each bulb features a 30,000+ hour lifespan
* Cost-efficient at 1/8 the average cost to power
* Eco-friendly bulbs containing zero mercury

4.  Insteon Starter Kit  - Control your home with a phone or tablet for $100

For around $100, the kit includes the Insteon Hub and two Dimmer Modules, allowing users to connect to their home and control lights and appliances from any smartphone or tablet. The kit also allows consumers to expand and add more devices as needed. With Insteon, users can now take instant control of lights, alarms, thermostats – all their things – from wherever they are in the world.


5. Epson WorkForce WF-3640 Printer

A monster printer for $129.99

Network-Ready Wireless All-In-One Printer

Epson WorkForce WF-3640 All-In-One Printer: Complete a variety of projects using this all-in-one printer, which enables you to create 1- and 2-sided documents and photos, plus copy, scan and fax. Simply connect your computer or mobile device via built-in Wi-Fi to get started, or enjoy a wired connection with the built-in Ethernet LAN.