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Each week, Rick joins his buddy Sully to talk tech on the Limpert Tech "SullyCast on Radio 105.7, formerly TalkRadio 640 WGST


Limpert Tech "SullyCast" on iHeartRadio Radio 105.7 - CES 2017

Happy New Year and as 2017 begins, Rick was at CES in Las Vegas along with 200,000 other people looking at the latest in gadgets tech and getting a glimpse at what's coming in the future. Here, he and Sully have fun talking about Rick's adventures at CES.

Have a listen:

1.  New Phones

LG, Samsung, Burnerphone,  other smaller brands that fit a need.

2. LG's Levitating Speaker

LG plans to mesmerize visitors to the next CES with its new futuristic PJ9 bluetooth speaker, whose levitation is achieved through the use of electromagnets. The PJ9 combines its original design with high-quality sound that can be delivered indoors and outdoors.

The speaker has a battery life of about ten hours and when it is running low on power, it automatically descends onto its "levitation station" where it will recharge wirelessly without any intervention from the listener. As an added bonus, it also complies with the IPX7 norm, meaning that it will not be damaged by dust or immersion in water at depths of less than a meter, which makes it useful both indoors and outdoors.

LG has yet to communicate either the availability or the price tag for this surprising product.

3.  Sleep Number 360 smart bed

The bed that learns and reacts

Sleep Number’s 360 smart bed will forever transform the way people sleep. The new integrated design includes a proprietary algorithm (powered by SleepIQ technology) and machine learning to intuitively sense and automatically adjust all night for an effortless and optimized sleep experience.

4.  ShadeCraft's Sunflower Smart Patio Umbrella

 Shadecraft, the pioneer of intelligent, autonomous outdoor living solutions, launches its premiere product, SUNFLOWER, the world’s first artificial intelligence-controlled, solar-powered, robotic patio shade.

SUNFLOWER uses artificial intelligence (AI) and internet of things (IoT) connectivity to track and tap the sun for optimal shade and energy collection. SUNFLOWER’s integrated security cameras provide consumers with added protection outside their homes through an autonomous robot. The robotic shade’s sensors provide real-time weather data, including UV radiation levels, humidity, air quality, and temperature, and detect wind and obstructions to ensure consumer safety.

5. Showerheads

- Moen - Moen’s new shower system lets you pre-heat the water from your smartphone. U by Moen is a controller that's installed in the shower to deliver more personalization (and hopefully save some time in the morning).
The device allows users to create preset settings for water temperature, so the shower can automatically warm up to the ideal temperature, and allows multiple users to program their own specific settings.

- Hydrao  - The new HYDRAO Loop and First smart showerheads and HYDRAO Drop smart shower light bring innovation, color, enjoyment – and now French design chic – to the bathroom. They are designed to increase awareness of water usage and encourage reduced water and energy consumption.
HYDRAO First will be the first product to become available internationally – starting tomorrow.
The designs of HYDRAO Loop and Drop have already won two new CES Innovation Awards:
HYDRAO Loop in the Smart Home category and HYDRAO Drop in Tech for a Better World.


Limpert Tech "SullyCast" on Radio 105.7 - Eyes, Ears and Nose

Rick and Sully talk about your eyes, ears and nose this week... or at least gadgets for your eyes, earns and nose.....

Have a listen:


1.  Oakley Green Fade and Octane Eyewear

Protect your eyes

Oakley is going back to its roots with an exclusive one-time eyewear collection that its athletes are wearing in 2016. Each unit in the Green Fade Collection is hand painted in its iconic green color. Each style including the Radar Lock Path model comes with Oakley Prizm lens technology and a unique travel/carry pouch.

2.  Elvis eyewear cases and cloths and other retailers $10-15

Always make sure you keep you sunglasses or eyewer in a protective case and keep a claening cloth handy.
For Elvis Presley fans, these eyewear cases come with a matching cleaning cloth.


3.  Libratone Q Adapt On-Ear Wireless Headphones

Libratone's first on-ear wireless headphones – a stylish, adaptable and highly versatile continuation of the company’s legacy of on-the-go audio products.

The new headphones will allow listeners to tailor their music experience by letting them choose precisely how much external noise to let in, allowing them to safely hear a siren or car horn, or to instantly halt the music with a wave of the hand over the ear cups. (The Libratone technology uses the external microphones and an internal DSP to mix the desired amount of outside noise with the music being played.)  Five radio station presets, four built-in microphones, and full phone connectivity are among its numerous features.

Q Adapt In-Ear earbuds that connect to the iPhone via Apple’s Lightning connector port
Headphones are available in Cloudy White or Stormy Black for $249, and can be pre-ordered at shipping now.
4.  Panasonic 125 ErgoFit  for just $14 -  Great for travelers

For an awesome cheap option, either for a main set or a backup pair), check out the Panasonic 125 ErgoFit.


5. LED, Flameless or Battery Operated Candles

Safer for your home, last a long time and still smell good!



Limpert Tech "SullyCast" on Radio 105.7 - Kid's Tech for the Holidays

I join "Sully" in the studio today as we talk some kid's tech items for the holidays and some other stuff.

Have a listen:

What do kids want in 2016 and 2017?

It's similar to what kids wanted 20 and 30 years ago. Something fun, something unique and something futuristic. Today's gadgets and tech play right into the hands of kids.

Here are some of Rick's ideas for kids this holiday season...

1.  Big Red Rooster Projection Alarm Clock

For 2016, Big Red Rooster launched its amazing Rocket Ship Projection Alarm Clock to the delight of parents and kids. The spacecraft images projected on the ceiling was enough to get kids tucked in quickly and lights turned off. Hours later they were eager to jump out of bed when the alarm was sounded. Now there are three more reasons to put on the pajamas – Dog, Cat and Dinosaur Projection Alarm Clocks ($29.99).

Looking for a purr-fect bedside companion? The Cat Projection Alarm Clock stands 8 inches tall and just 4 inches wide. Pick the best spot for a ceiling show. Each colorful image is displayed up to 30 inches in diameter and this feline clock showcases a sleeping kitten, kitten catching a ladybug, a cat resting and curious cat. Cat can turn its head 340 degrees so the perfect spot can be aimed and viewed. Kids love this.

2. iClever BoostCare Kids Headphones

iClever, makes custom headphones designed for kids comfort and safe for ages three years and up. They also come with the ability to accessorize.
Here are some of the other features:
- Colorful, lightweight headphones made with durable eco-friendly plastics sure to stand up to kids use
- Equipped with 30 mm drivers and features Volume Limiting Technology for a maximum of 85 decibels to keeps kids ears safe
- Custom designed to fit children with a cushioned headband and ear pads for maximum comfort
- Features a flat cord for minimal tangles  
- Equipped with standard 3.5mm headphone jack for use with a variety of devices
- Available with Halloween inspired bat wings, cat ears or holiday themed reindeer antlers
Available at:
Price: Under $20

3. Circuit Scribe

As their website and online store,, explains, “our non-toxic silver ink makes creating circuits as easy as doodling.” With a range of kits and bundles to choose from, holiday giving this year can ramp up from ho-ho-ho to OMG whoa!

Circuit Scribe can write on anything that a typical rollerball pen can. Printer paper, construction paper, cardstock and photo paper all work. Families have fun experimenting with different mediums! Based on anecdotes from Circuit Scribe scientists, photo paper performs the best because the ink is able to form a continuous film on the smooth surface.

The Maker Kit ($79.99) is the gold standard to appreciate the magic of electronics. And parents, please note this is not just for geeks! The maker culture – learning-through-doing such as robotics, electronics and traditional metalworking or woodworking – is a hot topic in school hallways. Kids who classify as makers encompass every letter of STEM and STEAM and even STREAM learning! From hackers to DIYers, it’s a national passion.

4.  Sydney Paige Backpacks and Children's Books

Buy a gift and help a student by shopping on the Sydney Paige website. For every Sydney Paige product sold, another is donated to a student in need, right here in the U.S.  Quality backpacks and other gear give confidence while their children's books bring age-appropriate reading into the home. The backpacks and laptop rucksacks are made of 210D polyester, canvas and leather are come in styles to fit the needs and wants of pre-schoolers to adults.

Something coming at CES in January...

5.  Octopus, an icon-based scheduler watch and app, is designed to eliminate this power struggle to help parents and their kids focus on what’s important: quality family time.

Parents use the Octopus app to create activities throughout the day, which in turn is fed back to the watch via Bluetooth. The watch has 3 different modes (icons, digital and analog) and progresses with the child’s cognitive development. Children are able to learn the concept of time while also developing good habits and qualities like self-sufficiency, responsibility and much more along the way.

The relationship between parent and child doesn’t revolve around consistent nagging, but instead real family time. More to come on the Octopus...


Limpert Tech "SullyCast" on Radio 105.7 - Protecting Holiday Packages

Rick and Sully are making sure you get those packages delivered to your front door.

It's the holiday shopping season and a big deal for all of us shoppers. It’s also kind of a big deal for the mail industry. With online purchases increasing every year and all those letters to Santa going all the way to the North Pole, it can get a bit crazy at the post office; in fact FedEx predicts that just between December 1st and 7th they’ll make over 85 million shipments and that’s not including all the other boxes and large envelopes that will be shipped on or before December 24. With all that mail being sent about, it’s important to keep a watchful eye out for any important mail or packages because as shipments increase so do the opportunities for porch poachers to swipe your shiny new gadgets and tech, so here are some times for keeping tabs of your holiday package shipments and deliveries.

Have a listen:


1.  Track it

Using online tracking is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to keep an eye on any shipment. Most websites even include a specified time of drop off rather than just the day and will also notify you of any delays or if the item is being held at a local facility for pickup.

2.  Ask a Friend or Neighbor or Leave a Note

If you know you’ll either be out of the house or on vacation at the time of a scheduled delivery, a neighbor or friend can be a powerful ally in the fight against package thievery. Have your friend either pick it up and hold it for you or put it in a special hiding spot.
A good trick is to simply leave a note for the delivery man with instructions to either hide it somewhere specific or even leave it at a neighbor’s house.

3.  Require a Signature

Requiring a signature guarantees nothing will be left out in the open; the delivery man will leave a note saying they attempted to deliver so that you can choose whether to have them try again or pick it up from the specified location.

4.  Add a Wi-Fi Camera - D-Link DCS-2330L

If you have security cameras at home or have been having problems with package thieves, setting up a camera like one of D-Link’s Wi-Fi Cameras facing your door or walkway can help track any deliveries or activity. You can view the live feed anywhere with the mydlink app or record the feed using a micro SD card to view later.


5. Know the Minute it Arrives

A great feature on several D-Link cameras is the motion and sound detection capability which can be configured to notify you via email or text any time one of your pre-set alerts is triggered. In the camera settings you can set up motion detection and pinpoint the specific area you want to track movement. You can also set it up to send a snapshot or video clip notification whenever motion is detected. When setting the sound detection, you are able to set the volume level for which you want to be notified if exceeded.

 6. Gate Smart Lock

With a Gate, you can see who is at your door through a motion-activated camera. You can also talk to the person at the door and remotely lock/unlock it through your mobile phone. Gate was fully funded on Indigogo.

** Make sure when sending out packages that you have the correct address and pack your boxes well.


Limpert Tech "SullyCast" on Radio 105.7 - Black Friday Deals and Tips

November 25 is Black Friday and that means holiday shopping, deals on gadgets and gift items and a day that retailers across the country control.

Rick and Sully discuss some Black Friday deals and tips...   Have a great Thanksgiving and Black Friday!

Have a listen:

**  Don't forget that Saturday, Nov. 26, is Small Business Saturday and it's a great day, along with every other day of the year to support small businesses in your city or town. Small Businesses are the backbone of this country. Get out and #ShopSmall

1.  Walmart

50" Samsung Smart TV  $398

Walmart's Black Friday 2016 store hours begin at 6 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day in-stores, with Black Friday deals available online all day on Thanksgiving beginning at 12:01 a.m. PST.

2. Fry's Electronics

* Get deals on computers and more by email only!

Fry's Electronics' 2016 Black Friday deals are available by email only this year. Sign up for Fry's emails to make sure you don't miss out! Fry’s was founded as a one-stop-shopping environment for hi-tech professionals, and offers a wide variety of over 50,000 electronic items in their stores and ecommerce site.

3.  Amazon's Black Friday deals are already underway.  Kindles, PC's, tech accessories and sports gear

4. Sprint, AT&T and all the mobile phone providers.

Black Friday is a great deal to get a new smartphone. BOGO deals, no activation fees, many phones are free with a 2-year contract.


5.  "Refurbished" Can Save You Money

The latest technology can be expensive. Many times, buying the same item, but refurbished can save you a lot of money.

Experimac in Sandy Springs is a reseller of Apple products.  They sell, what they like to refer to as "Pre-Owned" or Gently Loved products.

Owner Neil Kent explains:

“Often times people refer to our inventory as “refurbished”.  We don’t use that term.  "Pre-owned” or “Gently-Loved” better describes our products.  The term refurbished is usually associated with products that have been returned because their was something wrong with them, at which point a factory has had to repair them to get them back to working order.  In our store, the vast majority of the products we sell have been thoroughly inspected, of course, and in general have had no more done to them than a replaced hard drive or battery, as those items tend to wear out over time.  Anything requiring much more than that will be parted out and the good components are used for repairs.  For example, a computer that has been liquid damaged may still have a perfectly good display that we can use to perform a more cost effective repair for a customer that has cracked their display, rather than ordering a brand new display for them at a much higher cost.”