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Each week, Rick joins his buddy Sully to talk tech on the Limpert Tech "SullyCast on ALT 105.7, formerly TalkRadio 640 WGST


Limpert Tech "SullyCast" on ALT 105.7 and iHeartRadio - 3/30/19 2019 Adobe Summit and Monster Roster

Rick was at Adobe Summit in Las Vegas all week!  - His fourth time at this annual gathering!

A lot to talk about:


1. Adobe Summit 2019

Las Vegas, NV – March 26-28, 2019
Welcome to Adobe Summit 2019 – The Digital Experience Conference which will gather a record-breaking 16,000+ industry leaders and inspirational speakers to share ideas and best practices around customer experience management.

2. Adobe Summit is known for it's Keynotes

Reese Witherspoon, Drew Brees, many more from the business and marketing world.

3. Adobe Working with Microsoft

Microsoft and Adobe have been building a relationship for some time, and today at Adobe Summit in Las Vegas the two companies announced a deeper integration between the two platforms.
It involves sharing Marketo data, the company that Adobe acquired last September for $4.75 billion. Because it’s marketers, they were duty-bound to give it a new name. This data-sharing approach is being dubbed Account Based Experience, or ABX for short. The two companies are sharing data account data between a number of sources, including Marketo Engage in Adobe Experience Cloud and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales, as well as the LinkedIn, the business social platform Microsoft  bought in 2016 for a whopping $26.2 billion.

Microsoft has been trying to find ways to put that LinkedIn  data to work, and tools like Marketo can use the data in LinkedIn to understand their account contacts better.

4.  New AR Experiences

You are at an airport where a customer has an hour to wait for a connecting flight. The airline mobile app is equipped with an augmented reality (AR) feature, which shows “AR zones” on an interactive terminal map. The customer can walk up to a bookstore and see custom promotional offers as AR objects, which can then be instantly redeemed through a digital wallet. To help brands accelerate AR offerings, Adobe is showcasing how tight integrations across Adobe Experience Cloud can deliver the technology backend to quickly build and scale experiences in AR. It brings together 3D content and delivery, with commerce, analytics and personalization capabilities.

5. What's New?

At Adobe Summit, Adobe unveiled the latest Adobe Experience Cloud innovations, including Adobe Commerce Cloud and Marketo Engage, as well as global availability of Adobe Experience Platform. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, Best Buy CEO Hubert Joly, Chegg CEO Dan Rosensweig, Intuit CIO Atticus Tysen and SunTrust Bank CMO Susan Johnson shared their respective enterprise playbooks for digital transformation.


New Innovations in Adobe Experience Cloud

Today, Adobe shared how Adobe Experience Cloud, powered by Adobe Experience Platform, is integrating workflows between solutions and adding more real-time intelligence powered by Adobe Sensei. The new innovations make cross-channel experience design, delivery and optimization even more frictionless.

Adobe Experience Cloud has seen massive adoption across businesses of all sizes and is used by the largest travel, media and entertainment, financial services, automotive and telecommunications companies.

Available globally today, Adobe Experience Platform is an open and extensible platform that stitches together data from across the entire enterprise, enabling real-time customer profiles leveraging Adobe Sensei artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. Adobe Experience Platform activates content based on these customer profiles to deliver rich, relevant experiences in real time. It empowers the company’s global ecosystem, which now includes 13,000 agency, solution and technology partners and more than 300,000 developers.

Adobe Analytics Cloud, the core system of intelligence and activation for CXM, is adding more capabilities to provide accurate and timely insight into cross-channel consumer behavior, along with intuitive, automated audience segmentation. Now, Adobe Audience Manager, combined with Adobe Experience Platform, delivers a real-time Customer Data Platform (CDP) that brings together known and anonymous data to activate real-time customer profiles across multiple channels throughout the customer journey.

Adobe Analytics, with Adobe Experience Platform, is giving brands a new way to interpret insights from both online and offline data in real time. New Journey IQ in Adobe Analytics stitches together the full customer journey to ensure the right customers are targeted at the right time. A deeper integration with Adobe Advertising Cloud unites disparate data and inventory solutions, eliminating media silos and ensuring that marketing and advertising efforts are aligned. Additionally, Adobe Analytics has integrated commerce dashboards from Adobe Commerce Cloud.

Adobe Marketing Cloud, the foundation to optimize content, activate conversations and personalize experiences for cross-channel journey orchestration, has added the industry’s leading B2B marketing automation solution, Marketo Engage, into the Marketing Cloud. First integrations will enable marketers to seamlessly pull or edit content from Adobe Experience Manager or Adobe Creative Cloud and automatically build target lists to understand the next-best-action to take in B2B sales (Marketo Engage).

Other Adobe Marketing Cloud innovations power content velocity through personalized content delivery with more automated, personalized push notification capabilities (Adobe Campaign); a new intelligent content recommendation engine (Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Target); and capabilities for automatic video cropping (Adobe Experience Manager).

Adobe Advertising Cloud gives brands the functionality needed to plan, buy, measure and optimize advertising. Adobe Advertising Cloud added capabilities to unite and automate cross-channel advertising campaigns, including all forms of video, with brand safety built in. In a new partnership with Roku, Inc., Adobe Advertising Cloud customers can now leverage first-party data — including a brand’s own audience segments gleaned from marketing and advertising efforts via Adobe Analytics Cloud — to target audiences on Roku’s over-the-top TV inventory.

Adobe introduced Adobe Commerce Cloud — built on Magento Commerce and leveraging an ecosystem of more than 300,000 developers — providing an end-to-end solution to optimize both customer experience and business operations by powering integrated and fully managed commerce across all storefronts — physical, digital and virtual. Native integrations with Adobe Experience Cloud, including Adobe Analytics and Adobe Experience Manager, and added intelligence powered by Adobe Sensei offer rich insights in commerce dashboards and deliver engaging commerce experiences in real time.

6. Monster Roster

Monster Roster, a powerful algorithm-driven platform that helps you make the right picks in sports betting (it was the first company admitted to the Philadelphia 76ers Innovation Lab). Rick and Dylan talk the new one-and-done rule and NBA, MLB or NFL trending topics.

Legal sports wagering is taking off across the country and there are many topics to discuss. One-and-done remains a point of discussion, and Dylan talks about the good, the bad, and the ugly sides to letting prospects enter straight from high school; whether abolishing the rule makes sense; and how lowering the age limit will fundamentally change the game.

Dylan founded Monster Roster at the perfect time as more and more states propose bills for sports betting legalization. Dylan’s algorithm has the highest ROI compared to other props and betting sites. Monster Roster was the first company admitted to the Sixers Innovation Lab, and while working side by side with actual players, Dylan developed a tool to draft the ultimate fantasy leagues and now that has moved to the sports betting arena.

Dylan is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Monster Roster, a DFS and sports betting pick recommendation subscription service with a total ROI of 347% within the past year. He founded Monster Roster in 2015 at the age of 18. In Monster Roster’s first year of business, Elder generated $100,000 in revenue while in high school and then later while in college.

Elder expressed the entrepreneurial spirit at a young age. When he was 10 years old he would write fantasy football guides in exchange for free video games from his father’s office. Years later as a freshman and sophomore in high school, Elder converted those guides into a sports fantasy blog. Elder regularly drafted fantasy lineups for his friends to test out on FanDuel/DraftKings.

In June 2016, Elder entered Monster Roster at the biannual Fantasy Sports Trade Association Conference Elevator Pitch competition, reserved for up-and-coming fantasy businesses, and placed second out of 16 contestants. Following the elevator pitch contest, Elder was introduced to the Philadelphia 76ers Innovation Lab Crafted by Kimball. After applying, Elder underwent a series of interviews and meetings with Sixers Innovation Lab CEO Seth Berger. Monster Roster was admitted as the first company into the Sixers Innovation Lab. Elder started the program on August 22, 2016.

He developed the daily fantasy aspect of Monster Roster in the Sixers Innovation Lab for two years under the guidance of Seth and Sixers executives. With the legalization of sports betting in June of 2018, Monster Roster pivoted its product and algorithm to offer sports betting picks for spreads, money lines, over/unders, and prop bets. Monster Roster left the Innovation Lab in October of 2018 to continue to grow the sports betting aspect of the business.


Limpert Tech "SullyCast" on ALT 105.7 and iHeartRadio - 3/23/19 Tech for Spring Break

Millions of college students, families and those looking for warmer climates have either already jetted off to or are planning to head to Spring Break in the coming days or weeks.

Rick has some perfect items to pack along with the swimsuits and sunscreen! Have a listen:

1.  Lucyd Loud Shades

Lucyd LOUD. Proper prescription-ready frames combined with a Bluetooth headset—now you’re talking LOUD.

This stylish line of Bluetooth-enabled eyewear uses bone conduction technology and a built-in mic to let you play music, make calls and use your voice assistant handsfree. The open-ear sound allows you to hear your environment as well as your audio content, meaning you can still carry a conversation while listening to a podcast. And with the ability to perform many everyday smartphone tasks from the Loud, you can finally stop taking your phone out every minute. You can answer calls, skip tracks in your playlist or even summon Siri just by using the intuitive touchpad on the side of the shades.

Order these smart tech frames with polarized sunglass lenses or have them filled with your  prescription, and enjoy all the perks of strolling through the sunshine earbud-free.
Lucyd LOUD Highlights:

•    Bone conduction speakers deliver hi-fi audio (audible to others at high volume)
•    Flexible temples create an adjustable and comfortable fit
•    Built-in microphone and trackpad are easy to use
•    More stylish than earbuds, headsets, and headphones
•    Listen to music and podcasts discreetly
•    More comfortable than holding a phone for an entire conversation
•    Available in prescription, clear, polarized, blue light blocking and more
•    Charging cable, manual, cloth and a case comes included
•    Recommended for iPhone 7 and newer and Samsung Galaxy S8 and newer
•    Refer a friend and get up to 11% cash back via
•    Free US shipping with fast FedEx shipping available to rest of world.

2. Buddha Board

Relax your mind and commit to truly living in the moment with the Buddha Board, a modern tool for rediscovering the ancient Zen artform.

Buddha Board Highlights:
Reusable -- As the water dries a clean slate appears, letting you create and draw over and over again.
Relaxing -- Practice being in the moment as you put brush to board and enjoy the art of letting go as you watch your brushstrokes slowly disappear.
Fun for Ages 5-105 -- Children love using it to draw and practice their letters, while adults use it to calm their minds after work, when traveling, or during the stressful holiday season.
Travel-Friendly -- The original board measures in at 12”x9.5”x1/4” and the Mini Buddha Board at 5”x5”x1/5” for easy portability and movement.


3. Pluggerz Swim

Keep your ears safe.
Pluggerz are the situation-specific earplugs that reduce volume without losing clarity of experience and overall health. For Pluggerz, it’s not about cancelling noise, it’s about “regulating” it, using innovative technology that makes it possible to adapt to situations including sleep, loud music, airplane travel, swimming and more.

Trouble with sensitive ear canals? Then having water in the ears is particularly annoying and sometimes painful. Pluggerz Swim are specially developed for swimming, bathing and showering. These unique earplugs close the ear canal during swimming and keep the ear canal watertight, but do not affect hearing. Made of flexible silicone and hypoallergenic material that is durable and keeps its shape. This keeps the ears dry and prevents pressure in the ears.
Each type of situation-specific Pluggerz uses different technology to ensure different effects:

·         Pluggerz Swim helps prevent infection by closing the ear canal so water cannot get trapped, but does not affect hearing so you can still hear while wearing them.

4. Samsonite electronic luggage scale

Do you like to see how much those bags weigh? Just hook it to the handle of your suitcase and lift. It weighs your luggage up to 80 pounds. Get it on eBay for $18.99.

5. Ultimate Ears myBOOM 3

A customizable Ultimate Ears BOOM 3 Bluetooth speaker as unique as you are, created through the all-new online myBOOM Studio portal available online and at select T-Mobile store locations.
myBOOM 3 features eight available colors for the speaker cap, icons and spine, eight colors for the hanging loop and 12 available high-performance fabric colorways, including seven exclusive to the myBOOM Studio. Additional customization allows you to engrave a message on the spine of each speaker, be that a name, date, message, quote or whatever it is that makes this speaker truly yours.

Fabric designs like Jungle Bell, NY Kitty or Frozen Kingdom, or manifest your creativity with Marble Marvel, Blue Dreams and Berry Fun. With twelve fabrics and eight color options for the caps, spine, loop and volume buttons, your options are boundless. Additional colors and fabrics will become available over time. It’s your speaker, your canvas, and your style.

All speakers designed using the myBOOM Studio have the same product features as BOOM 3, including its 360 degree sound and deep bass, portable size, Magic Button, compatibility with the POWER UP charging dock and IP67 rating for staying waterproof and dustproof. myBOOM 3 speakers also work with PartyUp, so they can be paired with up to 150 of any generation BOOM or MEGABOOM speaker for even fuller sound.  All for $179.99


Limpert Tech "SullyCast" on ALT 105.7 and iHeartRadio - 3/16/19 Rick on Florida's Historic Coast

Rick spent most of last week on what is called Florida's Historic Coast.

Florida's Historic Coast includes St. Augustine, Ponte Vedra and the Beaches.
It's a busy time of the year just south of Jacksonville.... The Player Championship golf, Spring Break actvities and Bike Week!

Sully is involved in St. Baldrick's activities this weekend, so here's Rick!

1.  Florida's Historic Coast

A visit to St. Augustine, Ponte Vedra Beach and The Beaches is more than just a getaway. It's a vacation close enough to home but different enough to make you feel a world away. Experience old-world charm, flavorful dining, art and culture, and an abundance of entertainment after dark. There's so much to do, you're going to want to stay one more day.


2. Tech at the 2019 Players Championship

NBC Sports’ Emmy-nominated live tournament team will unveil a new graphics package customized specifically for THE PLAYERS, featuring the Championship’s signature blue, gold, and white color scheme. Coverage also will implement new original theme music for the event, along with several popular NBC Sports’ production enhancements viewers are accustomed to seeing at TPC Sawgrass, including:

Eight high-definition cameras covering every conceivable angle of the par-3, 17th hole, including a microscopic lens embedded in the lip of the tiny bunker fronting the green.

The cable-suspended “FlyCam” system, providing unique vantage points through an ability to fly over the body of water between the par-5, 16th and 17th hole greens.
A camera crane positioned 150 feet in the air offering aerial views of Holes 16-18, and one on the island adjacent to the 17th green, capturing reactions of those playing No. 17.
Wind-direction technology to track conditions throughout the golf course.

3. World Golf Hall of Fame
Located in St. Augustine!

Lots of exhibits. Incorporating technology and a Golfzon golf simulator for visitors to hit balls.
The World Golf Hall of Fame is located at World Golf Village near St. Augustine, Florida, in the United States, and it is unusual among sports halls of fame in that a single site honors both men and women. It is supported by a consortium of 26 golf organizations from all over the world.

 4. St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park

The St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park is one of Florida's oldest continuously running attractions, having opened on May 20, 1893. Not only does it have 24 species of crocodilians, but also a variety of other reptiles, mammals and birds, as well as exhibits, animal performances and educational demonstrations.
- Conservation, research, Zip Lines

5. St. Augustine Distillery - Ice Plant

- Distilleries are popping up in cities all over the country, but St. Augustine has some of the best.
The St. Augustine Distillery even has a great restaurant located right within its walls.
Inspired by the historical period of the early 20th century, our idea is to reintroduce our guests to a time where the experience of having a cocktail and a bite to eat was both healthful and enjoyable. Focused on the art and craft of mixing exceptional local ingredients in precise measurements to create perfect and unique flavor profiles.

Fresh, house-pressed juices and a wide assortment of bitters and specially developed syrups, result in stunning cocktails. Attention is paid to the smallest of details with three different kinds of ice, including a nod to the building’s original use as an Ice Plant, with a 300lb block of ice and custom cubes.
The farm to table restaurant and bar is open for lunch and dinner. Serving grass-fed beef and burgers, local seafood, with vegetarian options and daily specials.

The original “Ice Plant” building dates back to 1927, an experience like no other in Florida. It is complete with the original bridge crane on rails overhead the bar. The crane was used to pick up huge blocks of ice to then be broken down and sold to local customers and the shrimp boats. We wanted to restore the feeling of walking into an old factory.
6. Worth a mention...  The new March Madness Live 19 app is out, just in time for all the basketball to be played over the next month.


Limpert Tech "SullyCast" on ALT 105.7 and iHeartRadio - 3/9/19 Rick's Trip to the California Desert

Rick spent the week in the California desert.

He was at the BNP Paribas Open tennis tournament in Indian Wells, also checked out a new golf developement and stayed in a new high tech Casino hotel before he returned to Atlanta yesterday.

 Have a listen to Rick and Sully as they discuss:

1.  BNP Paribas Open

One of the biggest tennis tournaments in the world.
Owned by Oracle founder, Larry Ellison. So you know it's going to offer the latest in technology.

Rick also had time to participate in the annual Tennis With the Stars event, put on by Cliff Drysdale Tennis at the Omni Rancho Las Palmas.


2.  BNP Paribas Open app

-One of the best apps for a sporting event
Download the official mobile app, available for both Apple and Android devices, and keep up on live scores, the latest news, player updates and much more. Your companion for Tennis Paradise and all of the action, both on and off the court, is only a tap away!
This is the must-have event companion for fans whether on-site at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden or following from afar. Stay up-to-date on matches, players and scores throughout the tournament, as well as information on where to eat, drink and shop at the venue. The 2019 mobile app offers practice court schedules, live scores, news and much more.
The 2019 BNP Paribas Open takes place at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden, March 4-17.

- Live Scores and Match Statistics

- Player Information and Statistics

- Order of Play, Draws and Completed Match Results

- Tickets

- Flash Seats

- Practice Court Schedule

- Support Chatbot

- Venue Information including Dining, Transportation, Maps, FAQs and On-Site Activities

- Tournament News

- Customizable Player Notifications

3. BNP Paribas Open earpiece radios

In partnership with Bank of the West, the BNP Paribas Open will more than double the amount of free earpiece radios for fans on-site to listen to live play-by-play and commentary from Tennis Channel and ESPN throughout the event. In addition, in a commitment to sustainability, this year’s radio packaging will be biodegradable, and any radios returned to the Bank of the West booth will be broken down and recycled following the event.

Radios will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis at the Bank of the West activation booth on the north side of the Indian Wells Tennis Garden beginning on Wednesday, March 6. There will be a limited quantity of radios handed out each day. In addition to picking up a radio at the Bank of the West booth, fans are also invited to participate in its Artistic Ace activation, where each participant can create their own unique digital art self-portrait to share on social media.

More radios means more fun and engagement for tennis fans in 2019.

4. The Reserve Club

The Reserve is a rejuvenation of the senses and spirit. The Bungalows, Casitas, Villas and Estates vary in size and design features to create a unique community of homes. All residences share a natural palette of color and textures that captures the drama and beauty of the surrounding terrain. Open living rooms flow seamlessly from the inside and out with generous places to entertain and quiet spaces to rest and relax.

The Reserve was envisioned exactly as you see it today: an unrivaled private community stretching across 700 acres of spectacular topography. Low-density meets high livability on one incredible piece of land, and being located just minutes from the high end shopping and restaurant district of El Paseo, our homes are the perfect mix of solitude and convenience. These attributes have consistently made our community the most desired Real Estate in Indian Wells.

Residents enjoy many special amenities including miles of marked hiking trails, 24 hour staffed security gate with roving patrols to respond at a moment’s notice, on property private post office and homeowners association staff. In addition, a big plus for our furry friends is an expansive grassed and fenced dog park.

The Reserve has achieved what is rare: a spectacular enclave that blends harmoniously with its habitat, integrating stunning architectures and lush golf fairways with the desert’s natural beauty. The Reserve was honored as one of Luxury Golf & Travel magazine’s Top 25 private golf communities in America, joining a long list of previous accolades.

5. Agua Caliente Resort & Casino

Rick had a chance to spend a night at the Aqua Caliente Resort and Casino on his trip.
An organization of casino gaming, entertainment and hospitality experts. We are also bold technology innovators, always on the lookout out for the next opportunity to elevate the experience for our guests at Agua Caliente Casino Resort Spa. Presented here are some of the latest innovations.

Self-Service Kiosk Development
Our self-service kiosks allows guests to swipe and touch the screen at interactive displays located on our gaming floors. This unique technology provides our guests with opportunities to play games and earn points: either as new Paradise Rewards Club members where they can win up to $5,000 instantly; or as existing members through promotional content that can be accessed and engaged with by using their Paradise Rewards Club card, including the ability to view and print their win/loss statements.

Digital Dining Menus
Visually appealing digital displays in our dining outlets showcase regular and seasonal menus to our guests. It gives our team the ability to schedule content and make edits in real time ensuring our guests are presented with the most current and up-to-date information.

Valet SMS App
We’ve made valet parking even easier for our guests with our valet texting service. We’re all accustomed to the welcome convenience of having a valet bring the car around. Our guests now have the added option to text ahead using our easy service and continue with their activities at the casino until they are texted back that their vehicle is ready for pickup.
Fusion RS, an IT services company owned and operated by the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians, designed the innovative texting service. Fusion RS’s unique proprietary design for the casinos’ valet texting service advances and redefines the use of hand-held devices and their power to elevate the guest experience.

Cardless Connect
By incorporating the advanced technology of Cardless Connect at our casinos, we provide our Paradise Rewards Club members the opportunity to download an App on their smart phone and use it in place of the Paradise Rewards Club card. This enables them with the ability to view their point and Paradise Cash Play balances, redeem Paradise Cash Play, and convert their points into Paradise Point Play—all right from the palm of their hand.


Limpert Tech "SullyCast" on ALT 105.7 and iHeartRadio - 3/2/19 National Day of Unplugging

Did you unlug on National Unplug Day?

March 1 was a day we were supposed to unplug, but how many people did it?

Visit to learn more.
Have a listen:

1.  Buddha Board

Buddha Board is a relaxing way to reduce screen time while also unwinding from a long day or enjoying a peaceful break.

Three sizes to choose from, Buddha Board let’s you “paint” with water and then watch as it slowly disappears. Create again and again while valuing the here and now.
A tranquil way to be in the moment, it’s no wonder Barnes & Noble named it a top 20 gift idea!

Buddha Board features:
Great for all ages.
Inspires relaxation and creativity.
Encourages being in the moment.
Allows for “painting” without the mess.
Ideal gift for Mother’s Day, graduation, Father’s Day, teachers, birthday and more.
Three sizes to choose from.
Great for spring break and summer travel.
Choose from three sizes: Original  Buddha Board at 12”x9.5”x1/4”, Enso at 10” x 10” and Mini Buddha Board at 5”x5”x1/5” for easy portability during spring break and summer travels.
Let your mind be screen free and enjoy being in the moment with Buddha Board!

$34.95 for the Original Buddha Board
$24.95 for the Enso
$14.95 for the Mini Board
Available at and Amazon.

2. Get in a Workout!
Some activities you can do while being part of the "Unplugging"
- exercise
- workout
- read an actual book
- write
-Play with your pets

3. SodaStream Fizzi One Touch - $129.99

Fill up your bottles before Unplugging Day!
Eco-friendly and great tasting!
SodaStream prevents more than 3,700 single-use plastic bottles and cans from entering the waste stream to begin with. SodaStream presents a unique gifting experience for couples who love sparkling water but don’t like the space and money copious bottled waters take up.
With the SodaStream Fizzi One Touch, saving the world from plastic pollution has never been so easy – stylish – or refreshing. The sleek Fizzi One Touch is SodaStream’s newest model and carbonates tap water at the touch of a button. With three levels of automatic carbonation, you can perfectly customize your sparkling water and there’s no worry of accidentally fizzing all over yourself.
Try for 30 days... 2 year warranty

4. Dating app Hinge Is Offering Free Drinks On The National Day Of Unplugging

In honor of National Day of Unplugging, Hinge is offering free drinks at four cocktail bars across the country on Friday, March 1 between 6 - 8 p.m. so you can test your chemistry in person.

After Hinge learned that 77 percent of its users feel they should spend less time on their phones, it chose to celebrate National Day of Unplugging (March 1 - 2) by encouraging its members to temporarily get off the app and meet someone in real life.

5.  Impact of National Day of Unplugging

We now take digital devices with us everywhere, immune to the ways they distract – in the aggregate, more than nine billion times per day. Eighty-seven percent of people wake up and go to sleep with their smartphones, tech experts say, and according to a 2016 study, on average people swiped, tapped or clicked their phones 2,617 times each day. Adults between 18 and 24 sent and received an average of 128 texts a day in 2016. The trends show these numbers rising every year at an alarming rate. The National Day Unplugging encourages everyone to stop and unplug to take stock of themselves, their lives and their surroundings.