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Each week, Rick joins his buddy Sully to talk tech on the Limpert Tech "SullyCast on ALT 105.7, formerly TalkRadio 640 WGST


My Appearance on WGST's "The Sully Show" 10/24/14 - Teh News of the Week

Rick joined Sully from Macon this Friday, where he is the media coordinator of the women's pro tennis tournament that is going on all week.

Rick and Sully talked about :

1. Apple Pay

2. What is coming new for the Starbucks app

3. Internet trolls.



My Appearance on WGST's "The Sully Show" 10/15/14 - Tech News of the Week

Rick and Sully doing the segment a couple days earlier this week. Sully is broadcasting from the Mellow Mushroom. Rick is at his home office.

Have a listen:

News topics:

1.  AT&T GigaPower coming to Sandy Springs and part of Atlanta

AT&T announced today it will extend its ultra-fast AT&T GigaPower network to the City of Atlanta and the City of Sandy Springs. This all-fiber network delivers internet speeds up to 1 gigabit per second, and is AT&T’s most advanced TV services to consumers and small businesses.

In addition to Atlanta and Sandy Springs, AT&T also announced today that it will deploy the AT&T GigaPower network in Decatur and Newnan to meet the growing demand for ultra-fast Internet.  The network enhancements will enable residential and small business customers to have access to the fastest Internet speeds available from AT&T.

“As a city that prides itself on creating a favorable environment for investment and innovation, I am happy to see AT&T bringing its ultra-high speed fiber network to the City of Atlanta,” said Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed. “This is a great opportunity for our residents, businesses and visitors, who all stand to benefit from this new service. The City of Atlanta is one of the fastest growing tech hubs in the United States and a hotbed for entrepreneurial activity.  U-verse with AT&T GigaPower service will complement this engine of economic growth and help pave the way for future opportunities,” stated Reed.

The key here is really the 1 gigabit speed. If you don’t know how fast that is, here are some examples:
– Download 25 songs in one second

– Download your favorite TV show in less than 3 seconds

– Download an HD online movie in less than 36 seconds

2. Another iPad event is tomorrow 10/16

- New iPads could get announced
- Maybe a bigger iPad,  it's also the 30th Anniversary of Apple coming up

3.  Snapchat 'Selfies' leak

As was feared, Snapchat selfies have leaked. But the cloud service denies it's to blame, fingering an unauthorized 3rd-party service that would download the 'private,' 'self-destructing' naked selfies.


4.  114-year-old woman has to lie about her age to sign up for Facebook

Proves you are never too old to use Facebook

114-year-old Minnesota woman has to claim she's 99 to sign up for Facebook, now using FaceTime.  Facebook only allows you to imput agee of 99.

5. The First Black Friday ad of 2014 has been announced

The first Black Friday ad of the year has been leaked! Once again, the first leaked ad is from Harbor Freight! We predicted last week that it would leak today and we were right! Checkout the complete Harbor Freight ad scan and 41-item list of sale items.

Harbor Freight is starting their Black Friday sale at 7:00 AM on Friday, November 28, which is a bit late considering how early some other stores are opening. Still, fans of a traditional Black Friday will appreciate the store opening on Friday and not on Thanksgiving. The sale will last three days from Friday, November 28 through Sunday, November 30.


My Appearance on WGST's "The Sully Show" 10/10/14 Atlantic City and Tech News of the Week

Rick is back home from being in Atlantic City this week. Atlantic City is one of the most active cities on social media

Check them out on the web at

·         Facebook –

·         Twitter –

·         YouTube –

·         Foursquare –

·         Instagram –

·         Pinterest –
News topics:
Have a listen:

1.  Hartsfield-Jackson top-ranked for airport amenities

Free Wi-fi, play areas, walking paths (such as the underground walkway between concourses), water bottle filling stations, spas, automated passport control kiosks, MARTA access, the Plane Train people-mover and a cell phone lot.

The Atlanta airport has interactive charging stations with cameras that travelers can use to share a photo with family and friends via social media while charging their phones.

2. The "Smart Wheelchair"  
or maybe iWheelchair

If you're in a wheelchair, wouldn't it be nice to have your chair automatically alert a caregiver if changes in your heart rate or another vital sign showed that you might be having a problem? And how about helping you rate sidewalks and handicapped parking spaces to help fellow wheelchair users get around more comfortably? Steven Hawking endorses the idea, and the Connected Wheelchair Project, in this short video. This is an Intel project, in conjunction with Wake Forest University, run by student interns. | Besides helping wheelchair-dependent people live a better life, the Connected Wheelchair Project may help prevent Medicare fraud, says Hughes in our video interview with him. Falsified requests for durable medical goods are a huge drain on Medicare's budget. What if a connected wheelchair spent all of its time far from the home of the person to whom it was assigned? That would be a red flag, and investigators could follow up to see if that wheelchair was in legitimate hands or was part of a scam. |

The Connected Wheelchair is still proof-of-concept, not a commercial product. Will it see production? Hard to say. This may never be a profitable product, but Intel CEO Brian Krzanich has said that that this project is an example of how “the Internet of Things can help change lives.”


3.  Chrome 38 Released: 159 Security Fixes

If you use the Chrome browser on your computer or any device, get the newest update. It fixes a ton of security flaws.


4.  Belkin Router Owners Suffering Massive Outages

If you use a Belkin router at your home or office, you may have noticed some outages or problems over the last week.  Belkin is working on an update they can push to routers to eliminate future problems.

5. Studies Conclude Hands-Free-calling and Apple Siri Distract Drivers

A story at the L.A. Times that echoes some previous research on the relative risks of hand-held vs. hands-free phones by drivers, and comes to an even grimmer conclusion:
In many cars, making a hands-free phone call can be more distracting than picking up your phone, according to a new study from AAA and the University of Utah. In-dash phone systems are overly complicated and prone to errors, the study found, and the same is true for voice-activated functions for music and navigation. A companion study also found that trying to use Siri — the voice control system on Apple phones — while driving was dangerously distracting. Two participants in the study had virtual crashes in an automotive simulator while attempting to use Siri, the study's authors reported. In response, Toyota said the study did not show a link between cognitive distraction and car crashes.

"The results actually tell us very little about the relative benefits of in-vehicle versus hand-held systems; or about the relationship between cognitive load and crash risks," said Mike Michels, a Toyota spokesman.

Meanwhile, many states treat hand-held devices very differently from hands-free ones; in New York, for instance, both texting and talking on a hand-held mobile phone are put in the same category, while talking on a hands-free device is covered only by more general distracted driving laws. If the Utah study is correct, maybe that's backwards. (And some evidence suggests that phone use in cars is not quite the straightforward danger that it's sometimes presented as, despite the correlation of phone use with accidents.)


My Appearance on WGST's "The Sully Show" 10/2/14 Carmel-by-the-Sea, Poppy Hills and Apps

Rick is back from a week out on the West Coast in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California. He was there writing about Carmel the First Tee Open PGA Champions Tour event. He was at Pebble Beach and played Poppy Hills on the Monterey Peninsula

Poppy Hills also has a couple apps they are proud of, and this is a new trend for golf courses.

1. Poppy Hills app for players - GPS component, info about courses, weather, images
2. Poppy Hills app for maintenance - the maintenance and ground crew at Poppy Hills use an app to take care of the course.

Have a listen:

Rick and Sully will look at some apps that look and work great on the hugh iPhone 6 Plus

With a much larger screeen and a higher resolution display the iPhone 6 Plus offers new possibilities when it comes to apps.
1.  Open Table

Free - restaurant reservations app

This app was sometimes are to use on the smaller phone, now with the iPhone 6 it's almost perfect. Zoom in and out easier and a nice two-column view


2.  American Airlines

American has the first major travel app to go dual-paned, so you can make use of the big screen on the iPhone 6 Plus Its new interface gives the app some more color, adding information about your upcoming trips and frequent flier status.


3. CNN


CNN is the first news organization to get the dual-paned message. You can scroll the two panes independently to skim through stories and choose the next article you want to read.

4. Evernote

Rick's favorite do-it-all notetaking app. Looks great on the new iPhones.

What else does Evernote do?

And Sully wants to mention talking imogis


My Appearance on WGST's "The Sully Show" 9/26/14 Talking the Tech Topics of the Week

Rick and Sully will look at some of the current tech news topics

*** 10 million iPhone 6 and 6 Pluses sold

****Apple Inc. pulled an update for the iPhone operating system after the new software caused some people to lose cellular service.

After rolling out the latest version of its iOS 8 mobile software on Wednesday, the Cupertino, California-based company withdrew the update when scores of customers experienced dropped cellular service so they couldn’t make calls. The fingerprint reading Touch ID feature also wasn’t working.

Have a listen to this week's segment:

1.  1.2 Billion Smartphones Will be Shipped in 2014

Leading mobile analyst firm Juniper Research estimates that the number of smartphone shipments will approach 1.2bn this year, an increase of 19% from 985m in 2013. The market is expected to be driven by growth in emerging markets, due to a continued surge in sales and adoption of low-cost Economy ($75-$150) and Ultra-Economy (sub-$75) smartphones.

2.  The word "Google" is trademarked, but only as a noun

Even though "googling" and "Google it" are now common phrases, a federal court ruled that the "Google" trademark is still a valid trademark instead of a generic term (unlike former trademarks such as escalator, aspirin or yo-yo). The court distinguished between consumers using Google as a verb (such as "google it"), which didn't automatically make the term generic, and consumers using Google to describe one player in the market, which 90%+ of consumers still do.

3.   Men are much more likely than women to lose their smartphone

New data reveals something many women have suspected all along: men can be much more irresponsible than women when it comes to losing their electronic devices.

In fact, nearly half of employed men (46%) admit to being likely to lose the electronic device they use for work and all the important company files on it, compared to only 27% of employed women. Young employed men are the most likely to lose their electronic device, with a whopping 60% of men ages 18-34-years-old owning up to, compared to 30% of women in the same age group, according to a new study released by TeamViewer, which examined the behavior and attitudes of American office workers and how they affect on-the-job data loss.

Nearly half of employed men (46%) admit to being likely to lose the electronic device they use for work and all the important company files on it, compared to only 27% of employed women. Young employed men are the most likely to lose their electronic device, with a whopping 60% of men ages 18-34-years-old owning up to, compared to 30% of women in the same age group.

Executives in many organizations may frown upon the news that more than one-third (37%) of employed Americans in all say they are likely to lose the electronic device (smartphone, tablet or laptop) they use for work. The most common places to lose devices include:

⦁    A car (15%)
⦁    A restaurant (13%)
⦁    A hotel (13%)
⦁    On a train or bus (11%)
⦁    A plane (10%)

 4. Microsoft Paid NFL $400 Million To Use Surface, But Announcers Call Them iPads

Those tablets NFL teams are using on the sidelines are the Microsoft Surface.  
Microsoft and the league ran into a problem during weeks one and two of the season when at least two television announcers mistakenly referred to the tablets as iPads, giving a huge rival some unexpected exposure. The announcers were John Lynch and Trent Dilfer.

5.  The eBay iOS app gets a refresh

Free app

For anyone that used to try and use the ebay app for iPhone years ago, they know that it was clunky.
That is not the case anymore.
• Find the perfect item faster with larger photos, product reviews and improved search results
• Stay on top of your eBay buying and selling with in-app notifications
• Take advantage of bonus offers from eBay sellers
• Donate a percentage of your sales to your favorite charity
• Check a buyer's location when reviewing a Best Offer
• Ability to send a payment reminder