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"The Tech of Sports" Episode 27: Golf Author James Ross

This week on "The Tech of Sports",  I talk with James Ross, a great guy, and author of five fictional golf books.

Jim is an avid golfer and it comes through in his writings.  The books are a series, so I recommend you start out with "Lifetime Loser" and then plow your way through the rest of them.

Here's my interview with Jim.  Watch the video or listen to the audio.

And you can beging your journey with Jim and all his great characters by ordering "Lifetime Loser" on Amazon.


"The Tech of Sports" Episode 26: Mobile Warming Gear

Have a listen and learn how to keep warm playing golf in the cold weather months.


"The Tech of Sports" Episode 25: Sports Injuries with Dr. David Geier

This week on "The Tech of Sports" I'm joined by one of the top orthopaedic surgeons in the country to talk about injury prevention, some urban myths and we talk about some professional athletes that are injured.

Have a watch or a listen.


"The Tech of Sports" Episode 24: Talking About 10 & Under Tennis

A great show and a great debate.

Have a watch or a listen and let me know what you think.

Thanks again to Jeff Salzenstein and Marty Collins for coming on.


"The Tech of Sports" Episode 23: David Eckoff of Pickoff Sports

A great episode as I am joined by David Eckoff of Pickoff Sports.

Here's the lnk:

or watch the video

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