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"The Tech of Sports" Episode 22: Dancin' Dogg and Andrew Snook

Two guests this week on "The Tech of Sports".

In the first hald we talk to Brandon Theophilius, the CEO of Dancin' Dogg, which is a golf simulator you set up in your own home.

In the second half of the show, I talk with sports photographer Andrew Snook.

You should like Andrew Snook on Facebook and see his great images.




"The Tech of Sports" Episode 21: Team Fenom


This week on "The Tech of Sports", I'm joined by Charlotte and Antonia Newman as they talk about their new website, TeamFenom.

They focus on women's sports and covering it in a way that is pretty unique.

We talk about tech startups and women in technology as well.

Have a watch or listen:



"The Tech of Sports" Episode 20: Olympic Luger Ruben Gonzalez

Great talk with one of the most inspiring guys in sports, Ruben Gonzalez.

Find out how he picked up the sport of luge at the age of 21 and participated in four Olympics.

He has a great story to tell.

Listen to it here:

 or here:



"The Tech of Sports" Episode 19: 3-Time Olympian Suzy Favor-Hamilton

She's a three-time Olympian and is not afraid to tell her story and speak candidly about the Olympics, running and branding.

She was happy to come on "The Tech of Sports" and talk about all that and more.

Suzy is now a speaker, author and real estate agent.  Her last Olympics was in 2000 and much has changed since then.

Have a listen:



"The Tech of Sports" Episode 18: Judo Olympian Nick Delpopolo

Nick Delpopolo is heading to London to compete for Team USA in Judo at the 2012 Olympic Games.

Before he hits London, he appeared on "The Tech of Sports" to talk Judo, the Olympic experience and even the uniforms the athletes will be wearing that have been all rage.

Nick is a great guy, and he has a chance for a medal in London.

We will be rooting him on and wish him all the luck in the world.

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