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Based in Atlanta, GA - Rick Limpert is an award-winning writer, a best-selling author, and a featured sports travel writer.

Named the No. 1 Sports Technology writer in the U.S. on Oct 1, 2014.

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Kindle Free Pick of the Week - Death Will Extend Your Vacation: A Humorous New York Mystery

A clean and sober group house might not be everyone's idea of a dream vacation in the Hamptons, but the aptly named Deadhampton seems just about perfect for recovering alcoholic Bruce Kohler, his main man Jimmy, and BFF Barbara the World-Class co-dependent. (Meaning she simply cannot mind her own business.)

Even the neighbors seem kindred spirits. Down the road's a big house in the dunes owned by a clean and sober playboy with a motley crew of house guests in recovery from drug, love, and sex addictions, compulsive overeating, bulimia, and anorexia, not to mention good old-fashioned alcoholism.


Kindle Free Pick of the Week - Classic American Road Trips - Route 66

If you are fascinated by Route 66, this is your ebook.

There were long-distance American highways before Route 66 but none has endured longer in the country's psyche. John Steinbeck first dubbed Route 66 the “Mother Road” to describe the promise the highway held when thousands of poor Oklahoma and Arkansas families were blown off their farms by the Dust Bowl drought conditions of the 1930s and forced to head to California. The 2,400-mile, dog bowl-shaped roadway from Chicago to Los Angeles inspired popular songs, movies and an iconic television show that lured millions of travelers to it two lanes of concrete. Route 66 was done in by the interstate system - some of which was laid on top of the old road - and doesn’t appear on modern maps anymore but lives forever in the imaginations of any motorist with a hint of wanderlust.


Kindle Free Pick of the Week - A Photographic Tour of Kodiak, Alaska

A beautiful free pick this week.

For the Kindle Fire or the free color Kindle apps for PC, MAC, iPad, iPhone and Android.
Let the author take you on a photographic tour of this wild and beautiful Alaskan island with photographs of bears, eagles, sea lions, sea otters, foxes, wildflowers and gorgeous landscapes.


Kindle Free Pick of the Week - The Blogger's Guide to Absolutely Nothing

127 pages of fun.

Humorous collection of blog posts by the Blogger of the Year.

Get it while it's free.


Kindle Free Pick of the Week - Guide to Healing Chronic Pain, A Holistic Approach

This week's free pick may help you feel better.

Have you been diagnosed with a so-called incurable pain condition like herniated discs, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, migraine, nerve damage or fibromyalgia?

This free guide can help you:

  1. Discover cutting edge, natural pain relief tools and therapies you can use to heal your pain with or without your doctor's consent
  2. Use inexpensive infra-red acupuncture patches to reduce and eliminate pain symptoms within seconds or minutes
  3. Reduce and reverse the inflammation to your body caused by stress, toxins, trauma and drugs
  4. Re-wire your brain and nervous system to get your body's self-healing mechanisms up and running again
  5. Harness the Law of Attraction and the power of the Mind to remove obstacles to healing
  6. Eliminate negative thoughts and emotional baggage associated with your chronic pain
  7. Reconnect with your Spirit and Higher Self so that your healing can be a joyous journey of self-discovery
  8. Rally the "right" support team to help you heal