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Based in Atlanta, GA - Rick Limpert is an award-winning writer, a best-selling author, and a featured sports travel writer.

Named the No. 1 Sports Technology writer in the U.S. on Oct 1, 2014.


Fantasy Football Week 4 Update: 0-4

Even the Chicago Bears got a win this week.

But Limpert Tech can't get out of its own way and falls to 0-4.


Debris From El Faro Found

Hate to see this. The U.S. Coast Guard continues the search for El Faro, the missing cargo ship that was last heard from during Hurricane Joaquin on October 1, 2015. 33 people are onboard feared dead as debris field is found.


Kindle Free Pick of the Week: Donald Trump 50 Life and Business Lessons

He's running for President, but this book by George Ilian takes us through some words of wisdom from "The Donald."

It offers an introduction to Donald Trump, his business success, and the lessons that we can learn from him. It is not a text book nor a full lenght biography, but more of a cheat sheet for reading on the bus or in the bathroom, so that you can pick out the most significant points without having to carry around a bag of weighty tomes. You can read it all in one sitting, or look up specific case studies as and when you are looking for inspiration or direction.



200 Year Rain Event in South Carolina

About 22 million Americans across the East Coast were under flood watches Saturday as a "once in 200 years rainfall event" started soaking the Carolinas — with the worst yet to come.

As much as a foot of rain fell overnight in Wilmington, North Carolina, and numerous water rescues were reported.

"Our goal constantly is to be overprepared and underwhelmed," North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory told reporters Saturday morning.

South Carolina could get more rain in three days than it normally does during the entire fall, The Associated Press reported. Saturday was the third consecutive day of the relentless onslaught of rain, with a plume of precipitation expected to last through the weekend and only start to let up on Monday.

Officials on Saturday reported 17,000 power outages across North Carolina.


Container Ship May Be Lost in Huricane Joaquin