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Bear Cub Gets into Supermarket

Cool video here of a cute bear.


Chuck Hakansson

Always love to have the number 1 racquet stringer in the country being my cellmate in Macon again this week.

Chuck Hakansson's fingers glide over a racquet stringing machine like a harpest playing "Ave Maria"

I don't trust anyone else to string my racquets and Chuck truely is one of my favorite people.


Pro Am Drone

I have to believe at the Tennis Classic of Macon, we are the first USTA Pro Circuit event to utilize a drone.

We had one flying over our pro am...


Kindle Free Pick of the Week - Silo 49

Set in Hugh Howey's world of WOOL. Part One of the Silo 49 Series.

Silo 49 has never had it easy and things have just gotten a whole lot worse. Graham, the head of IT, has done many unsavory things in his life but everyone has a line they won't cross. He just found his. With only his best friend, Wallis and a dying electrician, Grace, to stand by him, he is left with one clear and final choice. Does he do what is right or what the rules say he should? It is a race against time for the trio against the impersonal might of Silo One. Their solution? Going Dark.


What its Like to Live in a Haunted House