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Kindle Free Pick of the Week - Procratination Cure

Okay, let’s face it, at some point in our life, all of us have said we are going to get a certain task done, yet we ended up not lifting a finger to do anything about it - that is, until someone yells at us about it. However, some people are chronic procrastinators. If you constantly avoid getting things done and have a mountain of excuses lined up to “explain” the reasons why you are unable to do them; then look in the mirror and you will see a procrastinator. Most often these reasons are only excuses to avoid doing the real task and going through the emotional discomfort that often comes with making significant changes in our careers and in our lives. Procrastination can exact a pretty steep toll on your business, career, relationships, health, and finances. We all hate to admit it, but in choosing to put off tasks that can be performed today for tomorrow, we unwittingly surrender our happiness. You may be tempted to play it safe, especially when you are seriously thinking about improving your lot in life – but do you really want to look back a few years from now and blame yourself for wasting time in getting certain things done? That’s where this ebook comes in.


Back to School Gadgets Part 1 (Video) on WMAZ CBS in Macon 7/20/14

Here is the video of my first Back to School segment for 2014:

Always great to be in Macon and to see Suzanne Lawler and producer Benny Adams.


Florida Man Ran Over By His Own Truck

I love these crazy stories.

The Gainesville Sun ( reports 48-year-old Joseph Carl had been drinking and drove into a vehicle stopped at a red light. He got out of his truck without putting it in park and began banging on the window of a woman's car. When the frightened woman drove away, there was nothing holding his truck in place.



Kensington and Mead Team Up for Throwback Tablet Folios

These are cool.

Mead designs as folios for your tablets.

See my Examiner piece:


The Vaavud Smartphone Wind Meter

I get dozens of gadgets each month.

Some more cooler than others.

Here's a cool one I received yesterday and couldn't wait to try out.

It's the Vaavud, Smartphone Wind Meter.

Yes, kind of like a wind sock you attached to the earphone jack of your smartphone.

And it works. I tried it all day yesterday as I'm covering the BB&T Atlanta Open tennis tournament this week in Atlanta.

As you can see, it was a pretty calm day and night in Atlanta.

I can see a lot of uses for this. Review will be coming.