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St. Patrick's Day

Have a safe and fun St. Patrick's Day!


Blimp Tows Water Skier to World Record


The T-Mobile blimp towed skier Kari McCollum for 6.9 miles at Lake Elsinore, in California on Tuesday.



Social Media Takes Flight During March Madness

NCAA pre-tournament social media analytics from leading international social intelligence firm Talkwalker.

March Madness Buzzing with More Than a Half Million Social Media Mentions

Kansas, North Carolina and Virginia are Social Media’s Favorite






#6  UCLA



#9  DUKE


March Madness is just underway with the First Four games in Dayton, but social media has been in a tournament frenzy since Sunday when the brackets were revealed.  More than 557,000 mentions of March Madness, NCAA Tournament or related terms have been recorded across all social media in the past week, according to international social media analytics firm Talkwalker.

Mentions of March Madness have spiked up nearly 300% over the last 48 hours as the tournament teams were finalized on Selection Sunday. The biggest peak came between 6-7pm ET during the CBS live selection show with more than 73,000 social posts in that one hour referencing the tournamen.

The hashtag #MarchMadness has already been used more than 183K times over the last 7 days. The other major hashtag being used in the buildup was #SelectionSunday which has been used nearly 96K times over the last 7 days. This Bleacher Report Instagram post is the tops among all mentions of March Madness, revealing the four top seeds and garnering nearly 200,000 likes.

This top-trending Tweet from BarStool Sports broadcaster Dan Katz summed up many fans’ feelings about the way the bracket was revealed – in alphabetical order instead of by region and seed.

But who is going to win? Only two of the four top seeds are among social media posters favorites to win the tournament.  According to Talkwalker, the early leaders out of the gate for most mentions are: One-seed Kansas with 20.1K mentions since Sunday, Two-seed North Carolina with 17.5K and One-seed Virginia with 16.8K.

Oklahoma is the fourth most mentioned team with 16.1K posts, but not for a reason that Sooners fans would like – most mentions are because of the feeling that OU maybe should have been left out of the tournament this year.  Syracuse also garnered many mentions (11.8K) for the same reason as did UCLA (12.2K).

The other two top seeds the tournament came in fifth (Villanova with 14.9K) and 11th (Xavier with 11.3K).  Among the other second-seeded teams, Duke was sixth overall in mentions with 14.3K, while Cincinnati with 11.2K and Purdue with 6.1K finished out of the top 10.

Among brands trending is perennial March Madness sponsor Pizza Hut, with this Instagram post featuring its “Pie Tops” which attracted 6,400 likes.

Have fun this March Madness.


Crowdfunding Corner: Shared Harvest Fund

With the current day student loan debt crisis of $1.3 trillion, Shared Harvest Fund is introducing practical, impactful, and sustainable opportunities for professionals saddled with student debt to pay back their loans. They are launching a Kickstarter campaign at:

With an initial campaign target of $7,833 in mind to represent a 1-year student loan repayment for one undergrad graduate ($31,333 is the average four-year undergraduate student loan debt).

This new company has created a platform for skillful professionals to give back to impactful organizations by engaging in volunteer work to benefit the social causes they believe in while reducing their own student debt

“I wanted to combine a way to help alleviate our troubling debt burden and the detrimental health cycles we see daily rooted in stress while being able to help volunteer organizations who so desperately need it,” said NanaEfua B.A.M, founder and CEO of Shared Harvest Fund. “Shared Harvest Fund came from our team’s deep desire to create a meaningful side hustle that would change the discourse from not making enough to giving back and making a difference. Our approach simply starts with investing in people who do good work, so we can be the change and beauty we want to see in the world.”

For a small membership fee, volunteer users sign up for the platform, build a profile page, post their skills, social causes of interest, and start building their network. Once volunteers are paired with a nonprofit organization and complete the service, Shared Harvest Fund will award a stipend to the user and make a payment directly to the student lender in $500 denominations. Users can complete as many projects they desire, earning up to $5,000 a year max up to the maximum amount of their student loan debt.

Shared Harvest Fund benefits include:

●          Student loan debt relief and student loan debt management education

●          Promoting and supporting a culture of volunteerism

●          Nurturing emotional, mental, and physical health through service

●          Building a positive community network around a shared societal burden

●          Organizations in need get the qualified help they deserve

●          Changing the culture of employee benefit packages by promoting and supporting jobs   
that offer student loan repayment options

B.A.M was inspired to start the company after realizing that even as established professionals, she and her husband were not able to afford to have her stay home with her newborn son because of their combined student loan burden.

Shared Harvest Fund Co-founder Briana DeCuir added, “Learning how to live a debt-free lifestyle offers the opportunity to avoid some of the emotional and physical health burdens that occur with the level of stress attributed to excessive debt.”

“In this generation, we don’t own our homes, but we have student loans equivalent to a mortgage loan.  We don’t have large families and we delay starting them in pursuit of careers. Some of us have even had to care for our own parents and loved ones along the way,” DeCuir said.

B.A.M added, “Shared Harvest Fund’s ultimate mission is to offer at the minimum, $20 million in student loan repayments by 2020 all while expanding the social footprint of the educated professional population.”

Again the crowdfunding campaign is here:


Kindle Free Pick of the Week: Diffusing Essential Oils for Beginners

Diffusers are becoming wildly popular.


In ancient times, the plant kingdom provided our earliest ancestors with the natural healing powers derived from nature. Extracts and essences from plants and flowers were prized for their medicinal, spiritual, aromatic, and therapeutic value, including beauty benefits.

Aromatic plants, essences, and oils have traditionally been used during religious ceremonies and observances, beauty care and perfumes, food enhancement, and preservation. Aromatic plants were the basis for herbal and botanical medicines and remedies for thousands of years - they still are. In fact, they’re the root of today’s modern pharmaceuticals.

And as lifestyles rapidly changed to meet everyday challenges, and technology progressed in leaps and bounds, herbal knowledge soon fell by the wayside.

During the past century, as the side effects of many chemically based drugs come to light - not to mention the exuberant costs, natural healing has come full circle and has gradually found its way back into our homes. The Western World is standing up and taking notice. People are educating themselves about the wonderful uses and benefits of using essential oils, herbs, and spices. Mother nature's medicine cabinet is back, invoking endless remedies and in some cases, cures - without the side effects.

Granted. Natural healing may not replace the family doctor or chemically manufactured drugs entirely, but it certainly is a healthy alternative to consider when thinking about your health, beauty, wellbeing, and fitness regime.

Bonus: Includes Medicinal Herbs and their uses.

Discover the many benefits to diffusing essential oils to achieve optimal health and well-being in your home and workplace.
Diffusing essential oils can help you study better, sleep better, enhance your moods and put you in the mood...