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Atlanta Area Snowfall Totals

We had some snow in Metro Atlanta.

  • Carters Lake, 12 inches
  • Dallas, 12 inches
  • Lost Mountain, 12 inches
  • Sweat Mountain, 11.8 inches
  • Kennesaw, 11 inches
  • Marietta, 11 inches
  • Villa Rica, 10 inches
  • Cartersville, 10 inches
  • Smyrna, 10 inches
  • Holly Springs, 9 inches
  • Douglasville, 8.5 inches
  • Powder Springs, 8 inches
  • Virginia Highlands, 7.7 inches
  • Woodstock, 7 inches
  • Canton, 7 inches
  • Alpharetta, 6 inches
  • Clarkston, 5.2 inches
  • Duluth, 4.5 inches
  • Cumming, 4.5 inches
  • Tucker, 3.3 inches
  • Decatur, 3 inches
  • Atlanta, 2.3 inches


Kindle Free Pick of the Week: The Great Book of American Trivia

Slept through high school history? Need a more entertaining refresher than a dusty textbook? Want to learn more about America and its interesting history? Pick up The Great Book of American Trivia, the ultimate compendium of American trivia and little-known facts. A quick read packed with information from cover to cover. Here you will find out:

    Which US president survived an assassination attempt - and didn’t even pause his speech?
    What holiday’s origin story was actually just a tall tale to unite a country at war?
    Where in the world can you find an American mountain range - that isn’t in America?
    How did an earthquake lead to the Trail of Tears?
    What First Lady gossip shook up an entire presidential cabinet?

Overstuffed like the Thanksgiving turkey with answers to these questions and more facts - sometimes fun, sometimes serious, but always as true as we can confirm amongst America’s fables - The Great Book of American Trivia takes on the real drama behind the quaint stories we found as students in US history books. A novelty amongst trivia books, here you’ll learn the real stories, the mysteries, and the fascinating tidbits about American history from its first inhabitants to present day.

Whether you know nothing about America’s past or you consider yourself an expert, you’ll learn something new and find yourself entertained as you discover or relive the nation’s troubles, mistakes, triumphs, and challenges. Dig in now and start learning the interesting stories that shaped America into what it is today.



A Little Winter Cuts Through the South

A little hint of winter in the South today.


Bobbleheads Give Holiday Greetings from CBS

From shows like "The Big Bang Theory."


Airliner Saw Launced Korean Missile

Something else to worry about.