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Dachshund Root Beer Part of Soda Fest

It's takes place in Illinois.

The 5th annual Homer Soda Festival took place this past Saturday.

See a writeup on the event here for craft soda lovers.

The 5th annual Homer Soda Festival took place this past Saturday.
The 5th annual Homer Soda Festival took place this past Saturday.

Coconut Oil is So Yesterday

And unhealthy it seems.


Jack Nicklaus Talks with on FOX News 'Special' Report

A little something different on FOX news.


Train Driver Stops to Buy Peaches

There is nothing better than a ripe peach.

Tunisia’s national railway company said on Friday that it had opened an investigation after a video emerged online showing a driver apparently stopping a train to buy peaches.

The short video, reported filmed from inside a train in the Sahel region, shows crates of fruit placed at the edge of the railway and a vendor climbing onto the train to give a plastic bag to someone.

"Look, he stops an entire train to pick up peaches," said one passenger, while others stood up to watch the scene.

Hassen Miadi, communications director of the Tunisian national railway, described it as an "isolated case".

"We have opened an investigation into this video and will take the necessary administrative measures," he told local radio.


Kindle Free Pick of the Week: The Money Tree

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