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Based in Atlanta, GA - Rick Limpert is an award-winning writer, a best-selling author, and a featured sports travel writer.

Named the No. 1 Sports Technology writer in the U.S. on Oct 1, 2014.


Esports Coverage on Esportz Network

The fastest growing fanbase in the world is professional and collegiate esports in a manner that enhances the excitement and rapid global growth of the sport, Esportz Entertainment Corp., (, has begun building an extensive platform and network that will give esports enthusiasts access to expansive esports coverage, while also providing players an introduction to new resources that will help them effectively communicate on a level that matches their gameplay.

Esportz Entertainment Corp. will provide an exclusively dedicated environment for global esports news, entertainment, and training services through its three unique offerings:

Esportz Network is a subscription, sponsor and ad-driven broadcast entertainment platform that will bring esports global coverage of all things esports through various social media, streaming channels, and mobile applications.

Esportz Pro will consist of custom media strategy courses and curriculum for players, teams, students, and brand sponsors that will be offered in-person and online.

EZPro will develop exclusive esports fan apparel and merchandise.

Esportz Network is dedicated to bringing the best coverage of game play to you wherever you consume your gaming news and information, engaging a global esports audience with in-depth esports programming that will reach esports fans wherever they live and play. In addition to coverage and programming, Esportz Entertainment will also provide gamers and esports fans with a diverse selection of clothing for all occasions through their EZPro brand.

“We intend to cover esports in an expansive way that has never been done before,” Thimmig said. “Our focus for Esportz Entertainment and the Esportz Network is targeted towards building our brand, growing our esports viewing audience, adding subscribers, developing our tournament sponsor participation and attracting gamers to participate in regular tournaments. We intend to appeal to the largest esports fan base through creating programs that are engaging and informative. We will also work closely with gamers, teams, game developers, tournaments, sponsors, hardware and software companies to include them in our programming, benefitting from their shared interest in promoting our features.”

Esportz Network will be an open online Freemium subscription-based service that is styled in part by identifying the best presentation of other leading sports networks to share esports news, headlines, and entertainment shows. With the development of its media center and broadcast studio, a wide range of esports-centric shows will be created and streamed through the Esportz network site, mobile platform, YouTube, Twitch, and other popular esports community channels.

While launching its full Esportz Network in June 2019, Esportz Entertainment is already broadcasting its “Esportz Network Minute” podcast,, with accomplished esports journalist, Mitch Reames. Working with OC Talk Radio,, Esportz Network is providing a daily esports recap designed to give radio broadcasters the latest in esports news for their listening audience. Ask Alexa for your Esportz Network Minute.

Esportz Pro will focus on providing brands and players with the opportunity to increase their value to the esports industry at large. The expert educators and trainers at Esportz Pro will help develop and teach the most effective techniques unique to esports that can improve players’ communications skills to convey their personal story and build exceptional value that can attract major sponsors.

“Even if you are not a gamer, we're betting some of your friends, associates, children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews are gamers. You may not understand esports or appreciate the pleasure others get from watching and playing, but you are smart enough to see it going on all around you, and you know it’s not just a phase. It’s ingrained in our global culture, and it’s getting bigger and more widespread every day,” Thimmig added.

Esportz Entertainment has launched a StartEngine equity campaign, ( ), to spread awareness about their products and services among esports players, fans, and the investment community.


100 Ingenious Ways To Detect Lies: How to Spot a Liar Like a Pro

Spot liars.

Discover how to detect lies from your child, partner, coworker or employee by using the 100 human lie detection techniques from the FBI.

"When your child practices lying, he or she is developing a myriad of cognitive and emotional states that are natural to a human being’s brain. Your child uses lying to test his or her theories and beliefs. He or she uses lying to pretend and use their imagination during play."

"Autism is one of the disorders in which a child struggles with lying and pretending the way that a normal child might due to cognitive impairment."

"Someone who is a pathological or compulsive liar may or may not even be aware that they are lying. They may be having fantasies or their reality or perception may be inaccurate because they have an underlying psychiatric or mental disorder that could be causing them to lie."

- Pathological or Compulsive Liar
- Is Lying a Symptom of Underlying Problems?
- The Reason Behind the Lies
- The Different Types of Lies We Tell
- What We are Taught About Lying
- I dentifying When Your Child is Lying
- I dentifying when Your Partner is Lying
- I dentifying when Your Employee or Acquaintance is Lying
- 100 Lie Detecting Techniques to Use On Virtually Anyone- The Reason Behind the Lies


Easter and Passover

Enjoy your weekend and hopefully some Spring weather.


Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Trailer

Out in Dec.


New Sideways 9 T-shirt Proves Tiger is the 'GOAT'

With his recent Masters win, a new t-shirt states Tiger is the GOAT.

Sideways 9, a casual golf apparel company owned and operated by founder and PGA professional Chad Maveus debuted during the 2019 Masters, with apparently perfect timing as its signature “Tiger GOAT” design was unveiled. This is great as it has been difficult for years to find a unique golf t-shirt to wear.

“I always knew Tiger Woods would win another major, but never imagined it would happen during the launch of my new company,” said Maveus.  “I was overwhelmed by the positive response I received while wearing my “tiger goat” shirt during the tournament.”

Maveus conceived of Sideways 9 during his years at Pebble Beach Golf Links, where he served as first assistant golf professional, and later as general manager at Forest Dunes Golf Club in Roscommon, Michigan.  The line is derived from a true player's perspective (sprinkle in a little sarcasm and wit), which all golfers will truly appreciate. Sideways 9 will introduce new designs throughout the year and add a new hat collection later this spring.

“I really wanted to create a casual golf apparel line that golfers can wear off the course,” Maveus said. “All of my ideas and designs are formed from decades of working in the golf industry and countless hours playing the game I love.”

Sideways 9 will be available in select pro shops starting this season, as well as online.  For additional information or to order, access the web site at  Follow on Facebook @sidewaysnine, Instagram @sideways.9, and Twitter @Sideways_9.