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Kensington and Mead Team Up for Throwback Tablet Folios

These are cool.

Mead designs as folios for your tablets.

See my Examiner piece:


The Vaavud Smartphone Wind Meter

I get dozens of gadgets each month.

Some more cooler than others.

Here's a cool one I received yesterday and couldn't wait to try out.

It's the Vaavud, Smartphone Wind Meter.

Yes, kind of like a wind sock you attached to the earphone jack of your smartphone.

And it works. I tried it all day yesterday as I'm covering the BB&T Atlanta Open tennis tournament this week in Atlanta.

As you can see, it was a pretty calm day and night in Atlanta.

I can see a lot of uses for this. Review will be coming.


Back to School Gadgets Part 1 on WMAZ CBS in Macon 7/20/14

Back on Channel 13 WMAZ in Macon with part 1 of my two part series on Back to School gadgets.

Great to be with Suzanne Lawler once again and featuring the HP Rove 20,Ogio bags, No-contract phones from the likes of Boost Mobile, Leef drives and the Casemaker Pro.



Kindle Free Pick of the Week - You Become What You Think About

It's Been Called The Strangest Secret

Buddha declared that, “The mind is everything. What you think you become.” “You become what you think about all day long” is how Ralph Waldo Emerson expressed it.

In The Strangest Secret, the only personal development recording ever to receive a Gold Record, Earl Nightingale reveals that the secret is “You become what you think about."

Using that principle, you can create an entirely different world than you live in today.

An inspirational read.


Conversation Corner No. 58 - Cory Lerios of Pablo Cruise

One of my favorite bands is 70s and 80s hitmakers, Pablo Cruise.

I had the chance to talk to Pablo Cruise keyboardist, Cory Lerios for "Conversation Corner"