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Podcast Profile: Semper Fi, It's Only The Kimmer


If you live in Atlanta and turn on afternoon drive time radio do you feel something is missing?  Well it is, but I have some good news for you.  The Kimmer is back!  Well sort of, while he can't be found on WGST anymore, he has a weekly podcast you can download and listen to, it may help you get your Kimmer fix.

He still has his passion and his opinions, but that's only part of what makes Kim Peterson great.  Now retired from radio and living in Florida, Kim has teamed up with Josh Price at The Conservative Beacon for a hour or so of ranting and raving.

Kim will unleash his opinions on current events and tell tales from his days at WGST, WSB, and his stint in Chicago.  So far he's covered the end at WGST, Nancy "Haystack", Wayne 'No Offense", Mikey Rose, and working with Oprah in Chicago, as well as numerous other stories that couldn't be told on the radio.

It's a great listen and only makes me wonder why he isn't still on Atlanta radio.  Here's hoping in the coming weeks he covers working with a young Sean "Tin Man" Hannity, the Snow Ball Open, Flushing the Lines, and who knows what else.

Get your Kimmer fix here:



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