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Rick Limpert does his "Wireless Wednesday" tech segment on 92.9 The Game in Atlanta every Wednesday night around 11 p.m. with Mitch Evans on "The Mitch Evans Experience." Tune in and listen and feel free to call or text in a question.

For much of 2012, I did the segment on Dave-FM before they switched over to The Game.  I was on "The Steve Show" with Steve Craig.


Wireless Wednesday for 511/16 - Beat the Heat and Protect Yourself from the Sun

It's almost summer and protecting yourself from the sun is of paramount importance. From sunglasses to clothing, lotions and sun blocks.

Rick runs the gamut this week on Wireless Wednesday, have a listen:

1.  Nike Sunglasses   "NikeVision"

- Nike Bandit – Starting at $145.00 (Released on April 1st)

A unique blend of fashion and function, the stylish Nike Bandit includes all of the technical benefits of performance eyewear in an on-trend frame.

    Nike Max Optics provide precise clarity and reduce distortion.
    The eyewear cuts through wind, reducing resistance.
    Flex points along the temples automatically adjust to the shape of the athlete’s head, to provide a secure fit.
    A Floating Nose Pad automatically adjusts for optimum grip and comfort, while acting as a shock absorber and increasing airflow.
    The arms of the eyewear adjust to the moisture level for added comfort. The material is smooth when dry and grips when the athlete begins to sweat.
    Soft rubber channels on the inside of the temples wick away sweat from contacts points and increase airflow.
    Heat Vents (tiny holes built into the top of the frame) allow heat to escape and cool air to circulate, preventing fog and moisture buildup.

Nike Golf X2 Golf

Nike teamed up with Golf Athletes to product the Nike Golf X2 sunglasses. Featuring Nike Max Optics – a patented technology that amplifies the white of  the ball and enhances the contours of the green – these glasses a great gift for those who want to play like the pros!

2.  REKS™ Sunglasses

REKS™  is a revolutionary sunglass brand combining the highest quality shatter-resistant polycarbonate lenses with stylish, unbreakable frames all at affordable prices.  With a retail price point of $60 and under, the REKS™ lenses are the same quality of lenses found in glasses costing $150-$250.  Add in the fact that the frames are unbreakable and you have yourself a great product that will surely disrupt the marketplace.

REKS™ sunglasses are available in six iconic frame styles with three lens options offered in a multitude of stylish colors including classic, Revo and mirror finishes. The six iconic frame styles come in a broad array of colors and finishes including matte, gloss and Soft Touch™. REKS™ provides a range of stylish options that go from slopes to fairways to city streets with ease.

3.  Oakley Elemental Polo $34.50 - $50

The Elemental Polo was created in collaboration with pro golfer Bubba Watson. The polo is available in 26 colors and made with moisture-wicking interlock knit fabric with UV-shielding fabric to protect on the course.

4. Carpe  -  Keep a good grip and your hands dry

It's time, one and for all, to say bye-bye to those constantly sweat hands, thanks to Carpe. It comes in a 1.6 oz. bottle, and Carpe absorbs quickly into your skin with now greasy or chalky residue. Apply a small droplet and allow about 10 minutes for it to absorb and take hold. Then you can "take hold" and go about your business with no sweat in the desired area.

“With the summer temperatures heating up, many golfers across the country will be losing grip on their game due to embarrassing sweat. Not to mention, sweating through glove after glove. Well, luckily golfers who suffer from this pervasive problem now have a solution: Carpe Lotion,” offers David Spratte, co-founder of Carpe Lotion. “Carpe is the world’s first non-greasy, no-residue antiperspirant hand lotion that tackles the problem of sweaty palms by targeting the source: the sweat glands. It’s the perfect cure for golfers and those suffering from sweaty palms across the country.”

Carpe actually uses a very powerful antiperspirant compound that works when you need it to take action. Carpe says that regular use will cause the size of your sweat glands to reduce and give better and better results over time. If you are among the millions of people that have hyperhidrosis, daily use for up to a month could offer some great benefits.

5.  Butterbean Sunscreen, SPF 30

According to Dr. Cynthia Bailey, a board-certified dermatologist and the president and CEO of Advanced Skin Care and Dermatology Physicians, our skin is susceptible to damage from the sun 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

EWG (Environmental Working Group) Rating: 1
Health Concern: Low
UVA Protection: Excellent
Main ingredient: Zinc Oxide (22 percent)
Organic and 80 minute water resistant

Rick's App of the Week:

Bausch and Lomb team up with IBM, Apple for cataract surgery app

As part of the alliance. IBM MobileFirst for iOS, a top firm in the optical care industry has joined the alliance with an eye toward building an app to help with cataract surgery. The app would bring iOS into the operating theater to help surgeons plan the surgery and to select implants. This could be done on iPads and iPhones.


Wireless Wednesday for 5/4/16 - Mother's Day Gadgets

Less than 5 days until Mother's Day and as we say every year...


Rick is here this week with some tech items and gadgets that would make great gifts for Mom.

And Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there.

Have a listen:

And a bonus minute included:


1.  Acer Iconia 10 tablet- a high performance, full featured Android tablet for $149

Enjoy superb videos, browsing and games on a great 10.1" screen. Everything happens quickly and smoothly thanks to a powerful octa-core1 processor. Plus, this tablet's enhanced touchscreen sensitivity lets you tap, sketch and write with awesome precision.

Preloaded Iconia Suite apps make everything easier. For example, the EZ Tasking app makes the most of the 10.1" screen by letting you view and use two apps at the same time. Write an email while watching a video, or update your calendar while using Google Maps.

All for a price that is a fraction of an iPad!

2. LG G5 smartphone from Sprint  - the latest LG Android smartphone and a great deal from Sprint

$0 down $24 a month for the phone. Sprint is also offering a trade-in credit when bringing in your old phone.

The LG G5 is more than just a smartphone, it's your new best friend. Select Auto Shot on the front-facing 8MP camera, strike a pose and let your phone take the selfie for you. Thanks to the slide-out removable battery, you can swap batteries and power up in virtually no time. Choose one of the LG Friends to connect to your LG G5, like the LG 360 VR and experience virtual reality like never before.

3. Beats By Dr Dre Solo2 Luxe Collection

A luxury line of over-the-ear headphones that sounds great and is under $200

Available in 4 sleek color options: Blue, Red, Black and Silver

Has a more dynamic, wider range of sound with a clarity that brings you closer to what the artist intended you to hear

Framed for a custom-fit feeling with earcups ergonomically angled for a natural fit and optimal comfort + sound delivery

4. Brrr.  Coolwrap and clutch - from an Atlanta-based company (A cool combo)

With hot weather on tap, Mom will love the cool wrap from Brrr and the accompanying clutch.

It's a permantly cool wrap, not as cold as ice, but like a cool breeze. Put clutch in your freezer overnight and it will keep your wrap icy and fresh cool.  $69 on QVC for this exclusive.

5. Davek Alert - the world's first smart umbrella

The world's first smart umbrella offers quality and technology
The Davek Alert and it's sister, the Davek Alert Mini are well made umbrellas that sync to your smartphone and will never be lost or misplaced. Once your umbrella is connected ot your phone, it can send an alert when you leave it behind.

The whole process of syncing your phone and umbrella is simple. Once you have your Davek Alert, download the free iOS or Android app and place your umbrella near your phone for about 60 seconds. Your two gadgets will pair and you are set. Users have the option to turn the "alert mode" on or off for the day. The app comes with a sleek weather module that gives your weather forecast.
You will be alerted when you are separated from your Davek umbrella.

Rick's App of the Week:

CVS Pharamcy app along with "CVS Express"

Takes all the confusion out of ordering presrciptions and taking your medications.

The CVS Pharmacy App is like having your own pharmacist in your pocket. It and allows users to easily locate and transfer prescriptions to the nearest CVS, refill prescriptions and set daily medication reminders so no matter what time zone you’re in you’ll always remember to take your medication.
CVS Express:

The latest curbside delivery service to hit the Atlanta region, CVS Pharmacy launched CVS Express, designed for busy families, parents and individuals, who don’t want to be bogged down by running errands. With CVS Express customers can place an order through the CVS Pharmacy app (free of charge), schedule a pick up time and upon arrival in the CVS parking lot a CVS employee will bring your order out right to your car – convenient right!?


Wireless Wednesday for 4/27/16 - High Tech and Healthy Snacking

Just in time for spring and summer road trips and that quick morning breakfast or afternoon snack.
Also great for recovery after a workout, a softball game or even 18 holes of golf.

Snacking has gone healthy and high tech. Rick tries 5 snacks out for taste and nutrition.

 Have a listen to Rick's picks for healthy snacking!


1.  Bare - baked crunchy chips

- come in Apple, Banana, Coconut

Bare snacks start with real fruit picked at its ripest and sliced just right. We then slowly oven-bake each batch to a caramelized crunch. Now you can satisfy your craving for crunch with the goodness of fruit.

Low calorie, high fiber, fat-free
No sugar added, low sodium, cholesterol-free
No additives, no preservatives, GMO-free
Made with 100% fruit and a good source of dietary fiber
Bare Snacks doesn't mind showing you their assets. That's because they are USDA certified organic, with nothing artificial, ever. The satisfying crunch and sweetness of Bare Apple Chips come from special ovens, that caramelize the natural sugars on the outside and bake in crunch on the inside. This gives them the goodness of fruit with the crunch of a chip, and makes them a great-for-you, anytime snack.

2. Puffins

-a cereal and more from Barbara's Bakery

- A favorite as it's crunchy corn and oat pillows with molasses. 5g of fiber and just 5g of sugar.
Eat as a snack or cereal. Also comes in pumpkin flavor

3.  That's It - fruit bars

- Nutrition on the go...
What you see is what you get with these great tasting snack bars that are the perfect breakfast on the go, quick snack at the office, or healthy treat to pack in your children’s lunchboxes. They don’t contain any added sugar, corn syrup, artificial colors or flavors, purees, concentrates, or any type of preservative. Just 100% all-natural premium fruit that’s specifically designed for nutritious on the go snacking wherever life may take you.

What’s not to love about real fruit that doesn’t require any washing, peeling, or slicing to enjoy? With only 100-110 calories and 2-5g of fiber each, That’s it. fruit bars are the ideal guilt-free snack to satisfy your sweet tooth. They’re also fat free, kosher, vegan, gluten free, non-GMO, and raw. Taste all of our flavors and see why That’s it. is the only two-ingredient snack of its kind in the market today.

4. Carve bars

- protien bars with natural ingredients

Carrve is nutrition that helps everyone "catch the wave of their life" We provide clean, conscious, delicious and affordable functional foods that will fuel people’s goals and adventures around the world. We strive to keep our products and business practices authentic, transparent and mindful.
Non GMO / Gluten Free
- Low Sugar / High Protein
-Ingredients: Cashew Butter, Whey Protein Isolate, Chocolate Chips, Organic Brown Rice Syrup, Chicory Fiber, Vegetable Glycerin, Cinnamon, MCT Oil, Honey.
The cookie dough bar is delicious

5. Chocolate Leathers from Kayco

- Satifies that craving for chocolate while still being healthy
For those who love dark chocolate there’s a new snack to satisfy your sweet cravings that’s low in calories and big on chocolatey taste - Dark Chocolate Leather follows on the success of Original Chocolate Leather, launched last November. Like the Original, Dark Chocolate Leather, from Kayco (also known as Kedem Foods), is an innovative twist on the traditional dried fruit leather but 45% to 50% lower in sugar and lower in fat and calories than most chocolates.

The new Dark Chocolate Leather contains pure dark chocolate, cocoa nibs and brown rice crisps that have been transformed into a delicious and chewy chocolate snack, free of dairy and soy. The new 0.5 oz. treat has 60 calories and two grams of fat. (Original Chocolate Leather has 50 calories and 1.5 grams of fat).

The App of the Week:

John Deere’s MowerPlus app

This app monitors mowing progress like a Fitbit, monitoring every mow along the way. The app tracks mow path, distance, speed, engine hours, and logs all of the operator's mows throughout the year. It helps keep homeowners on track with their lawn maintenance and mower use in an easy to use app, ensuring that they feel confident maintaining a great looking lawn!

The free app is iOS and Android friendly and compatible with any brand of lawn mower, not just the green and yellow variety (though we certainly prefer it!). Check it out here -


Wireless Wednesday for 4/20/16 - John Isner and Spring Sports Tech

Rick has had a busy week already.

In addition to being a sports tech writer and everything else he does, he's the Media and Commuications Manager for Atlanta's pro tennis tournament, the BB&T Atlanta Open.

And they had the top ranked American and world No. 15, John Isner in town this week for media obligations. Isner is the 3-time defending champion here in Atlanta and he's be going for 4 come the week of July 31 - Aug 7 at Atlantic Station.


Rick and Mitch take a look at some spring and summer sports and outdoors gadgets for 2016...

Have a listen to both parts:

1. Air Force One AFX Pro Series Irons - a great price for a premium set of golf irons

A premium set of irons for $399? How, when and where are going to be the next words out of most golfer's mouths. These said irons are the new AFX Pro Series irons and are part of the growing Air Force One line of golf products. There is secret sauce here in that the irons use compressed nitrogen, like the Air Force One driver that came out last year.

The AFX Pro Series replaces the forged Citation players' irons, featuring less offset and a thinner top line.  The AFX Pro Series features Nitrogen Charged technology in the 3- and 4- iron and an undercut cavity in the 5- iron thru PW.  In addition, the AFX Pro Series has matching muscle back 52-, 56- and 60- degree wedges.  The irons are soft cast which produces a soft impact feel and workability.


2. Thermacell Mosquito laterns

- Keep those biting insects away

I recommend Thermacell and their all encompassing line of mosquito repelling lanterns, torches and repellers. Thermacell does something no one else does and that is use their technology to put a repellant that is a copy of the insecticide produced by chrysanthemums in their products. It proves to be 98% effective and welcome relief to those looking to spend an afternoon or evening outdoors with family, friends or a good book.
"Thermacell products are 96% effective, approved by the EPA and tested by the US government for effectiveness," says a representative of Thermacell.

It's also odorless and runs on a single butane cartridge, that heats a repellent mat and releases allethrin, which is a synthetic copy of the natural repellent found in those chrysanthemum flowers that were mentioned above.

Thermacell says a latern will cover a 225-square feet area at up to four hours per mat or 12 hours for a refill kit. A Thermacell latern is not only more effective, but it is safer than using citronella candles.


3. Wilson Ultra 100 tennis racquet


Easy power with the Ultra 100, as Wilson serves up an impressive combination of speed, power and spin. Like the best modern player's racquets, this stick blends an explosive feel with precise targeting, making it dangerous in the hands of those who like to dominate the court with pace and spin. Thanks to its firm Carbon Fiber layup and stiff dual tapered beam, the Ultra 100 has a crisp and lively response. The result is a racquet that has a very even feel across the entire stringbed, with less power loss on balls struck in the upper hoop (where many advanced players make contact). To boost comfort, Wilson gives this model a Cushion Foam Handle along with Parallel Drilling technology (which enables the strings to soak up extra vibration). From the baseline this racquet's maneuverable weight and 'whippy' head light balance are perfect for generating pace and spin. Our playtesters found it easy to flick sharp angles or hit running forehand winners. This stick's fast feel and lively response is definitely an asset on service returns where it comes around very fast to deliver penetrating depth. Finally, aggressive servers looking to work the entire box with pace and spin should have a blast with this one.


4. Tecnifibre strings, including the new Pro Red Code Wax

* Tennis players should always get their racquets restrung before the start of a new tennis season

Pro Red Code Wax.
An evolution of our Pro Red Code (1st coated polyester in the market. Played by John Isner).
The Pro Red Code Wax is softer and provides more spin (It includes Wax at the beginning of the process of fabrication. So it slides better = better snapback = more spin).
It’s an interesting string, especially as we try to exist on the market as the “softest brand of polyester”

5.  Piq - golf wearable

A golf wearable that sensor that will be able to measure 3,000 different points per second and 13 different dimensions.
The sensore included a range finder and Mobitee will be providing maps of 35,000 golf courses around the globe using the finder. With this access users can automatically have insight on the yardage of greens and fairway of the golf course they are playing.

What you get is 18 NFC tags in the box.
15 of them are with a club name written and 3 of them are spare (with no name) to replace any loss or add specific club.

Position one tag on each of your club following the naming on each tag, you have to do it once for all.
A fixation clip should be inserted on the golf gloves. Position it on your left hand (if you are right-handed), it’s clipped on the top scratch of your glove. Insert PIQ arrow head towards your fingers, you’re ready to play!

The App of the Week:

Emoji Keyboard for Me app

(formerly known as Emoji Keypad)
New Emoji app

Emoji Keyboard for Me equips users with classic iOS emojis, hundreds of unique stickers and custom emoji combos for all their messaging needs, available right from the stylish color keyboard as well as in the app where it’s also possible to type in a variety of fonts or spell words with emojis.
The new update offers emoji lovers a redesigned app interface that allows for more intuitive navigation, improved word prediction and auto correction for all available keyboard languages and a handy search bar in both the content gallery and keyboard for finding the right emoji, sticker or combo in seconds. The app has also been optimized for the latest iOS devices including iPad Pro and 3D Touch support for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. The new Emoji Keyboard for Me is on limited time sale now, it’s available on the App Store here:

Based on data gathered around the world from its popular Emoji Keyboard for Me app, the developer found that emojis with hand gestures dominated the rankings with “hugging face” emoji topping the list, followed by the “thinking face” with hand on chin. Other hand gesture emojis such as the (mean) spirited “middle finger” and “rock on” emojis placed fourth and tenth respectively. Rounding out the list were the “rolling eyes” face, the “slightly smiling” face (both rightside up and upside down), “bottle with popping cork,” “nerd” face, and “frowning” face.


Wireless Wednesday for 4/13/16 - Monday After the Masters and Kitchen Gadgets

Rick has been trying out some new gadgets and devices for the kitchen so we are heading into the kitchen this week for Wireless Wednesday...

But first, Rick was invited to play in the annual "Monday After the Masters" at Reynolds Plantation on Monday.... this year with PGA Tour pros, Stewart Cink and Brian Harman.  

Rick actually hit them pretty well, had some birdie opportunities at the tough "Oconee Course" at Reynolds Plantation and made some pars to help the cause
Rick and Brian Harman

Have a listen to Rick and Mitch here:

***Now a look at what's new in the kitchen:

1.  Ankomn Savior  - newest sealed container for your kitchen

Ankomn Savior, the world’s most powerful non-electric vacuum sealed container made for food storage, is now shipping at, and Featuring Ankomn’s patented vacuum seal technology, Savior keeps food fresher up to 8 times longer, saving money and waste. Savior keeps food fresh by forcing air out with each twist of the lid, locking out excessive humidity and dry air that makes food stale. Also perfect for marinating meats, Savior keep everything fresher, including nuts, tobacco, coffee, tea, truffles, herbs, fish, meat, vegetables, fruit, cheese, chips, and baked goods.   

2. Sistema 150ml Yogurt and Snack Containers

We've all been there, we wanted to take some cups of yogurt with us on the road and the cup gets punctured or all twisted and yogurt can't be eaten....

Enter Sistema containers... for about $20
BPA-FREE: This product contains no harmful chemicals, keeping you safe and the food inside delicious


3. Magic Opener  -   opens anything and is also great for tailgates

Ready to enjoy the game and a cold beverage but struggling to pry open all the different cans and bottles?  Try magicOpener’s small, magnetic, and ergonomically designed, 4-in-1 bottle opener.  Store it on the fridge or take it on the go.  You’ll never have to miss that buzzer-beating basket with magicOpener- the solution to your daily battle with that canned or bottled beverage.
Go to

4.  Touch Coffee and Beverage Brewers
Here are a few ways Touch stands out from the competition and makes a coffee-shop quality cup of coffee at home:
·       Touch brewers are completely open platform – this means you can use any K-Cup OR one of their own XBold cups, which have been designed to hold more up to 30% more coffee and deliver better flavor.
·       The brewer is ready to start brewing in under 20 seconds after being off all night.
·       Makes a piping hot cup of coffee by reaching the ideal temperature for a cup of coffee (195-200 degrees Fahrenheit)
·       The hot water has more contact with the coffee grounds, which ensures that all of the coffee flavor is extracted. Other machines take much longer to warm up and then shoot water through the coffee grounds too quickly, so you end up throwing away untapped flavor with the used capsule. Even with a slower, more deliberate brew, when factoring in the warm-up time, the Touch still turns out a cup of joe in a fraction of the time.
·       Its removable 90-ounce water tank has a greater capacity and is shorter in height than its counterparts, meaning you will be refilling less often, and it will be less awkward when you do.
·       Heats just enough water for the selected  cup size as opposed to the entire tank of water, and the machine turns itself off after using, making it much more energy efficient than its competitors.
The T526S offers 8 Cup Size Options: 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 oz. and Carafe (which holds 26 oz coffee)

5.  UncommonGreen drinkware

UncommonGreen is the perfect way to show your school spirit while sippin’ on your favorite drink. UncommonGreen's new College Town Maps Drinkware are a unique, but also practical way, for anyone to show off their school pride. UncommonGreen has launched College Town Maps Drinkware with 60 college towns to choose from, ranging from powerhouse schools like UCLA, to smaller, cult favorites like Middlebury.

And, if you don't see your favorite school listed as an option, they plan to continue expanding the line in the coming months, so your school could be next.  For more info, go to

The App of the Week:

Planes Live
$2.99 iOS app

Planes Live is a simple yet powerful tool that lets you watch the planes online all over the world and get up-to-date information on flights instantly! Track the flights of your family members or beloved ones as if you were traveling with them and find the best time to pick them up at the airport.
Users of Planes Live can:

•         Track planes online all over the world, in real time

•         Receive notifications about flight schedule changes with alerts on flight status, canceled flights, new departure and arrival times, and more

•         Search for specific flights, airports, and locations

•         Get detailed information on any flight, from aircraft characteristics and a picture of the aircraft model to its route and schedule

•         Find up-to-date airport information for accurate departure and arrival schedules, airport time zones and local time, its location and weather forecast

•         Add airports and locations to Favorites to access them instantly

•         Track planes and airports near them

•         Customize settings such as units and map type to suit their preferences

•         Apply smart filters to track a particular airplane model or an airline company, and watch the planes of selected altitude, speed or airport.

The Planes Live app can be downloaded for $2.99 on iTunes here. Learn more about Apalon's apps at