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Wireless Wednesday for 511/16 - Beat the Heat and Protect Yourself from the Sun

It's almost summer and protecting yourself from the sun is of paramount importance. From sunglasses to clothing, lotions and sun blocks.

Rick runs the gamut this week on Wireless Wednesday, have a listen:

1.  Nike Sunglasses   "NikeVision"

- Nike Bandit – Starting at $145.00 (Released on April 1st)

A unique blend of fashion and function, the stylish Nike Bandit includes all of the technical benefits of performance eyewear in an on-trend frame.

    Nike Max Optics provide precise clarity and reduce distortion.
    The eyewear cuts through wind, reducing resistance.
    Flex points along the temples automatically adjust to the shape of the athlete’s head, to provide a secure fit.
    A Floating Nose Pad automatically adjusts for optimum grip and comfort, while acting as a shock absorber and increasing airflow.
    The arms of the eyewear adjust to the moisture level for added comfort. The material is smooth when dry and grips when the athlete begins to sweat.
    Soft rubber channels on the inside of the temples wick away sweat from contacts points and increase airflow.
    Heat Vents (tiny holes built into the top of the frame) allow heat to escape and cool air to circulate, preventing fog and moisture buildup.

Nike Golf X2 Golf

Nike teamed up with Golf Athletes to product the Nike Golf X2 sunglasses. Featuring Nike Max Optics – a patented technology that amplifies the white of  the ball and enhances the contours of the green – these glasses a great gift for those who want to play like the pros!

2.  REKS™ Sunglasses

REKS™  is a revolutionary sunglass brand combining the highest quality shatter-resistant polycarbonate lenses with stylish, unbreakable frames all at affordable prices.  With a retail price point of $60 and under, the REKS™ lenses are the same quality of lenses found in glasses costing $150-$250.  Add in the fact that the frames are unbreakable and you have yourself a great product that will surely disrupt the marketplace.

REKS™ sunglasses are available in six iconic frame styles with three lens options offered in a multitude of stylish colors including classic, Revo and mirror finishes. The six iconic frame styles come in a broad array of colors and finishes including matte, gloss and Soft Touch™. REKS™ provides a range of stylish options that go from slopes to fairways to city streets with ease.

3.  Oakley Elemental Polo $34.50 - $50

The Elemental Polo was created in collaboration with pro golfer Bubba Watson. The polo is available in 26 colors and made with moisture-wicking interlock knit fabric with UV-shielding fabric to protect on the course.

4. Carpe  -  Keep a good grip and your hands dry

It's time, one and for all, to say bye-bye to those constantly sweat hands, thanks to Carpe. It comes in a 1.6 oz. bottle, and Carpe absorbs quickly into your skin with now greasy or chalky residue. Apply a small droplet and allow about 10 minutes for it to absorb and take hold. Then you can "take hold" and go about your business with no sweat in the desired area.

“With the summer temperatures heating up, many golfers across the country will be losing grip on their game due to embarrassing sweat. Not to mention, sweating through glove after glove. Well, luckily golfers who suffer from this pervasive problem now have a solution: Carpe Lotion,” offers David Spratte, co-founder of Carpe Lotion. “Carpe is the world’s first non-greasy, no-residue antiperspirant hand lotion that tackles the problem of sweaty palms by targeting the source: the sweat glands. It’s the perfect cure for golfers and those suffering from sweaty palms across the country.”

Carpe actually uses a very powerful antiperspirant compound that works when you need it to take action. Carpe says that regular use will cause the size of your sweat glands to reduce and give better and better results over time. If you are among the millions of people that have hyperhidrosis, daily use for up to a month could offer some great benefits.

5.  Butterbean Sunscreen, SPF 30

According to Dr. Cynthia Bailey, a board-certified dermatologist and the president and CEO of Advanced Skin Care and Dermatology Physicians, our skin is susceptible to damage from the sun 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

EWG (Environmental Working Group) Rating: 1
Health Concern: Low
UVA Protection: Excellent
Main ingredient: Zinc Oxide (22 percent)
Organic and 80 minute water resistant