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Gators in the Everglades

There are 1.5 million gators in Florida and we saw a few of them on an airboat ride through the start of the Everglades in Florida.


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Traffic in Atlanta Just Got Worse

A large fire has caused an overpass on Interstate 85 to collapse in Atlanta.

It's bad.


What it Costs to go to the Final Four and Travel Tips

The road to the Final Four ends in Phoenix with college basketball fans from across the country traveling to Arizona for the final March Madness showdown, beginning on Saturday, April 1 and culminating on Monday, April 3 with the National Championship. With over 70,000 seats to fill at the University of Phoenix Stadium, there’s plenty of room to welcome fans from across the country. However, travel prices are climbing and hotels will go fast in the days leading up to the weekend of games. takes a look.


Fans traveling to witness basketball history in hot and sunny Phoenix from the Pacific Northwest and the Carolinas will see airfare at the following1:

·        University of South Carolina (Columbia to Phoenix) – roundtrip flights starting at $1,185 on

·        Gonzaga University (Spokane to Phoenix) – roundtrip flights starting at $1,413 on

·        University of Oregon (Eugene to Phoenix) – roundtrip flights starting at $1,242 on

·        University of North Carolina (Raleigh-Durham to Phoenix) – roundtrip flights starting at $1,242 on


Hotels near the stadium are booking up quickly with current rates on starting at $233 per night for a 4-star hotel in the Glendale area. Below is a list of alternative neighborhoods with lodging options in the greater Phoenix area, for those who can’t get close to the stadium:

Hotels Rates on Starting At

Distance to Stadium

Downtown Phoenix
16 miles

10 miles

10 miles

11 miles


For travelers who aren’t staying in the immediate vicinity of the stadium, transportation to games will be another travel cost. According to, car rental rates start at just $15/day over this big game weekend.


·        AIRFARE: Fly out a day early, stay a day later to avoid higher airfare prices and find more availability on flights. Also, look to alternative airports in the area, including Mesa and Tucson

·        HOTEL: Use a promotion code such as EXPLOREMORE to save 15% on

·        PACKAGE IT: If you need more than one travel component, package them together for the best savings


Officials Named for 2017 Final Four

Here we go and looks like John Higgins' Hair will be in attendance.

Final Four

    Mike Eades
    Doug Sirmons
    John Higgins
    Ron Groover
    Ted Valentine
    Jeff Anderson
    Michael Stephens
    Tony Padilla
    Verne Harris


    Terry Ogelsby

Championship Game

    Mike Eades
    Verne Harris
    Michael Stephens

-Per ESPN and NCAA