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The Weird Geography of the US

Some facts about the geography of our country.


Kindle Free Pick- Everyday Crap: The Grocery Store

He was settled in. He had his house shoes on and his feet up. When suddenly he was called upon to brave the confusing aisles of the grocery store. It was just supposed to be "a couple of things” but as John will soon learn, there’s no such things as a "quick trip" to the store.

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Rolling Replaces Throwing for Ballpeople at 2018 US Open

The USTA today announced that beginning with the 2018 US Open, ballpersons will roll the ball from point-to-point, rather than throw between positions.  Rolling between positions has traditionally been utilized at the other Grand Slam events.
“By rolling between positions, we are putting less emphasis on a single skill-set, in this case throwing, and instead looking at the importance of slotting more well-rounded athletes at the positions,” said Tina Taps, Director of US Open Ballpersons.  “In making this change, we are able to focus more on speed, dexterity and agility, important attributes for a ballperson, along with overall court awareness.”
“The goal of making the change to the rolling technique, is to create a larger pool of athletes and applicants trying out for the ballperson position,” said Stacey Allaster, Chief Executive, Professional Tennis, USTA. “In the past, potential applicants may have decided not to try out because of the daunting nature of the throw.  We hope that those same individuals will now come out for the try-out this year, as well as those that may have not made the cut in the past, solely due to their throwing prowess.”
The public ballperson tryouts for the 2018 US Open will take place on Tuesday, June 26, at 4:00 p.m. (3:00 p.m. registration) at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center, in Flushing, N.Y. More than 100 sought-after ballperson positions will be up for grabs.  Ages 14 and older are eligible to try out for the coolest summer job in sports.
 To find more information and pre-register for the tryouts, go to


Rick's June 2018 Sports Travel Picks

The month of June is not over yet, so plenty of sports travel opportunities. Here is my collab with



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Did Phil Offer to WD?