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WalletHub's Best Baseball Cities

With the 2018 World Series in full gear and tickets to see the games live costing hundreds to hundreds of thousands of dollars, the personal-finance website WalletHub today released its World Series Facts – Red Sox vs. Dodgers infographic.

To determine the best places to be a fan of America’s third most followed sport, WalletHub compared 360 U.S. cities with at least one college or professional baseball team across 31 key metrics. They range from performance level of team(s) to average ticket price to stadium accessibility.
Top 20 Baseball Cities
1    New York, NY         11    Oakland, CA
2    Los Angeles, CA         12    Minneapolis, MN
3    St. Louis, MO         13    Detroit, MI
4    Atlanta, GA         14    St. Petersburg, FL
5    Chicago, IL         15    Baltimore, MD
6    San Francisco, CA         16    Milwaukee, WI
7    Cincinnati, OH         17    Cleveland, OH
8    Boston, MA         18    Philadelphia, PA
9    Pittsburgh, PA         19    San Diego, CA
10    Arlington, TX         20    Kansas City, MO  
2018 World Series Facts
$1,965 vs. $1,290:  Average ticket prices for 2018 World Series games in Boston and Los Angeles, respectively
 $2.14 Million: Amount the Los Angeles Dodgers spent on each regular season win, compared to the Boston Red Sox’ $2.11 million
 $1.15 Billion: 2016 revenue for MLB Advanced Media, the league's digital arm
 $2.58 Billion: Disney's 2016 and 2017 investment in MLB Advanced Media's spinoff, BAMTech, for a 75 percent stake

To view the full infographic, please visit:  


2018 World Series is on Sling

As we head into the World Series, Sling TV is the best way to catch all the Fall Classic action. Below are the details.


Tuesday, Oct. 23

  • Los Angeles Dodgers @ Boston Red Sox on FOX (Sling Blue / Select Markets) – 8:09 p.m. ET


Wednesday, Oct. 24

  • Los Angeles Dodgers @ Boston Red Sox on FOX (Sling Blue / Select Markets) – 8:09 p.m. ET


Friday, Oct. 26

  • Boston Red Sox @ Los Angeles Dodgers on FOX (Sling Blue / Select Markets) – 8:09 p.m. ET


Saturday, Oct. 27

  • Boston Red Sox @ Los Angeles Dodgers on FOX (Sling Blue / Select Markets) – 8:09 p.m. ET


Sunday, Oct. 28

  • Boston Red Sox @ Los Angeles Dodgers (if necessary) on FOX (Sling Blue / Select Markets) – 8:09 p.m. ET


Tuesday, Oct. 30

  • Los Angeles Dodgers @ Boston Red Sox (if necessary) on FOX (Sling Blue / Select Markets) – 8:09 p.m. ET


Wednesday, Oct. 31

  • Los Angeles Dodgers @ Boston Red Sox (if necessary) on FOX (Sling Blue / Select Markets) – 8:09 p.m. ET


 New Sling TV customers can take the opportunity to sign up for a 7-day free trial to watch the beginning of the World Series at no cost.



Best Colleges in Georgia

From WalletHub

To help college-bound seniors make the most informed school choices, WalletHub compared nearly 1,000 higher-education institutions in the U.S. based on 30 key measures grouped into seven categories, such as Student Selectivity, Cost & Financing and Career Outcomes. The data set ranges from student-faculty ratio to graduation rate to post-attendance median salary.

Top 10 Colleges & Universities in Georgia
1    Georgia Institute of Technology         6    Berry College
2    Emory University         7    Spelman College
3    University of Georgia         8    Georgia College & State University
4    Mercer University         9    Oglethorpe University
5    Piedmont College         10    Covenant College

With that in mind, here’s a closer look at some of the top schools and how each performed in certain metrics:
School Snapshot: Georgia Institute of Technology (1 = Best; 17 = Average; 33 = Worst)
2nd – Admission Rate
27th – Net Cost
32nd – Student-Faculty Ratio
14th – On-Campus Crime
4th – Gender & Racial Diversity
2nd – Graduation Rate
1st – Post-Attendance Median Salary

School Snapshot: Emory University (1 = Best; 17 = Average; 33 = Worst)
1st – Admission Rate
33rd – Net Cost
1st – Student-Faculty Ratio
10th – On-Campus Crime
2nd – Gender & Racial Diversity
1st – Graduation Rate
2nd – Post-Attendance Median Salary

School Snapshot: University of Georgia (1 = Best; 17 = Average; 33 = Worst)
10th – Admission Rate
12th – Net Cost
20th – Student-Faculty Ratio
20th – On-Campus Crime
16th – Gender & Racial Diversity
2nd – Graduation Rate
4th – Post-Attendance Median Salary
To view the full reports, please visit:

Best Colleges & Universities Overall:


Kindle Book Pick of the Week: Food Fight: For Parents of Picky Eaters

A great book pick this week!

Make lunch, not war. Food Fight: For Parents of Picky Eaters (Koehler Press, August 31, 2018) is a hands-on guide to understanding and reprogramming how families battle picky eating. It's loaded with proven tactics to help parents take mealtimes back.

As founder of a professional culinary school for children, author Chef Gigi Gaggero has coached thousands of children and adults in how to cook (and eat!) better.

Based on over 35 years of professional experience, Food Fight targets picky eaters with the science of flavor and taste mechanisms, teaching parents how to transform nutrient-dense meals into something delicious for their children's unique and developing palates.

In addition to behavioral tips and solutions, the book features over 60 innovative and practical recipes, including naturally colored Green Eggs and Ham, smashed-fruit filled Purple Tie-Dye Unicorn Muffins, umami-rich Dinosaur-as Teriyaki Drumettes, and hassle-free Homemade Soft-Serve Ice Cream.

While it’s easy to see picky eating as a phase, moderate-to-severe picky eating often coincides with serious issues like depression and anxiety that may later require intervention. Chef Gigi exposes the habits that inadvertently reinforce picky eating and helps parents navigate the challenging landscape by showing them the science behind flavor and awakening them to the culinary magic of umami.

This book is here to help families that have picky eaters!



Black Friday 2018

What we know so far...

Time to start thinking about shopping!