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Tour Championship at East Lake

The end of the wrap around 2019 PGA Tour Season.

The top-30 are at historic East Lake in Atlanta this week.

No Tiger, no Jordan this week, but still should be some great golf and a lot of fun!


Current 2019 Football National Championship Odds

Many of the same teams.

Odds to win the NCAA Championship

Alabama +200 (2/1)

Auburn +9000 (90/1)

Baylor +22000 (220/1)

Clemson +200 (2/1)

Florida +6000 (60/1)

Florida State +14000 (140/1)

Georgia +750 (15/2)

Iowa +21000 (210/1)

Iowa State +17500 (175/1)

LSU +1900 (19/1)

Miami Florida +14500 (145/1)

Michigan +1300 (13/1)

Michigan State +19000 (190/1)

Mississippi State +21000 (210/1)

Nebraska +8500 (85/1)

Norte Dame +6700 (67/1)

Ohio State +1200 (12/1)

Oklahoma +1500 (15/1)

Oklahoma State +30000 (300/1)

Oregon +5000 (50/1)

Penn State +13500 (135/1)

Purdue +35000 (350/1)

Stanford +28500 (285/1)

Syracuse +32500 (325/1)

TCU +21000 (210/1)

Texas +4500 (45/1)

Texas A&M +5500 (55/1)

UCLA +37500 (375/1)

USC +20000 (200/1)

Utah +6500 (65/1)

Virginia Tech +24500 (245/1)

Washington +5700 (57/1)

Washington State +23000 (230/1)

Wisconsin +18500 (185/1)


Current 2020 Super Bowl Odds

We are halfway through the preseason, so it's the perfect time to take a look at current Super Bowl odds.

2020 Super Bowl odds to win:

New England Patriots 6-1
Kansas City Chiefs 6-1
Los Angeles Rams 10-1
New Orleans Saints 10-1
Indianapolis Colts 14-1
Chicago Bears 14-1
Philadelphia Eagles 14-1
Green Bay Packers 14-1
Los Angeles Chargers 16-1
Cleveland Browns 20-1  
Pittsburgh Steelers 20-1
Dallas Cowboys 20-1
Minnesota Vikings 25-1  
Seattle Seahawks 30-1
Houston Texans 40-1
Atlanta Falcons 40-1  
Baltimore Ravens 40-1
San Francisco 49ers 40-1  
Carolina Panthers 40-1
Jacksonville Jaguars 50-1  
Oakland Raiders 60-1
Denver Broncos 80-1
New York Jets 100-1
Cincinnati Bengals 100-1
Buffalo Bills 100-1
New York Giants 100-1
Detroit Lions 100-1
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 100-1
Washington Redskins 100-1
Tennessee Titans 100-1
Arizona Cardinals 300-1
Miami Dolphins 500-1


What! Teen Destroys Sand Sculpture at Hawaii Hotel

Some people...  what was she doing?  Hope she got prosecuted and kicked out.


Kindle Free Pick of the Week: Newbie Nurse

Tips from nurses, some for nurses.

Okay! You finally kicked nursing school’s butt. Now what?

Becoming a nurse is an exciting and fulfilling experience. For some, it’s a goal they’ve been working towards for years. While others have held this passion in their hearts since the first time, they saw a scrub. Different people will celebrate their graduation differently, but almost all of them have some anxiety about their first day on the job.

This is what vice grips new nurses by the pinky; the transition from school to the working world.
It’s one thing to ace all your exams and memorize medical theory like your times tables, but it’s another thing to enter your wing and work on patients without over-the-shoulder supervision. You’ll be dealing with situations school didn’t prepare you for. Don’t worry, this isn’t a failure on your school’s part so don’t go damning them to hell.

School can’t prepare you for every scenario, this book can help prepare you for the most common ones.

In NEWBIE NURSE: tips and advices for new nurses, you learn:
•How to find a job that fits by matching your specialty to your passion
•The secrets to easily get any job opening as a first-time nurse
•How to blend into the workplace so you seem tenured
•The most common mistakes to avoid as a new nurse
•And the key characteristics that will make you stand out as a new nurse