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Based in Atlanta, GA - Rick Limpert is an award-winning writer, a best-selling author, and a featured sports travel writer.

Named the No. 1 Sports Technology writer in the U.S. on Oct 1, 2014.

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Four Secrets Your Sales Team Can Learn from the Competitive Sports Arena

Some popular products seem to sell themselves, but the reality is the success began with a process.
The same is true in the business of professional sports, a $60 billion-a-year industry where some franchises grow into monster brands.
Sales managers in many industries sometimes use sports themes in their coaching -– competitiveness, dedication, strategy execution, etc. And as someone who has trained the sales teams of major sports brands, Lance Tyson sees what often separates the winners from the losers.
“The problem with selling today is there’s no home-field advantage,” says Tyson (, President and CEO of Tyson Group, a sales training, coaching and consulting company and author of Selling is an Away Game: Close Business and Compete in a Complex World.  
 “The selling game takes place in the buyer’s mind. As the salesperson, you have to determine how much the potential buyer knows or doesn’t know. And even with all the technology, it’s never been more competitive; there are more salespeople interacting directly with customers than ever before.”
Tyson offers four concepts to consider when coaching your sales team on today’s more complex playing field:
Screw the better mousetrap. “You don’t necessarily have to build a better mousetrap; you have to do a better job selling your mousetrap,” Tyson says. “You have to understand there are a lot of new variables in selling. Social media and online information have changed the game, but despite all the new technology, the bedrock of sales remains the same: people selling to people.”

Attitude adjustment. Tyson points out that grit is a key component of both championship sports teams and successful sales teams. One notable difference is the relative importance of skill set in each profession. “Skill set does not equate to success in sales,” Tyson says. “Hard work isn’t a skill; it’s a choice. It’s starting early, staying late, being resilient after rejection. It’s forming the habit of doing things that failures don’t like to do.”  
Level the playing field. Tyson compares the sales process to choosing which game to play in a casino; your odds of closing improve if you keep your sales process simple and tailor the approach to the buyer’s mindset. Otherwise, the salesperson can be as distracted as if in a casino. “In sales, we don’t have to be gamblers, but we do have to be odds players,” Tyson says. “So you want to play craps rather than the slots.”

Find common ground. Establishing credibility with a prospect requires engaging them in a conversation. “The first seven seconds are the most critical to get their attention,” Tyson says. “If you survive, you have the next 60 seconds to win their interest. To do this you need to see the sale from the buyer’s perspective.”
“There’s plenty of room for a salesperson’s creativity and a customer’s need for tailored solutions,” Tyson says. “At the same time, you can use that process repeatedly to provide solutions and compete in a complex world.”


Saturday Night is Alright for Fighting

Brawl erupts at UFC match after Khabib takes out McGregor.

From Saturday Night.


Kindle Free Pick of the Week: 10000 Feet and Climbing

A seamless guide to modern personal flying machines for the flying enthusiasts. 10,000 Feet & Climbing contains chapters featuring the latest personal aircraft, ranging from microlights to flying cars. Apart from covering the technical aspect, information like performance, pricing, ownership, safety, and applications of various aircraft has been included. This book also features flying experience, opinion pieces and adventure stories of two champion pilots from Austria and the USA respectively. Crafted with colorful HD pictures, the book's language has been kept simple and humorous. A small glossary at the beginning followed by structured chapters will provide the readers with a refreshing and seamless content experience. Even if you are new to the field of aviation, this guide will help you understand the crucial concepts relating to small aircraft design, performance, operation, and even ownership regulations. Get started with it to enter the exciting world of personal flying!

Here's the link:


Kindle Pick of the Week: #HeySportsParents: An Essential Guide for any Parent with a Child in Sports 

Another great book from Sharkie Zartman.

#HeySportsParents: An Essential Guide for any Parent with a Child in Sports

Sports parenting is easier said than done. It's difficult to watch our kids play a sport and not have any control over the outcome. And it's challenging to stay calm and supportive while helping our kids navigate the terrain of choices available to them. However, if done properly, this experience can be very rewarding.

#HeySportsParents starts off with a segment on Sports Parenting 101 written by Sharkie Zartman covering the basics of parenting a young athlete including the perks and pitfalls of youth sports, how to choose the right program for your child, how to feed a young athlete, what your role is as a parent, coaching your own child,how to navigate the college recruiting process, and a special chapter on stress management.

The second segment, The Sports Doctor is In, is written by Dr. Robert Weil, also known as the Sports Doctor. He shares valuable tips on sports safety and the dangers of overtraining and specializing too soon in a sport and also the real dangers of concussions and CTE in contact sports, especially football.

The book also includes two special sections written by sports parenting experts and parents of elite athletes

Expert and parent contributors include:

Dr. Denise McDermott, Kate Davis, R.D., Janis B. Meredith, Ian Goldberg, Melissa Orth Fray, Dr. Dave Epperson, Robert Andrews, Dr. Steve Horwitz, Dr. Holly Benjamin, Dr. Claire Gross, Kirk Mango, Cat Dols, Nancy Ryan, and Timmer Halligan.

Get this book now and help your kids get the most out of sports.

Link to Kindle version:

Here is a link as I interview Sharkie on my "Tech of Sports" podcast.


Already Talking the NBA Season

With Stephen A.