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Based in Atlanta, GA - Rick Limpert is an award-winning writer, a best-selling author, and a featured sports travel writer.

Named the No. 1 Sports Technology writer in the U.S. on Oct 1, 2014.


RadioShack Not Done Yet

The first time RadioShack went bankrupt, independent dealers struggled to get answers about the future of a brand that was integral to their businesses.

With some 4,400 company-owned stores to restructure in 2015, RadioShack’s leaders kind of threw in the towel.

But some good might come out of it for this legacy brand.


The Pumpkin Flavor is Back

At Starbucks, Scooter's and surely your favorite coffeeshop or restaurant that does seasonal flavors. Even Auntie Anne's pretzel shops!

And there are deals, so look for coupons, download apps, etc.

"Fall means football, foliage, and, of course, Pumpkin Spice Pretzel Nuggets," said Carol Pasquariello, vice president of marketing for Auntie Anne's. "We're excited to celebrate the season by bringing back this iconic product. Like the fall, these nuggets will be gone before you know it, so be sure to grab some while you can."

The purchase of Pumpkin Spice Pretzel Nuggets will allow guests to earn points towards the redemption of free pretzels and signature Auntie Anne's items through the My Pretzel Perks app, available for free download in Apple's App Store® and Android's Google Play® Store. Members also receive free pretzels on their birthday, exclusive offers, and information about fresh, new products.

Pumpkin Spice Pretzel Nuggets will be available at Auntie Anne's locations nationwide for a suggested retail price of $3.89, while supplies last.



Hurricane Irma Delivers a Blow

Hits the Caribbean directly.

Hurricane Irma has destroyed four buildings in St. Martin, one of the islands of the Caribbean Sea sustaining severe damage as the hurricane moves west.


My CBS 46 Atlanta Plugged In, 9/5/17 - Tailgating Tech Segment

Your team might not be the favorite to win the game, but here's how to "win the tailgate"

Tech writer, Rick Limpert, shows off the hottest tailgating tech and gadgets with some surprises thrown in...

See the segment here:


Copper Tech Grill Mats

Along with Copper Chef pots and pans, their Grill Mats are a tailgater's best friend. at 15.75" x 13", these reversible and reusable grill mats reduce burning flare ups. Your marinade or baste will stay on your food and nothing sticks to the mat. You also get perfect grill marks and they clean with ease. The food event tastes better. A no-brainer at $20.

Mini Firefighter

Already popular throughout Europe but new to North America, Mini Firefighter is a portable, eco-friendly fire extinguisher that is as compact and easy to use as a can of hairspray. Cost is $22.95, so buy two.
Mini Firefighter is the only compact extinguisher that works on four different fire types:
    Class A – Solid fire (wood, fabric, cardboard, plastic)
    Class B – Hydrocarbons (petrol, diesel, solvents)
    Class C – Electrical (tested to 35,000 volts)
    Class K – Oil/Grease (cooking oils, grease, animal fat)
Having this home fire extinguisher on hand makes putting out a fire easy and straightforward. The size makes it easy to store in a drawer, or to take along for an outdoor adventure.

BBQ Guru

The most advanced high-tech BBQ accessory to hit the market. The CyberQ Cloud is the newest must-have temperature control device that is going to give you the ultimate barbecue experience and will be your new secret weapon for cooking delicious meals every time, especially at tailgates. You can get distracted at tailgates, so CyberQ Cloud’s cutting-edge technology makes outdoor cooking easier than ever before. BBQ Guru’s high-tech control helps solve the two most common problems of cooking outdoors by automatically controlling your cooking temperature and consistently tracking your food temperatures. With built-in food ready alarms, voice control activation, and automatic oven-like control for your smoker, the CyberQ Cloud does the work for you and eliminates the guesswork of knowing when your food is done. Hook up your CyberQ Cloud to your grill, set your desired temperature, and, almost like magic, it consistently maintains your target temperature.


When you use your mobile Phone outside this is the must have accessory. And it's under $10.
Windblocker is a small portable cover for your smartphone’s microphone. It lets you have crystal clear audio outdoors. The Windblocker earphone wraps around earphone’s microphone and your all set Compatible with all common earphone’s microphones

HotLogic Mini Personal Portable Oven

$40. The patented Hot Logic Mini is a personal portable oven great for the office, the job site, the campsite or anywhere you have an outlet. Now you can enjoy fresh-cooked hot meals, reheated meals or perfectly cooked prepackaged meals anywhere. The Hot Logic Mini slowly and evenly heats your meal to preserve moisture and enhance flavor. No super-hot overcooked edges, no frozen centers and no worries about sharing a dirty microwave.

Reks Sunglasses - Protect your eyes, unbreakable eyewear..

Innovative, Fashion-Forward Sunglasses, $30-$60. Won't break in the middle of your tailgate.
Reks Optics has introduced its new line of stylish, unbreakable sunglasses with optical grade lenses to protect your eyes and offer top shelf performance.



Irma Strengthens to Category 4

Hurricane Irma intensifies to a Category 4 storm... U.S. bound...