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Mayor Invites Constituents into the Sauna

This is maybe a way to get politicians in touch with the people.

In Austria.

The deputy mayor of an Austrian town is inviting constituents to strip down and join him in the sauna.

Saunas in Austria are traditionally mixed, and most guests are naked. Deputy Mayor Gerhard Kroiss says the main idea behind his initiative is to discuss improvements to the facility, run by his municipality of Wels in Upper Austria province.

He also says there’s no sweat if those taking him up on the invitation want to discuss other issues.

The meeting is set for Feb. 15, and Kroiss said Wednesday that feedback has been positive.


Wing Bowl 25 Champ Eats 409 Wings



Falcons Owner After Super Bowl Defeat

Shortly after New England prevailed 34-28 in overtime, the agony of defeat is felt at a personal level for the Arthur Blank Family.


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Scoop OTP Valentine's Day and Heart Healthy Month Gift Guide

Out today, my 2017 Valentine's Day and February Heart Healthy Month Tech Gift Guide.

Let the shopping begin...