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Next Eclipse... 2024

The Great American Eclipse may be over, but that just has us asking about the next eclipse. There are some exciting destinations getting ready for their own dances with darkness. For us in North America, it's 2024.

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Monday, April 8, 2024
North America

It’s a good time to be chasing eclipses in America; 2017 was the first of two total solar eclipses in just seven years. Even better, the 2024 event is technically even more impressive, with totality lasting a mighty 4 minutes, 28 seconds at its peak. However, it occurs in spring when clear skies are less likely. Beginning in Mexico and ending in Canada (passing through Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia Newfoundland), the path of totality also crosses Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, New York, and Vermont.

Greatest duration will occur near Torreón, Mexico, and Mexico and Texas will have the greatest chance of clear skies. Dallas will receive 3 minutes 49 seconds of totality and Waco 4 minutes 13 seconds, while Austin and San Antonio are both just inside the path of totality’s southern limit.


Eclipse Day

If you are among the millions and millions looking forward to what should be a fun and educational event, enjoy the Eclipse.


Want to Chase the Eclipse on a Jet?


Kindle Free Pick of the Week: How to Write a Simple Book Review

Authors love when readers leave reviews of their works.

Have you ever wondered how to write a review? Where to begin or how long it needs to be? Has it ever occurred to you that even negative reviews may be helpful to authors?

Are there different types of reviews? Where can you get tips for reviewing a book?

Do you wish writing a review was easy? With this book it is. Sharing your opinion with people who want to hear it is fun. Your reviews help fellow readers find out if a book is worth their time and money. Authors appreciate the recognition of a review, no matter how long, and the insight of a review can show them where they need to improve.

‘Writing a Simple Book Review; it’s easier than you think!’, holds these answers and more. You can start writing book reviews today.


Omni La Costa 

One of the great things I get to do is meet great people and visit tremendous properties.

Lucky to be at the Omni La Costa Resort and Spa this week and get to talk to the Director of Tennis and one of the great representatives of Cliff Drysdale Tennis, Bryce Cunnngham.