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Based in Atlanta, GA - Rick Limpert is an award-winning writer, a best-selling author, and a featured sports travel writer.

Named the No. 1 Sports Technology writer in the U.S. on Oct 1, 2014.


Giant Bowl of Lucky Charms Challenge

I like Lucky Charms as much asthe next guy.... but...


Crowdfunding Corner: Fidget-Capsule

Soon on indiegogo.

When you google the word ‘fidget’, two highly successful fidget devices appear: the fidget-spinner and the fidget-cube. This is the next generation! Strong yet cute, Fidget-Capsule, helps relieve tension while quietly strengthening your fingers!


  1. Doesn’t require attention and is easy to use 
  2. Offers 5 different level of resistant to strengthen one's fingers.
  3. Is built like an “old fashioned” metal device, in terms of its reliability and trustworthy mechanics.
Our CEO, The entrepreneur behind the Fidget-Capsule, Nir Daniel, has dealt with the improvement and development of fitness equipment for years. The fidget capsule came about when his nephew explained that he was having trouble playing the guitar, and couldn’t find a device that could help strengthen his fingers (not just his hand), while going about his day. 
The fidget that gives you more!

Helps in concentration, releasing tension from long sitting in front of screens and on the way trains your palm and fingers.
Different colors available. Sign up for updates on

SNL Attends the Royal Wedding

Like only SNL can do.


Kindle Book Pick of the Week: The Insane Energy System: Activate Untapped Brain Energy To Work Faster, Remember More, And Accelerate Your Learning 

Use some of your extra energy and get this book for free.

Do you regularly procrastinate? Do you often struggle to get started on important projects? Do you allow tasks to pile up until they make you feel stressed and overwhelmed?

These are all pretty common...

In fact, most people believe that a lack of time is what's holding them back in life.

You've probably thought to yourself...

“If only I had a few more hours in the day, I could spend more time picking up the house or handling chores...

Or maybe you long for some more time in your busy schedule to spend with the people you care about the most, or on one of your favorite hobbies...

I'm here to tell you that the reason you have NO TIME has nothing to do with time management...
With Proper Energy Management, You'll Be Able To Get A Lot More Done Each Day...
If you've ever struggled to find the time, when you know how to manage your energy, you'll have the time AND energy to get things done...

That's means, you'll be able to do things like...

Find the time to get in shape... and not just any shape... the BEST shape of your life...
Wake up energized and ready to meet the day with excitement every single morning
Spend more time each day doing the things that YOU want to do
Improve your productivity in every aspect of your life... work, chores, you name it
Have the energy to spend do things with the people you care about the most
And the list goes on and on...
Here's Just A Quick Preview Of What
You'll Discover Inside...

The simple, little changes you can make in your life that will quickly supercharge your energy levels each day... you'll wake up refreshed, become more productive instantly, and ultimately be a “super” version of your current self

The key to waking up full of energy each and every day so you can tackle the day and get everything done that you want... and then some!

The devastating effect of stress on your energy levels and how to stop it... dead in its tracks!

The power of nutrients in your body, and how to make sure you don't run out of steam... inside, you'll discover the best foods to eat to stimulate energy levels and the supplements that will help you get more energy... naturally!


Preakness Preview and Odds

A preview and odds for this weekend's Preakenss.


"This race is shaping up to be Justify vs. The Field. Gamblers tend to get caught up in the chase for the Triple Crown, and historically we tend to see the majority of the action at the Preakness fall on the winner of the Kentucky Derby. This year looks to be no different. Undefeated Justify is the 1-2 favorite after impressing with a dominant performance at Churchill Downs and facing one of the smallest fields in recent years. One of our most popular props is "Will Justify win the Preakness (Yes -245/No +195) with the overwhelming majority of players siding in the affirmative.  While most of the early action has been on Justify, we have seen a surprising number of big money wagers on 20-1 Bravazo, and 15-1 Lone Sailor. Preakness is a challenging race to book. If the favorite wins, it's not a great day, if a horse with greater than 20-1 odds wins, you tend to get crushed. So we should be rooting for Good Magic, Quip, or Lone Sailor to win on Saturday. However to further complicate it, if Justify wins the Preakness we are probably looking at taking a loss for the day; but, it will easily quadruple our handle for the Belmont Stakes due to the increased attention for the pursuit of the Triple Crown. So if we have to choose between a long shot or Justify winning, we are behind Justify all the way."

Current Odds

Justify 1/2

Good Magic 3/1

Quip 12/1

Lone Sailor 15/1

Tenfold 20/1

Bravazo 20/1

Sporting Chance 30/1

Diamond King 30/1

Prop Bets

Will Justify win the Triple Crown?

Yes +145

No -175

Will Justify win the Preakness Stakes?

Yes -235

No +185