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Epsom Salt: Tremendous Benefits & Proven Recipes

100% Natural Recipes Included to Guide You Step-by-Step!

Epsom salt is a phenomenal mineral with a myriad of health and wellness benefits you are just about to experience yourself.

Epsom salt can be effectively used in the treatment of ailments, in natural beauty routines, around the house and even in the garden.

In this comprehensive Epsom salt guide you will discover practical tips & strategies that will help you create simple holistic solutions for your body and mind. Moreover, you will learn how you can use this multi-functional ingredient to create a beautiful garden and a healthier home!

Epsom Salt- Tremendous Benefits & Proven Recipes for Your Health, Beauty and Home Will Teach You:

How to create your unique home spa-style bath recipes for mind and body relaxation & holistic detox.

How to relax and reduce inflammation & chronic pains with soothing Epsom salt remedies.

How to use Epsom Salt as an alternative to the commercial chemical-based cleaning products and insecticides in your home and garden.

How to combine Epsom Salt and Essential Oils: Discover the combination of these incredible health-
boosting ingredients.

How to make amazing and effective beauty products using proven Epsom salt recipes and essential oils.
Summing-up; you will learn how to actually save hundreds of dollars and lower the risk of allergies- no need to buy expensive commercial and chemical-laden products if you know how to use Epsom salt for your health, beauty and home!

What are you waiting for?

Start taking care of your mind and body in an all-natural way. With Epsom salt, you can prevent many allergies and ailments and give yourself the health and energy you deserve.

The tips and recipes you are just about to discover are designed for modern busy and demanding people who want long-term health results and are looking for effective, practical solutions. Read, enjoy and apply!

Order your copy now to learn more about the astonishing benefits of Epsom salt today!

Simply scroll to the top of the page and select the orange 'buy button' to start reading now!


Kindle Free Pick of the Week: John Jay: A Life From Beginning to End

An American History Pick!

Read On Your Computer, MAC, Smartphone, Kindle Reader, iPad, or Tablet.

John Jay: Founding Father. First Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court. Governor of New York. Negotiator of the treaty to end the American Revolution and the treaty that would stave off a second war with Great Britain for a few vital years until the infant nation was strong enough to take on its former adversary once again. Abolitionist. Father of American counterintelligence.

Inside you will read about...

✓ The Forgotten Founding Father
✓ The Jays of New York
✓ The Father of American Counterintelligence
✓ Negotiating the Treaty of Paris
✓ The Unpopular Jay Treaty


Kindle Free Pick of the Week: Be the Lion


As an ambitious person, I inevitably have a lot on my plate. In just 2 years, I went through pretty much every life change you can imagine. I planned our wedding, got married, moved jobs, moved countries, wrote and published a book, completed an MBA, became a father to my baby son and then coped with his sudden serious illness, all whilst working full time.

I had to be the lion. I created new habits and thought patterns, and reconnected with my purpose to get sh!t done. I became stronger, a master of time management, productivity and motivation. As a result my goals got closer. And there was a surprising side-effect: I became happier and more relaxed.


I distilled everything I learned into my 4Cs model, which enables you to overcome any challenge.

This book explains the 4Cs and teaches processes, strategies and optimisations to turbocharge your life. This system will help you to achieve more, without any of the stress, overwhelm and fear that often comes with big life changes. Taking yourself to the next level and achieving huge success should be joyful.


Kindle Pick of the Week: Bridges Over Ladders

Bridges over Ladders. Secure growth and fortify profit with millennial employees, customers, and members. Drawn from his research involving nearly 30,000 millennials and non-millennials, Bridges over Ladders is essential for business leaders who want to successfully engage with the millennial workforce and attract millennial customers.\

"The growth of your company, organization or nation will be determined by the decisions that you're currently making regarding millennials and their assimilation into leadership positions, which begs the question, What data are you using to construct a future with millennial employees, customers and members?” Wessinger asks. In addition, the author can utilize the data to speak into the millennial political environment like few others are able to do.  

Between the covers of Bridges over Ladders, Wessinger presents research-based truths drawn from over 28,000 millennial and non-millennial participants in his project. He comprehensively covers the scope and scale of his research, expertly applying the findings to actionable strategies to help company leaders secure growth, fortify profitability and position millennials as their greatest source of innovation.

Author Kent Wessinger, Ph.D., is the CEO of the create2elevate research lab, an M.B.A. entrepreneurship faculty member at Galen University in Belize, director of millennial research for Red Rock Strategic Partners and keynote speaker at 30-plus conferences each year. He has a Ph.D. from Prescott College in Sustainability Education with a research emphasis in economic sustainability within structures suffering from workforce migration; a Master of Arts in Practical Theology from Regent University; and a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Kennesaw State University.

To learn more, please visit or, or follow him on Twitter at kentwessinger.

Bridges over Ladders: Secure growth and fortify profit with millennial employees, customers, and members.
Released: April 2019
ISBN-10: 0999803077
ISBN-13: 978-0999803073
Available from


Book Pick of the Week: Black and Blue: Love, Sports and the Art of Empowerment

A great new read from Andra Douglas.

This is a sports book, but also more than just that.

A native of central Florida and a graduate of Florida State University and PrattInstitute, Andra Douglas has been a National Champion athlete in rugby and women'stackle football, a Vice President/Creative Director at Time Warner, the founderof the Fins Up! Foundation for Female Athletes, a non-profit to benefit at-riskteens, (, the owner of the New York SharksWomen's Pro Football team for 19 years ( and a knownartist. She lives with her parrot, 'Pie' in New York City where she spends much ofher time working from her rooftop studio in Greenwich Village on her mixed-mediaartwork. (

In the Deep South, football is a religion and even as a young girl, Christine dearly loved the game. Her passion to play, not just watch, was apparent. But even by the time she reached her teens, society's message that women are second-class citizens – and the South's particular interpretation of that -- had seeped in. She chafed at what the South told her she should be – the classic belle, demure, deferential, yielding to men -- versus what she knew or dreamed she was capable of being: fearless, inquisitive, strong, accepting life's every challenge with poise, determined to be a success. 'Black & Blue' is the book about what happens during her poignant, often hilarious, sometimes discouraging but ultimately successful and profound journey from her small-town beginnings to New York City, where she moves sight unseen with encouragement from her mother and aunt to attend Pratt Institute and pursue her artistic talents.

It's a book about coming of age, and the vivid characters who touch Christine along the way, starting with her father, who never had a son and coddled her love for things Southern girls weren't "supposed" to do, and her grandmother, who knew firsthand how the South could suffocate nonconforming girls and encouraged Christine to be herself with some quietly rebellious (and subversively funny) shows of solidarity, like taking Christine to buy her first football. This book is also a backstage insight into a world few people know much about -- the wild west world of women's pro football, where shysters abounded in the early days of the game and the array of women who play tackle football come to the sport for their own reasons, same as Christine did.In some ways this book is A League of Their Own meets Semi-Tough. When the unexpected dream opportunity to finally play tackle football comes along, Christine purchases the New York franchise in a grass-roots women's pro league because the team is in danger of folding. The responsibility of owning a sports franchise, however, is overwhelming. Christine's longtime partner ultimately leaves her and Christine's family is critical of her devotion to the club. Even the team's players second-guess her decisions and motives at one point. She is painfully reminded of childhood and retreats inward, leaving her infighting team to fend for itself as she battles some dark questions until something more devastating happens. Sarah, a close friend and popular teammate, is killed in a car accident on Christmas Day. Christine, dogged now by memories of how Sarah had so much she still intended to do, begins a voyage to re-empower herself and regain her lost passion and belief. Along with her surprised players, Christine and the Sharks embark on a rollicking quest for the national title that is ostensibly about football. But it's a meditation, too, about how being different requires of all of them to examine themselves and choices they've made.

I'll have an interview with Andra upcoming on 'Tech of Sports'

Link to book"