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Black Friday

Be safe and make sure you get some great deals on Black Friday!


Appearance on Sam Crenshaw's Sunday Morning Show 92.9 The Game 11/20/16

I joined my good friend, Sam Crenshaw, on his Sunday morning show, on Sports Radio 92.9 The Game in Atlanta to talk some hot sports-related products for Black Friday!

Always great to talk with Sam.

Dreampad Smart Pillow

Dreampad soothes troubled sleepers by emitting scientifically tested sound and vibrations to reduce stress and calm the mind and body. Dreampad connects with an easy to use smartphone app via Bluetooth and the soothing music and sounds do not disturb your partner.  


Powerhandz Gloves and Power Arch

Basketball training aids to improve your dribbling and ball handling skills.  The gloves are anti-grip to add difficulty to keeping the dribble going.  The PowerArch helps you work on that low or crossover dribble.

Tecnifibre  Dynacore Line  Tennis Racket

New red, white and blue paint scheme...  Proven more spin and more power... but easier on the arm and elbow T Fight  DC Frame.


The Net Return  -  Quality net for golf, soccer, lacrosse, football kicking - starts at $99

William J. Murray Clothing line

Yes, Bill Murray has a new clothing line out.

The William Murray Golf line will break away from traditional golf apparel companies by bringing a new look and feel to the industry with a little irreverence and a lot of style. The style will truly be first-of-its kind in the golf world and not one you'll typically see on the course. The incredibly fashionable line will consist of uniquely designed polos, shorts and hats. And even a golf buttoned down, which has become Bill's signature look on the course. Bill was actually recently seen wearing one of the WMG polos at the Ryder Cup the other week. Here is an awesome photo with him in the gear.

With the launch, golfer Pat Perez, one of the more unique personalities in the game today, will also officially start serving as the first WMG ambassador. Pat will be outfitted in WMG gear while on the course.


Black Friday Mayhem 

Some raw video from a Walmart. Would you like some butt with your orange juice?


My Appearance on CBS 13 WMAZ 11/22/15 - Black Friday and Tech for the Home

First of five straight weeks of tech segments on the CBS Eyewitness News on WMAZ in Macon, GA.

I talk Black Friday and some great tech for the home this week including: The Keurig Kold, Brinno's motion activated peephole camera, the Fizzics personal beer dispenser, D-Link products and the new Epson EcoTank printer.

Hope to have the video to post soon:



My Appearance on Golf and Travel Show 11/20/15 WWNN, WSBR

Always great to be on "The Golf and Travel Show" with host Dan Shube. It airs live on WWNN, 1470 am in Boca Raton and then rairs on WBSR in the Tampa/St. Peter area.

We talk some great golf and non golf ideas for the holidays this week.

Have a listen to both parts:

Here's additional info on what they discussed:

Black Friday websites... and  These site give great advice for getting the best deals on Black Friday and all through the holiday shopping season. They also have info on sports stores like Dick's.

1. Titleist's DT TruSoft golf ball

If you can't hit those "hard core" golf balls, Titleist has a new soft ball that is forgiving and softly lands on the green.

Retailing for $21.99, the DT TruSoft is the end product of tedious research and development on Titleist's part. Made right here in the USA, in Massachusetts, the ball offers a new core and cover that will please many a golfer. Golfers should find that the DT TruSoft improves distance on drives and long irons while improving touch around the greens.

2.  Under Armour - Eyewear with Game Day Lenses
All for a price of around $100

Under Armour's partnership with golfer, Jordan Spieth received much press in 2015 with his play on the course and visibility off the course. Basketball star, Stephen Curry is another brand ambassador for Under Armour and he was in the spotlight as he and his teammates march to an NBA Championship. Now with a full line of eyewear, Under Armour has all the bases covered.

Enter their Game Day Lenses with a special color enhancer that comes in handy on the course. What you get is a better look at moving objects, quick and accurate recognition and processing, along with sharper on-field contrast. This makes reading greens and the contours of a course easier and it could help speed up those five-hour rounds you seem to get caught up in each time you pull your golf bag out of your trunk. Any of the frames with Game Day Lenses will work with ball sports.

The Under Armour Igniter 2.0 is a durable and comfortable frame with a titanium base. Unparalleled strength and frame flexibility that last and perform. When you combine the Game Day lens with the frames, users get 20% more peripheral vision and a lens coating that guards against scratches, smears and smudges. Yes, these frames will last more that six months. Remember, these lenses block 100% of UVA, UVB and UVC rays you encounter in life. Quite simply, the blues are bluer, the greens are very green and the ball is whiter than ever so you can follow the ball flight to the ground.
3.  Antigua's 2016 Exceed Long-Sleeve Shirts Designed for Ultraviolet Protection

Antigua's new Exceed long-sleeve polos for 2016 incorporate a UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) 50 rating. They also look good and are a high tech long sleeve golf shirt.
Similar to the SPF rating system used for sunscreens, a garment with a UPF of 50 blocks 49/50ths or 98 percent of UV radiation, allowing just 1/50th of it falling on the surface of the garment to pass through. In this case, a UPF 50 factor is incorporated into Antigua's Exceed solid-colored, long-sleeve polos, which are 100 percent polyester micro flat pique with Desert Dry™ Xtra-Lite D²XL moisture management. It's offered in men's and women's styles. Then men's has a three-button placket, flat knit collar and open cuff that comes in a choice of white, dark red, dark purple, dark royal, navy and black. The women's features a three-button Y-neck placket, flat knit collar and open cuff, and comes in a choice of white, dark red, dark royal, navy and black.                                  
4.  Keurig Kold

Now discounted down to $299.99 for Black Friday.

The brand new Keurig is making cold drinks and not just any cold drinks. Actual drinks like Coca-Cola, Dr. Pepper, Sprite and more.  Also sports drinks.

Something for everyone
She likes seltzers, he wants mixers for cocktails. Want a Coke®? How about an iced tea? Or maybe a refreshing flavored water.
Get what you want, when you want it, at the push of a button.

See the variety of beverages available

5.  Zagg's Messenger Universal Keyboard

One keyboard for all your devices...  from   $69.99  also one coming for iPad Pro - take with you on your golf trips

    Universal compatibility and Bluetooth® capability syncs with Apple, Android, and Windows operating systems as well as with virtually any computer, tablet, or smartphone.
    Island-style keys in an 8-inch or 12-inch typing area* offer a natural typing experience so you can email, take notes, and blog faster.
    Magnets secure the cover when not in use and activate the keyboard’s sleep/wake function to help preserve battery life and ensure you can enjoy up to three months of typing between charges**.
    The built-in stand provides an ideal viewing angle for any device.
    A durable cover provides a secure grip and protects your keyboard when not in use.
6. Bio Mech AccuLock Ace Putter

AccuLock ACE is their latest putter and since it was designed from the body out, the developers say it takes the thinking out of putting and frees up your movement to hit the putt you want. The putter has a PGA Tour professional singing its praises is Heath Slocum as he put it into play and is having success.  “It just feels natural and more athletic. To me it’s just easy and makes sense.”

Dr. Frank Fornari is one of the inventors and co-owners of BioMech, he and BioMech's John Cunningham are traveling around the country hosting clinics and showing golfers what the AccuLock ACE can do for their golf game.

Note: The AccuLock ACE is designed so that the grip rests against the inner portion of the forearm, stabilizing the hands, arms and shoulders (a method that will remain legal after the anchor ban on Jan. 1, 2016)
Have a great Thanksgiving.