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Kindle Free Pick of the Week: Alexander Hamilton

What did Alexander Hamilton ever do besides get shot in a duel by Aaron Burr? When it comes to the American government, the answer is: practically everything.

Born in the West Indies, Hamilton was the illegitimate child of a Scottish nobleman who lost a fortune in sugar plantations. Orphaned as a teenager, he came to America in search of an education, a home, and the war that would at last bring him fame and honor. As George Washington’s most trusted aide, Hamilton helped to win the American Revolution—but after the war, his enemies lost no time accusing him of trying to sell his country back to the British. He was the most powerful member of Washington’s presidential cabinet—so why did Adams and Jefferson hate him so much?


Kindle Free Pick of the Week: The Old North Trail: Life, Legends and Religion of the Blackfeet Indians

In 1886 Walter McClintock went to northwestern Montana as a member of a U.S. Forest Service expedition. He was adopted as a son by Chief Mad Dog, the high priest of the Sun Dance, and spent the next four years living on the Blackfoot Reservation. The Old North Trail, originally published in 1910, is a record of his experiences among the Blackfeet.


Rick's 12 Days of Christmas: What to Expect When Adopting a Dog

A book everyone should get before adopting a dog or puppy.

Pupsaver, the safest way for your dog to travel in a car, is teaming with animal advocate Diane Rose-Solomon to give away copies of her latest book, What to Expect When Adopting a Dog through the Greenville Humane Society of Greenville, SC. The book will be given to new dog parents that adopt during December.
“Pupsaver has always promoted animal rescue and donating this book to shelters and rescues helps educate everyone making the pet parenting experience easier. We are excited to team up with Diane Rose-Solomon and donate books to Greenville Humane Society,” said Ashleigh Bennett of Pupsaver. “Our company was founded to save dogs’ lives and providing a guide such as What to Expect When Adopting a Dog fits with our company’s goals.”

Bonnie Wallin, Director of Humane Education at GHS said, "I read Diane’s book cover to cover—just love the sensible info packaged so succinctly!"
In addition, Pupsaver is offering the book as a free optional gift with purchase to everyone purchasing a Pupsaver car seat or stroller by Christmas from their website during the month.

Other groups wishing to participate in this program should contact Diane at:


Rick's 12 Days of Christmas: Living in Total Health by Glen Alex

Author and Massage Therapist, Glen Alex has a new book out…

Glen Alex’s family and friends know that she is about health—perhaps nauseatingly so to them. She believes in a healthy body, mind, and spirit as the full expression of humanity. So health is at the forefront of her life. Whether in massage therapy, social work, charity work, or interpersonal relations, Glen puts her healthiest foot forward. In her work as a licensed clinical social worker, licensed massage therapist, and the executive director of G. Alex Foundation, Glen makes overall health the primary focus of her endeavors because of her lifelong belief in health as the ticket to personal empowerment and growth, connection to God, and connection to joy.

Health became a passion for Glen early on. The first inkling she had about health was in personal relationships.

As a child, it began with watching the people around her interact. The youngest of ten children, seven girls and three boys, Glen learned a lot from observing how others behaved. She was very attentive to the nuances and dynamics of the person-to-person interactions and the environment around her. She absorbed meanings not apparent to the naked eye or the physical senses. Witnessing the relational dynamics among family members, friends, teachers, store clerks, etc. captivated Glen as only great entertainment can and clued her into the underlying information contained in interpersonal interactions.

She witnessed exchanges that included hurtful words, pained expressions, tears, laughter, and warmth, all of which communicated to Glen what was good and what was not. At a very early age, Glen filtered her relational experiences and those she was privy to and categorized them. She determined as a child that deliberately negative interactions cause pain to others, and she decided not to emulate them. As she grew, developed, and learned, other aspects of health revealed themselves to her.

One time as a child, Glen was with her mother, waiting to be called for her doctor’s appointment. Somehow, she caught sight of a nurse demonstrating to a patient how to stick herself in the abdomen with a needle. Bewildered, she asked her mother what was going on. Glen’s mother explained that the person was diabetic and had to take insulin. What? Who wants to shoot themselves in the stomach? Completely grossed out, Glen decided then and there that she would never be diabetic. As a result of this conscious choice, Glen actively makes decisions today that minimize her risk of developing diabetes, which is part of her family medical history.

And so without being preachy or judgmental regarding anyone else’s lifestyle choices, Glen strives to spread health to others with pertinent information, opportunities to engage in physical activities, and access to health screenings to empower individuals to make conscious choices about their health.

Glen established the G. Alex Foundation with a mission to spread the message that health is vital to a happy and productive life. Glen also believes that health is a great portal to self-actualization.

The book is a great read as we start a new year.

For more information about Glen Alex, and see more about the book, visit her at:


Kindle Free Pick of the Week: ECHO The Ultimate User Guide

If you are looking at getting an Amazon Echo for the holidays.

The Amazon Echo is one of the latest and best technology inventions released by Amazon. It is an interactive speaker that allows you to get so much done in your day. Whether you are looking to listen to music, share documents with others, get your calendar filled up, or find a way to improve your workouts or run your smart home, this device is there to help you out.

This guidebook is going to discuss some of the great features that come from using Amazon Echo. There is just so much that you are able to do with this product that it is soon going to go everywhere that you do.