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My CBS Local Atlanta "Tailgate Fan" column


Week 12 "Tailgate Fan" - Atlanta Tailgating Legends

This was a fun column to do.

There are legends on the field, and there are legends in the parking lot as we look at Atlanta's tailgaing legends.

Have fun reading this one...


Week 11 "Tailgate Fan" - Bad Weather Survival Guide

Even though the weather in Atlanta has been pretty good, I took the liberty of talking about bad weather in my Week 11 column.

It's better to be safe than sorry.

Here's the column:



Week 10 "Tailgate Fan" - Tailgate Timing at the Georgia Dome

My CBS piece on tailgate timing at the Georgia Dome.


Week 9 "Tailgate Fan" - Atlanta Falcons Bird Lady

Her name is Carolyn Freeman, but Atlanta Falcons fans know her better as the "Bird Lady"

Read all about here in my week 9 "Tailgate Fan" column


Week 8 "Tailgate Fan" - Parties that Make You Feel Like You are at the Game

This week, my CBS Tailgate Fan column covers some weekly parties in and around Atlanta that take place when the Falcons are on the road.

Come out and cheer with your fellow fans.

Here it is: