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Tornadoes Hitting Oklahoma on Tuesday

Tornadoes touched down in Oklahoma and Kansas on Tuesday, including at least one on the outskirts of Oklahoma City where initial damage reports included cars being tossed around Interstate 40.

The Weather Channel reported that the twister along I-40 was huge and possibly an EF5 — the strongest tornado category.

The National Weather Service reported one tornado touched down about two miles north of Canton, Okla.

Canton city employee Linda Hisell said police reported a twister moved through the area around Canton Lake, about 70 miles northwest of Oklahoma City. Hisell said police reported that some people were inside damaged homes.

In Caddo County, damage was reported near Lookeba but there were no immediate reports of injuries. Trees and power lines were down, but officials don't know about damage to homes.

In Fairview, Okla., a house and church were damaged by a severe storm.

Damaged buildings and vehicles were reported in Calumet, Okla.


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