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Octopus Learns to Clean his Own Tank

Jock the octopus has taken a real shine to his Scottish home – he’s learned to clean his own tank.

His tidying talents have made him the star attraction at his aquarium.

Amazed visitors have watched him wipe his tank with a cloth. And he also rearranges his toys and cleans his own gravel.

The octopus – now nicknamed Jock the janitor – took up tidying after watching staff at Loch Lomond Aquarium wipe his glass.

They use a cloth with magnets so they could wipe the inside of the tank from the outside.

Leigh Hotson, displays supervisor at the aquarium in Balloch, Dunbartonshire, said: “When I started to clean Jock’s window, he grabbed hold of the inside cloth and took over.

“I think he’s intrigued by its limpet-like behaviour but he now cleans his window. He gives it a good scrub.”

Jock, who is a giant Pacific octopus, also tidies up after meals, putting crab shells in a neat pile.

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