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Static Pixels Brings Your Instagram Images Offline

From the birthplace of singer-songwriters like Leonard Cohen and William Shatner (Montreal!), Static Pixels wants to bring digital photos "out of your devices and into the physical world". They're kicking off their mission with what they're calling DeepSquare prints: four-packs of your favorite Instagram pics thrown onto 5"x5" pieces of cardboard, proving once and for all that cardboard is indeed the most hipster of paper products. What's that? More details? OK, fine, here:

Show 'em off on a wall using their built-in mounts, or stand 'em upright thanks to swing-out stands, which is no longer just the most boring swing dance move ever

Like balls on a bull, each one is hand-examined for quality

The UV inks they use are fade resistant, so don't expect to find 'em Rollin' With Kid 'n Play

Sign up and you can directly Tweet them photos to print

They're made entirely from post-consumer, FSC-certified products, so whenever you tire of your photos of kittens whimsically playing with plastic bags, take a cue from Shatner's spoken-word work and recycle

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