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My 5/10/17 Appearance on The LinkedIn Lady Show for Mother's Day

Nice intro by Carol...

Some would argue that the most important holiday of the year is Mother’s Day. But have you thought of how you will honor your mother and everyone else’s mother using social media? That’s how we’ll kick off today’s show with returning guest, Rick Limpert.

Rick is an Atlanta-based freelance writer and columnist. You can see his work on Yahoo News and Sports as a contributor, along with CBS Interactive and his new gadget/tech website:  Rick has been featured in numerous publications including Sports Illustrated, Fox SportsNet and The Atlanta Journal Constitution.

If you’re looking for creative ideas this is the show to listen to. We’ll cover Teleflora’s Mother’s Day campaign, what Atria Senior Living is doing to celebrate moms, and how even Google is in the middle of the mix.

Create your own campaign for your business or apply some of these ideas just for yourself. Tons of ideas and information for this special day and holidays to come. Show highlights can always be found on Twitter using the hashtag #lilshow and be sure to follow @rickroswell and @linkedinlady. Find the LinkedIn Lady Show podcasts on Modern Life Network.

Have listen:

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