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iPad Free App of the Week: Calculog

More than just a calculator app.

Calculog is a simple calculator with an extra feature: It logs the history in the background and lets you send it to your email address anytime. You can also edit the history to add text notes before sending. It is a simple app, but is thought to become the default calculator for every user.


Great for adding up receipts, keeping track of travel expenses or mileage.  All right on your iPad.

This is a great free utility.





The Catholic Church...There's an App for That


The Catholic Church in America has approved  A Roman Catholic App, for use among churchgoers and lapsed Catholics alike. Patrick Leinen, of Little iApps, the company that created Confession, claims it has already helped one person come back to the church after 20 years away.

Protected by a password, the app invites users to examine their consciences and confess to their sins. But it won't replace the old-school booth. The app, which costs $1.99, just goes through the motions of confession, but churchgoers must see a priest for absolution.

I have to give the Catholic Church credit for trying to reach out to the masses with this app.  If nothing else, it's quite a media stunt.



More Improvements for Instagram


If you haven't check out Instagram in a day or so, you may want to download the software update and get back on.  The popular photo-sharing app has now added something we all wished was available way back months ago – comments and friend management. Now you can edit or delete comments on your Instagram photos, or comments that you’ve written on your friends’ pictures.  You can also block people!

In addition to these updates, you can also tag your uploaded images with certain subjects, sort of like Twitter. If you live in Los Angeles, for example, and you happen to be a sports fan, you can tag you sports pics with something like #Lakers, #Clippers or #Dodgers and it will show up in that topic stream.  It's exactly like how it works on Twitter and adding the hashtag will add your photo to that particular topic stream.  Kind of cool and convenient.

These changes the Instagram team is making is keepig it curent and allowing users to do more than just upload random pictures.  Kudos to Instagram, and can't wait to see what else is coming.



iPad Free App of the Week: Politico

The new Politico app for the iPad brings the world of politics to your iPad in a beautiful, polished application without all the noise you might expect from a political news app.

What you get is a front page that is cleanly presented, with the featured story taking up the most space. The other stories surround it, just as you would see in a newspaper. Most articles have at least one photo, but not all the photos are displayed on the main page. Photos and video really aren't a major focus in this app. It's all about the articles, as it should be. POLITICO is a major source for many breaking political stories.  It reads like a newspaper, but it is easy go in and out of articles.

There are still a few bugs in the app, but it is free so you can't complain about that right now.

It's free and the price is right for an app that offers the user a great experience while reading about the day's political stories.


iPad Free App of the Week: Santa GPS for iPad

Find your location in relation to Santa’s workshop! Get up-to-date North Pole news and toy production information from Santa’s head elf publicist! Send Santa your Christmas wish list, or rate yourself or be rated on the naughty or nice meters. Know exactly how many days, hours, minutes and seconds remain before he arrives with all the toys and presents.

This all-in-one Santa tracking tool is great for kids and even some adults who act like kids.

When the bearded man in the red suit leaves the North Pole on Christmas Eve, Santa GPS provides minute-by-minute detailed location information, including when he’ll be in your area. Santa GPS will help you take the guesswork out of one of the most magical seasons of the year.

A great free app from the folks at Fission Media.