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It’s Time to Leave Erin Andrews Alone


Ok, I think everyone has had their fun with the Erin Andrews situation. On no less than three Atlanta radio stations, in a five minute span, they played her 911 call to local police after reporters were seen in her gated community, and it made a difficult situation even worse for the ESPN reporter.

When Andrews mentioned in her 911 call that they are treating her like Britney Spears she was not far from the truth. Why there hasn’t been more vocal support for Andrews is troubling to me. She has done nothing wrong, and she is the victim of being videotaped naked in her hotel room. I’ve even heard some of her colleague’s even say that she is to blame.

Andrews right is on a break from her ESPN duties and while she is absent until the start of college football season everyone needs to giver her some space and let her address it on her own timetable. I can’t imagine how she feels; I would be scared and paranoid the next time I checked into a hotel room. I’m sure she might be terrified.

For he times being, lets everyone leave her alone and out of the news.