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Kindle Pick of the Week: Days on the Road: Crossing the Plains in 1865

Read abou tthe early days of our country.

Sarah Raymond was an unmarried woman of twenty-four who in May 1865--barely a month after the end of the Civil War--mounted her beloved pony and headed west alongside the wagon carrying her mother and two younger brothers. They traveled by wagon train over the Great Plains toward the Rocky Mountains, with no certain idea of where they would settle themselves but a strong desire to leave war-torn Missouri behind and start a new life.


Kindle Free Pick of the Week: Ocean Fishing


Have you gone to your local grocery store and seeing the high prices of seafood and said ouch? Dreamed of getting your own seafood and saving a lot of money?

If you can answer yes to both questions you are looking at going deep sea fishing. Deep sea fishing can be a lot of fun, but carries serious risks if you are not prepared and aware of what you are going to start. Ocean fishing is one of the ultimate adventures you can have with your pants on, if done safely.
Download this book and learn how to prepare to go fishing in the ocean or bay or gulf. It will lay out for you all the needed materials you need to do this safely.

In this book you will learn:

• How to select the proper boat
• Selecting the proper motors
• Setting up communications including emergency beacons
• Licensing and regulations
• What to fish, how to catch it, clean it and cook it
• Needed emergency equipment


Kindle Free Pick of the Week: Inheritance