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A Mile of Pizza in Italy


1.59545 kilometers, or nearly a mile long and a portable oven was used to bake it.


Eighty of Italy’s best pizza-makers worked through the night to create the pizza at Milan’s world fair, Expo 2015. Their toil was rewarded with a proclamation by Guinness World Records judge Saturday that it was the world’s longest pizza. Expo organizers said the record-setting pie, made with 1.5 tons of mozzarella, 5,500 pounds of dough, and 2 tons of tomato sauce, weighed some 5 tons in all.


Video of Tornado Touching Down in Italy

Didn't realize there were tornados in Itlay.


The Amazing Race Preview for "Taste Your Salami"

The teams head to Italy.

An unexpected beheading occurs as teams polish off a dirty task, and a random act of kindness leaves one team in tears, on THE AMAZING RACE, Sunday, March 11 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on CBS.


Costa Allegra Docks in Seychelles

The crippled Italian cruise liner the Costa Allegra docked in the Seychelles on Thursday with over 1,000 people on board, three days after a fire in the engine room disabled it in pirate-infested Indian Ocean waters.

With no lights working on board, the company said it had dropped hundreds of torches onto the ship to help passengers find their way around at night.

A small generator was installed in the crippled vessel, but was only powerful enough to run its auxiliary communication system, not the air conditioning or cooking systems.

Norbert Stiekema, executive vice-president at Costa Cruises, told the news conference that all passengers were offered the option of a holiday or a flight home, and that all outstanding bills on the ship had been cancelled.

Some passengers were checked by medics as a precaution and the rest were taken to hotels.


"Captain's Error" in Cruise Ship Disaster

Costa Cruises suggested Sunday that the accident which scuttled the Costa Concordia cruise ship off the Italian coast, resulting in at least five deaths, may be attributed to actions by the ship's captain.

In a statement, the cruise line said that it was working with investigators to find out how the accident occurred. "While the investigation is ongoing, preliminary indications are that there may have been significant human error on the part of the ship's master, Captain Francesco Schettino, which resulted in these grave consequences.

"The route of the vessel appears to have been too close to the shore, and in handling the emergency the captain appears not to have followed standard Costa procedures."

Apparently cruise ships are equipped with black boxes like airplanes.  This black box will be examined.
Schettino joined the cruise line Costa Crociere in 2002 as a safety officer and was appointed captain in 2006.

15 people remain unaccounted for following the late Friday accident, which led to a panicked evacuation of more than 4,000 people to the island of Giglio. Three people have been rescued from within the hulk of the ship, which is resting on its side close to shore.

Costa Cruises said its immediate priority is to account for all passengers and crew, and to secure the vessel, ensure no environmental impacts.