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No More Fidgit Gadgets at School?

The devices spin, click, and twirl, and they’re billed as a way to help both kids and adults focus.

However, some local schools are telling parents to have their kids leave them at home.



iGear Uses My Quotes in Press Release

iGear Announces Custom Webstore for Schools

Designed with school’s needs in mind, iGear’s iPad Slim Tough Case offers proven drop protection of up to 20ft, multi-layer rugged construction in 6 bright colors, a built-in screen protector, and a thin profile designed to fit in virtually any iPad charging cart on the market. The company announced a custom web store program for schools, allowing students and parents to order school-approved iPad cases.


One of the most popular iPad case for schools, the iGear Slim Tough Case, has been winning raving reviews in the press. Atlanta Gadgets Examiner columnist Rick Limpert said, “I like it because it is so sturdy. I feel like I can take my iPad anywhere and it will be safe.” No wonder the STC and another iGear product, the Ultrathin Aluminum Keyboard Case for iPad, are ranked as two of the top five iPad cases by the gadget freaks at

While many schools make purchases in bulk and provide iPad cases for students, some schools are putting the responsibility to protect the iPad on students and parents. But how can the school ensure the student buys an iPad case that offer enough protection and with consistent branding? iGear’s new Custom Webstore for Schools program solves this problem and makes school administration super easy. Here is how it works:

1. iGear provides free samples for the school to select the best style, color, branding artwork, etc.
2. iGear makes a webstore customized with the school’s logo artwork, and loads it with approved products.
3. Pricing is usually deep-discounted to make it more affordable.
4. A voucher program can also be set up to satisfy any special needs by the school or parents.
5. Parents can go to the webstore and place orders, choose from an approved selection of products, select shipping method, and make payment.
6. iGear fulfills the order and ships directly to the student.
7. The entire online ordering process is automated and does not require any administrative work from the school.

In a survey conducted by iGear of K-12 schools across the country, the company asked participants to name the most needed features of an iPad case for schools. The answers didn't surprise anyone:
1. A rugged case that can protect the iPad from daily use and abuse
2. Not too bulky – need to fit in the popular Bretford charging cart and kids' backpack
3. Built-in screen protector – easy to use, always on, no hassle protection of the iPad’s screen
3. Built-in kick-stand that works in both vertical and horizontal orientations
4. Trackable – school’s asset ID need to be shown as a trackable barcodes on each case
5. Customizable – schools love to show their logo on each iPad case
6. Low cost – get the maximum amount of protection and features for the least amount of money

An overwhelming majority voted iGear's Slim Tough Case as their iPad case of choice because it's the only iPad case on the market designed to satisfy the needs of schools.

The Slim Tough Case is already one of the favorites for large scale deployments. It offers multi-layer protection using (1) an outer soft rubber shell, (2) an inner polycarbonate hard case, (3) a built-in clear screen protector, and (4) a slim profile that’s designed to fit the Bretford charging carts. This case is supremely shock absorbent and since all buttons and ports are tightly sealed, the Slim Tough Case provides rain and splash protection, while giving the user full access at the same time. A built-in stand works in both vertical and horizontal orientations. It’s designed to fit in virtually all popular charging carts, including Bretford, Anthro, Datamation, and others.

In a recent YouTube video, the company’s Slim Tough Case was put through a 20ft drop test from a second floor window to a driveway. The iPhone escaped without a scratch, while recording video the whole time. See drop test video here. The iPad case features the exact same case design and construction.

“I like it because it is so sturdy.” says Atlanta Gadgets Examiner columnist Rick Limpert, “I feel like I can take my iPad anywhere and it will be safe.”

The Slim Tough Case is available from Schools should contact the company directly for educational discounts.