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Security is ramping up...

A look:


A Look at the Security Surrounding the Super Bowl

Heavy security. Here's an inside look.


Winter Olympics Head to Sochi

Are they ready? And will the athletes be safe?


LinkedIn Boosts Security


From "Groin Check" to Don't Touch My Junk", What do we do Now?

"Don't touch my junk" is now a phrase that entered the lexicon over the weekend, when passenger John Tyner refused to undergo a full-body scan - or a patdown that included a "groin check" at the San Diego airport.

He told a TSA officer: "If you touch my junk, I am gonna have you arrested."

Of course, he captured it all on his cell phone, and it burned through the Internet like the swine flu all day Monday.

The security checks are a necessary evil, but many law-abiding Americans like the 31-year-old software engineer resent having to go through a full-body scanner or a patdown.

Secretary Janet Napolitano defended the Department of Homeland Security's use of full-body scanners and pat-downs as essential to "match the changing threat environment that we inhabit."

"This is all being done as a process to make sure that the traveling public is safe," she said, adding that officials would "have an open ear" if adjustments to the new rules needed to be made.

Beyond the scanning process, passengers will also be subject to greater scrutiny of their luggage and personal identification and stricter enforcement of long-standing rules like the ban on carry-on liquids over three ounces.

Us travelers really have no choice. If we re going to be flying this holiday season, we have to be ready for whatever the TSA is going to throw at us.